The basketball regular season is quickly coming to a close. For a team picked to finish last in the SEC the Rebels have been turning heads all year long. Tyree to Davis, he’s going to slam it home. Great back work, cut, lay up is made. There’s Breein Tyree, he went high off the window. First win since 2013 against a team ranked in the top 11. I do know this much; attendance has not been an issue this year at The Pavilion. You mentioned the prominent student section which I think adds so much to any college basketball venue. This certainly is second to none in basketball venues in the country. Olejniczak gets it back, into the corner, hits in. Splash and it is over. Ole Miss with an exclamation point on a monstrous week. But no season is without its adversity. Despite at one point being ranked in the top 25, Ole Miss now has its sights set on ending a four-game losing skid. With the fan base firmly behind the program, The Rebels eye getting back in the win column against Texas A&M. [MUSIC] Hello everybody. We’ve got Rebel head coach Kermit Davis. Hey Coach. Thanks guys. Appreciate everybody being here. You know, this is David, a great spot for us. I can’t thank the fans again. Right. That Pavilion was something. I mean it really is. And I can’t – I say it all the time, we have some guys behind our bench in all classes. I mean, some top quality guys for our team. And it was unreal how impressed they were. And all they could talk about was the student body, the fan base, game management, game operations, they loved how we played, they thought it was just an unbelievable atmosphere. So, all those things, there’s so many positive things going on. You know, everybody that watches on tv, we talked about it on the show before, they talk about our arena pops off the screen. It’s just different. We got to keep together and just keep fighting for what we’re trying to do. And so there’s so many exciting games left on our schedule. And to see everybody Texas A&M on Wednesday night. Hotty toddy. [MUSIC] [Buzzer] Let’s go, let’s go. Get better, get better. Good, way to get makes, way to get makes. Hot hands, hot hands. Square him up, square him up. Three, four, five, crash every time. Good TD, good, get out on the edge. Good TD, good, good. Good decision. Right here. Good, silent, silent. Good finish, good. If his back’s to you, you can put the forearm as soon as he faces you, you got to put your hands off at that point. If you want to make them score over your, don’t let them get around you. Roll, roll, roll Bruce. Alright play with him, look at him, check him. Grab it, grab it. Good, good. Push, go. Simple play Bree, simple Breein. Get back, get back. Break Kelly, break Kelly. Come on physical, be physical. Square him up, good, good hands. Hey, that’s solid, solid. Don’t forget hands up, hands up. Good, good. Rebound it, rebound it. Good, good, good Bree, good. Good job Breein. Buddy, good job Bree, good job Bree. Way to go Bree. You’ve got help KJ. Grab it, grab it. Good Dom, good defense. Good defense. Hey, fall in on three. One, two, three. Fall in. [MUSIC] When you hear the term TD, you probably think of the gridiron. But if you’ve been to The Pavilion, you know TD lives above the rim. And look out below. Oh and a dunk and a foul. Terence Davis, touchdown TD. Davis is a one-man wrecking crew; nobody can stop the locomotive. And it’s on target for Terence Davis. Wow, Terence Davis on fire. Some of the things TD does well as a basketball player, I’d say just his athleticism begins with there’s just a lot of things that he can do that other people just can’t do just because it’s not possible. The lob, oh my goodness. Terence Davis flying through the air. Stolen away by Davis. Terence right down the middle. Oh. You got to change his name Dave, his name is now Terence I’m About to Dunk on You Davis. I think he does everything, that’s why he’s such a good basketball player. And you’re like, if Coach put him on the one, he could play one. If Coach put him on five, he’ll play five. Terence gets it and the rim, it’s a slam for Terence Davis. And now to Davis for the three, and it is good. Ha ha. Holy tackle sledge hammer. And another thing I’ll say is, just the energy he brings to the game, he just wants it just that much more than you and I think, you know, that’s why he’s as good as he is. I’m from Mississippi, you know, I want to represent Mississippi as much as I can, what other way, you know, to represent Mississippi than going to the flagship? That’s what did it for me. You know, I just wanted to represent Mississippi and just put on for, you know, the state of Mississippi as much as I can. Remaining in the Magnolia state grants Terence the opportunity of playing in front of those he cares about most. There you go. Barbeque chicken, that’s our baby. Let him show, let him show. Finds his man for three points. Terence Davis with a school yard shot right there. Now let’s be oh now, locked up, locked up, locked up. Six three-point attempts, this will be a two from Davis. I like that, I like that. Way to go son, I like that. I like that. I like that. When y’all get to playing defense like that man, can’t nobody stay on the floor with y’all. I’m talking about constantly playing defense like that. Them first – when y’all racked up them ten games, you know, what? What’d y’all went on? A ten-game winning streak? Yep. When y’all racked that ten-game winning streak up, y’all was in full gear, you was grinding, you were going after every loose ball. Get back to that. Get back to that and you’ll see them wins start coming up the column. Basketball is a game of runs and before TD could start his at Ole Miss, the Rebel guard knew he had to pick up his game. When I first took a visit here, we were playing pick-up. And I asked TD like, in The Grove man, did you play live like last year? When my visits. He was like, after he first met me, he said, “Na, not really.” After my first meeting I was just – I really told myself, “what do you want to do? Are you going to sit the bench, or are you going to play? And in order to play you’ve got to put in work.” And then the sophomore came and I was on the team already and he made that big jump and from there he just started building on. So he just – he just crazy to know how like, if you believe and you keep working how you can flip the switch and how you can be from the last player in rotation to the starting card in the SEC. Davis’s sophomore rise put Rebel Nation on notice. Igniting a friendship in the Ole Miss backcourt along the way. It goes back honestly to my visit. You know I really just clicked with TD. And I didn’t even play with him, didn’t really know anything about him. But when I came officially, you know, and I got to see the guys play. And I kind of sat out at first because of my initial injury, I saw TD just having a great summer and I was just like, you know, I really want to learn a lot from this guy. You know, Breein Tyree he came in as a freshman that year, so we both – we just, I mean, we both put in work and he started as a freshman for a little while and you know, I got to start as a sophomore and it was just, you know, me and him got a connection right then and there. You know, when you see somebody that just works so hard, and you know, he didn’t get much from his freshman year and I didn’t really get much out of my freshman year. I just think we pushed each other so we could get more out of each of our situations. And you know, that’s why we’re best friends now and we still got a lot go to. Just one of the best experiences I’ve had in sports having, you know, a right hand man in the back court with me that I know he’s just going to pick up that slack and just even off the court I just love him like a brother and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be my back court mate. With the back court intact, the only change for the senior guard would be at the helm with the arrival of new head coach, Kermit Davis. Hey guy, look again my name’s Kermit Davis and I’m excited about being at Ole Miss. And I understand the anxiety and uncertainty of change. But I can tell you this, there’s a lot of possibility here. And I know it’s rebuilding. But you know what? It’s not fair to rebuild for you, right? Because you’re a senior. We need to win next year. And I think we can. I really do. If our team can be connected and really play with each other. I don’t think there’s any question about it. I looked at him, I knew how much TD – I’d heard how much he loved Ole Miss. But you got to have guys believing that we’re thinking we can win right now. And I thought that was the process that we tried to go through. That, you know, it’s going to be a lot of hard work ahead of us TD, but I wanted to kind of put it right on him, knew it was going to be his team, you know. And I think that resonated with him, you know. Like this guy’s right here, we’re trying to fight, we’ve won before where we were and we’re trying to fight to win this year. This just means everything for him to, you know, single me out and say this wouldn’t be fair to you. And I mean, I know he was talking to, you know, the other seniors on the team, Bruce Stevens and D.C. Davis, but it really did, you know, mean a lot to me. True to his word, Kermit Davis has The Rebels sight set on the post season. With his college career coming to a close, Terence Davis has lived out his dream of playing at Ole Miss. But you know what TD? Have you ever been ranked in the top 25 since you’ve been here? Never. We’re up at the top 25. [Cheering] It been unbelievable, you know, just how much, you know, everybody – how much attention you get and how much everybody’s noticing you. TD the man. TD. I love y’all, I love y’all. This is something I’ve dreamed about, you know, I dreamed about, you know, these days being on posters, you know the state of Mississippi, like I said, I just dreamed about, you know, being the face of a college basketball team, or being, you know, having a family, a real family and with Ole Miss and the fans and people who makes Ole Miss, you know, what Ole Miss is, you know the experience. I love it. I love it. You know, everybody that comes with, you know, hotty toddy. It’s just amazing, I love it. Game day practice, 12 O’clock against Texas A&M. How you doin’? And Texas A&M just now leaving the court. So, I’m making it just in time, you know. Here we go, here we go, here we go. [MUSIC] Good, good, good Luiz. Get up, up, up, up, up. Yeah. Hey, lock in. Hey, everybody lock in. Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball. Hey, everybody lock in. Come off the wall, set up screen. And y’all two are going to slip. Okay? You slip here, you slip here. When they set that screen right there, we tag, he’s coming up, you’re shooting it. Slip, slip. Good, Carlos, good job. Cup. [Clapping] Got to get this one. Family on three. One, two, three. Family. [MUSIC] Spaghetti O’s with the meatball, you can’t beat that. I love greens, you know, we’re going to have a little ranch, a little cheese. Trying to get some meatball and spaghetti with a spoon. Man I got one piece of breast chicken on this plate. What’s wrong with that? I’m trying to put some salad on here. Making chicken sandwich. Game day on a school day, is actually pretty rough. Because, you know, you go to class, go to tutors. Man, I just go to study hall and get most of my work done for the week. Go through our thing throughout the week, get it done by Wednesday. There’s a lot going through my mind, but I got to clear it out for this game. You feeling me? I got to get Milwaukee, so the fam can eat. You know where Milwaukee is? Milwaukee, buckets. Milwaukee buckets. Man, we sit here every pre-game man. We talk, we eat and we eat everything. You know, we – It’s a formal meal. Look where we at man, we in a – we’re in the port side club. You got to be elegance. Me and Shu, you know, we just come over here, wrap it up about what we going to have to do in the game. He tells me what he needs out of me, I let him know what I need out of him. And you know, once we done, we dap it up. And then we out. That’s how we do it. Not too much, not too much. The Rebels wanted to stomp their bad habits and get back to their winning ways. But a mid-week matchup with the Texas A&M Aggies would not be a game to take lightly. Tonight from The Pavilion the Ole Miss basketball team is set to host Texas A&M in Southeastern Conference action. At 4-4 The Rebels are out to defend the home floor and end a three-game skid in SEC play. While the Aggies have managed only one win in league play in eight tries and need a road win here in Oxford. You know, of course we went through a, you know, a rough patch. But the team still felt confident, still feel like we had a lot to play for, the season wasn’t over. It’s just league play. You know, we did that day of the game is we showed a lot of positive plays of our team in our SEC wins and kind of went back to when we were good, you know, 50/50 balls, ball movement, toughness plays and I think that gave our guys maybe a little confidence about saw us in a light when our team was playing at its best. That confidence would carry over to the start of the game as The Rebels would spark an early run. Off the hand of Chandler, picked up by Tyree, coast-to-coast two-handed dunk for Tyree. Shuler off the bounce and it’s all that. Easy right side, Davis wide open three, good for TD. Davis and Tyree both can score points in bunches quickly. Well we was just connected from the start of the game. I mean, the first group was just, you know, it clicked and then the next group came in, you know, a few guys subbed in and that group clicked. Inside Olejniczak, the sweet dish from Davis. Stevens from downtown. Why not? Billy Kennedy has seen enough. Great pass Breein, great pass. Great pass, great job. Good, good, good. Offense we kept on our sights, we was running the offense and sometimes it happens like that. Basketball’s a game of runs, and that run just happened to happen early in the game. Basketball is indeed a game of runs. And while The Rebels had gotten off to a hot start, The Aggies were ready to answer the call. Mahan from the corner, ask and you shall receive. Back door cut, Mahan’s there, he’s got five off the bench. Skip pass, Mahan from downtown, his second triple. And don’t look now, it’s a one-possession game in Oxford. Everybody’s got to stay connected. You can’t have one guy not play. One guy just won’t move, he won’t play, won’t run the floor. You got to – everybody’s got to stay connected. All we’re doing, we’re jump shooting. The balls’ got to move and get paint touches. Paint touches and drive it. Got to get ourselves to the line. We’ve lost our intensity level. There’s not much ball pressure. Everybody’s getting split. The game can’t get too long. Go back at ‘em right here, let’s go. This league is going to present some challenges. You’re going to go through some ups and downs, some dips. How do you respond? Flag in the lane, loses the ball, tipped away by Terence Davis, D.C. gets it. Terence down the floor to Hinson, reverse layup good and he got fouled. Boy he took a giant step to the opposite side of the goal and banked it in and got fouled. If you’re Billy Kennedy, you got to feel pretty good, your team was down 13 two different occasions and Ole Miss has only a one-point lead at the break 37-36. 50/50 ball, what is 50/50? It’s amazing man, we’re down again. Down again. That’s just unbelievable at home, there’s anywhere we can’t just bust it down and get first on the floor. First on the floor and 50/50 balls. Now we got to go back out now and just duplicate the first five minutes, you’ve got to do it now for 20 minutes. Just over, and over, and over again it’ll be our ball. Let’s go. [Clapping] I’m supposed to lead for my team, I’m leading. Y’all take over this team, take over this team and guard. We got to get this win tonight. While The Rebels hoped to begin the second half how they started the first, it would instead be The Aggies starting the half how they ended the first. Texas A&M would score efficiently and surge ahead to take the lead. Aggs on the run, Mahan one more time from downtown, the lead is five. They made 14 of their last 17 field goals since the 6:30 mark in the first half. Made a big gain on 18. With The Rebels trailing and time ticking off the clock, Coach Davis would gather his team with one last message to shift the momentum. We talked about it, we just watched it the last three games, Second-half field goal percentage 52%, same thing. All they said, these teams are tougher than us, I don’t know what to tell ya. Let’s go. Trust the players you got right here. Come on, either you’re tough enough or not tough enough. That’s it. We’re not getting split, we’re going together, communicating and all five guys rebounding the ball. Got it? Here we go, let’s go. I knew we had it in us and Coach challenges us every day in practice through adversity and different things. So I wasn’t nervous at all. Coach believed in us, we knew him long enough and he knows that it’s a must win for us and he knows that we know, there’s more important events. It started with us, you know, guarding the ball pretty much. You know, being just extra aggressive on defense and being in passing lanes and things like that, and just being disruptive. And a steal, Davis, Shuler. Davis just leads up so many shots. Drives it on Hinson, got thieves in the corner, intercepted again by Terence Davis. One-on-one with Mitchell behind the back dribble, hits Shuler trailing now to Tyree for three. Left wing, good Breein Tyree. Pressure mounting in Oxford. Mitchel rejected. Olejniczak not tonight. Well, I was feeling like I’m just – I was just doing my job really and that’s what Coach expects me to do all the time, the first contact, protect the basket so I was happy I just happened to make a big play in a big time. We needed (inaudible) big time, let’s go, let’s get it. That’s during the game, that’s what I’m saying during the game. So it was just, you know, it’s just getting – Devontae’s taking the ball out. Nobody takes the ball out, if they score except for Devontae. Devontae, we’ve got no timeouts, you can run the base side. Everybody’s got – if you catch it, hold on to it. Don’t try to do anything with it. Protect it in the air, protect it in the air. Got it. First team. Finish the game the right way. Crunch time let’s go. 75-71 Ole Miss can inbound and end this thing. Is going to loop it in to Hinson, he catches the ball, turns to the students and The Rebels have knocked off Texas A&M. Good luck Billy. Good luck man. We back, we back. It’s coming, it’s not the end of it, we’re coming baby. We’re back finally, man it feels so good. No more, we back. We’re back. That boy 13 came to play. Man it’s a great feeling to get back in the grove man. Every moment we was down man, now we back on track. Ever since that, everybody’s been speaking with a different confidence, playing with more confidence. The whole team has more confidence and that’s a huge part of winning, so it be a confidence builder. We just need to get that taste back in our mouth, it’s been two weeks since we’ve won. You know, and especially that last week, those tough games. So yeah, it was, that was a significant game for us just to feel good in that locker room. I mean in the second half we shoot 28.6%, eight for 28 and still won. Just because of toughness and defending. You know, and that was it. We had some 50/50 balls, I mean it was just the plays that you have to have in this league when you desperately need a win. I really believe why we won the game is how you guys responded in practice the last two days, to the physical three-on-three rebounding, two-on-two rebounding those are the things. Like I said, it wasn’t pretty and we got to start moving the ball and trusting offense more. I think just our toughness tonight won out. We got to keep improving but proud of you. Man, that was a really, really good win tonight, get us right back on track. Alright? Everybody out, here we go, let’s go. Family on three. Family on three. One, two, three. Family. Proud of all of my boys, finally got one. Keep it going. One-game win streak. We’ve got to keep going. On to the next, Georgia we coming. It’s all about that chin. It’s ain’t just all about that chin. That chin, you feeling me? That was my gut. I’ve got the microphone; I’m getting beat up. We had that chin since the first grade. You feel me, third grade I ain’t even knowing for about two years. I’m going to go play Fortnite, you know what I mean? Come get me on that. And that’s it. I was feeling like it must have been for us.

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