(dramatic percussive orchestral music) – [Announcer] Fresh off a
historic nine-win season, the Rebels arrive ready to show they belong with the SEC elite. With Head Coach Hugh Freeze
and new quarterback Chad Kelly, the Ole Miss faithful are
ready after a 249-day wait. Football is back in Oxford. Handoff, Walton, he’s through the middle. He’s got open space! Robert Nkemdiche has six! Corc has it. Did he get a foot down? Yes he did! Wide open, Adeboyejo caught it at the 13! Picked off by Ole Miss! – [Announcer] C.J. – [Announcer] Still on
his feet, to the 40. He’s got blockers. He’s to the 30! – I think every other
linebacker would have (mumbling) except C.J. – Listen, when I crossed the 50, my sensor on the dashboard said: “Overheat. “Please shut down.” – We beat ’em last year,
you experienced that. And tonight when you beat
them on their own field it’ll be even sweeter, probably. So all we need to do now is
let’s just walk outta here, lock those gates behind us, lock those gates, and let’s go pick a fight with these boys! – [Announcer] Three-man, now
four-man front for Alabama. The snap is high, Kelly grabs
it, fires it up in the air. (suspenseful music) Treadwell can’t get it.
Deflection is caught! Deflection is caught, and down
the sidelines is Adeboyejo! He’s to the endzone! He’s in there! Touchdown, Ole Miss! (screaming) – Oh my god, bro, tell me
that didn’t just happen! – It ain’t nobody but that Man above, man. – [Announcer] Make it two years in a row! 43-37. 11th-ranked Ole Miss knocks
off number-two Alabama and climbs to the top of the SEC West. Bandy will punt away. It’s Openshaw standing at his 22. Here’s the punt, and it is blocked! The Rebels do finally get one! Who blocked it? – Man, you have no idea how big that was. You have no idea how big that was. – [Announcer] The clock will wind down, and Ole Miss will get the victory. Third-ranked Rebels four-and-O. – [Announcer] For decades it
seems like we come down here, Florida’s in the top five, Ole Miss is kinda hanging around
trying to be in the top 25. Well, that script now
has switched and flipped, and it’s the Rebels everybody’s chasing and Florida gets their shot today. – [Announcer] Fakes
with his shoulder, hit, ball goes high in the air,
grabbed by the Gators, taken toward the endzone and
stopped at the half yardline. He got hit in the back. And this thing has just
become as ugly as it can be. Ole Miss and Memphis,
both nationally-ranked. The Rebels number 12 in the
nation; Memphis number 22. They’re gonna hand it off,
sweeping to the right, and in the endzone. Touchdown, Sam Crab. Then Memphis has roared back to take a 16-14 lead over Ole Miss. And it’s to Treadwell. Over his head and picked
off by the Tigers at the 30. And Memphis has won this
one with eight seconds left. They can go out and take a knee. (dramatic percussive music) There’s the snap. Pressure up the middle. He’s in trouble, and will be sacked! Tipped up in the air, and
intercepted by Ole Miss! The Rebels get it right back! – Hey, 15, good coverage. Way to be locked in and go get it. (dramatic percussive orchestral music) – [Announcer] Fires deep down the middle, and the pass is going to
be intercepted by Ole Miss. Kelly, to the endzone and Treadwell! Oh my goodness! One of the best catches you’ll see in college football in 2015. (dramatic percussive orchestral music) Fourth down and 25 for the Razorbacks. Last chance for the Hawks. Swings it nearside, it’s gonna be Henry. Caught at the 25! Now flips it back up in the air. Picked up by Collins. Collins trying to run the far side. He’s gonna have the first down. Dropped at the 10. They are gonna go for two
to try to win the game. Allen runs to his right, in trouble. He’s hit, he’s dropped at the 13! Oh but there comes a flag! He brings Morgan in motion. There’s the snap. Fakes the pitch. He’s gonna run himself! And he is hit as he breaks the plane, and the Razorbacks have won it. – [Announcer] The difference
in this team when they win and when they lose has been that defense. They gotta get back to
being landsharks out there. – [Announcer] He’s gonna
toss-pitch it to Fournette. He’s trying to run left, and
what a play by Marquis Haynes! – Man, they swarming. (mumbling) – [Announcer] Fournette, and
he’s gonna get the first down, and oh my goodness, then be planted! – [Coach] Oh! Ooh! Let’s go! – [Announcer] He is in the endzone! The Rebels strike first! – Do it again, oh. Keep it rolling. – [Announcer] Throws to the
back corner of the endzone. Stringfellow hauls it in! Runs out to his right, hit as he fires. It’s picked off by Ole Miss! Down the sidelines goes Bridges. Touchdown, Rebels! Hard running by Akeem Judd. Wilkins runs over a Dog to
the 30 and down to the 25. – Let’s go, Jack! – We jacked, Bill. We caught ya, Bill. (dramatic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Trips to
the right. Play-action. Kelly has time in the pocket. Throws deep to Treadwell,
nearside, one-on-one. He’s got it! And the dominance continues! Rudolph, sacked! Far side, that might be it! Touchdown, Laquon Treadwell! He is the new Ole Miss record-holder for touchdowns in a season. His third of this game. – I’m gonna hug ’em like this,
be like: “Coach, I love you. “Appreciate it. It’s been a good ride.” And when I step back, that’s
when y’all just hit him. – [Hugh] Look. (Gatorade splashing) (dramatic orchestral music) (“Ride to Glory” by Epic Score) – [Narrator] Every fall, 128 teams begin the year undefeated, and they all fight to stay that way. For more than a century in Oxford the objective has been the same. But each season tells a different story; with new stars, new
stakes, and new stages. (punchy jazzy funk music) – 82,000 pounds of sod. – Roughly eight truckloads
of 419 Bermuda Grass that goes on the field. These guys are bringing
it out on tractors, and they’re rolling it out
while there’s guys tucking it in and cutting in pieces
where they might of had a piece not cover all the way. – Coming along real good. The sod looks really good, healthy. – They’re working pretty
good on 60 PSI right now. We’ll see here in a little
while how they work on 103. (punchy jazzy funk music) – [Narrator] Next, on The Season. – Up in a beautiful neighborhood. – Let me let my Ole Miss shirt. – Oh, OK! – The theme this year is: rise up. This matter is in your hands. So, are you ready to rise up? – Oh yeah, we live up in
a beautiful neighborhood. This is my beautiful
neighborhood right here. This right here is the
man cave right here. This is the man cave. – I’m so anxious. It’s my last camp. I’m just ready to get out there. I’m ready to go compete
and see what the guys got. Lemme move that outta the way. One fold, white. Hit it with another fold, white, as my mom taught me. She taught me how to fold. My cleats and stuff, already
packed up in the car. (zipper zipping) Ready to go. Little bro, what’s up, man? We gotta handshake. One, two, slide up, slide down, lock it down. There it is. All right, y’all. Lock this door. (trunk latching) Ooh! This feels so good. Oh yeah, I gotta go see
my mom before I leave. Gotta go tell her: “See you later”, ’cause she don’t like when I say bye. (laughing) (kissing) Yeah. – Let me let my Ole Miss shirt. – Oh, OK! – I love you. – I love you too. (kissing) I’m not gonna speed. I love you! I love you more! (jazzy funk music) Back to business. Birmingham to O-Town. (laughing) I can’t wait to start fall camp. I’m so ready to get out there. Ready to ball. Ball out with my Jack boys. Just pulling back up into Oxford. This is the closest thing to the NFL. We won’t have no class. And now we get to study the playbook. (punchy jazzy funk music) (field-striping machine engine humming) (paint sprayer spraying) (crowd chattering) – Here we go, three claps. Rip, rip. Very good. The theme this year is: rise up. Let’s talk about that, rise up. This matter is in your hands. Whose hands? (team mumbling) Whose? – [Team] Ours. – [Hugh] Ours. With that comes responsibility. It comes accountability. So let’s just be real
clear and transparent, me and Issac Gross, OK is
that all right with you? Me and you have been down a road or two. We can be transparent with one another ’cause we have a relationship. It has grown. It has stood the test of time. I know who you are; you know who I am. But with that, I have an accountability and a responsibility to Issac Gross. You know what my responsibility is to him? You’re gonna say: “Coach him in football.” I don’t see it that way. That’s a very small part. Here’s my responsibility, here’s my job: my job is to speak truth into his life; maybe about football one day, maybe about something else the next day. And ultimately, this
matter is in your hands, your hands. Who gets to decide how good this team is? The coaches? We help a little bit. But at the end of the day, there are 128 football teams right now that are sitting where you’re sitting and they’re all hearing
some of the same type stuff and they’re all gonna have to go through the same type of football camp and they’re all gonna have
to go through academics and they’re all gonna have
to make social decisions. Everyone’s gonna have to decide that, and I’m just gonna tell you:
here is the absolute truth, the first truth in your
life is the great teams, those are not issues because it’s been settled by
the leadership of the team that “We want to be great, “thus, we will be accountable
to each other in those.” So, rise up. This matter is in your hands. We will support you. Take courage and do it. So, are you ready to rise up? Three claps, rip, rip. – [Narrator] Next, after
the commercial break. – Go ahead and go! (horn blowing) We don’t slow down! We play through the whistle! (screaming) – Ah, come on, Taz! – Going slow, I’m sorry. – [Coach] We are excited about the weekend and selecting our 2016-2017
Ole Miss Rebelettes. (slow reverberating electric guitar music) – [Hugh] Just know there’s a
lot of eyes on you right now. – [Damore’ea] Yes, sir. – [Hugh] Every one of ’em that are, there was two here yesterday,
there’s about 10 here today, and they’re all like: “Tell
us about this dude now.” You’re building your resume every day. And they gonna be here
every day ’til I camp. And you gonna feel tired and yada yada. Every day you build your resume. Like to block you if I was center. (laughing) I’d just take off running,
you’d just run with me. Go ahead and go! (horn blaring) And go! (upbeat rock music) You gotta test one of these younger guys. Get on the ball, on the ball,
on the ball, on the ball! Find the ball, find the
ball, find the ball! We don’t slow down! We play through the whistle! (whistle blowing) Better, Bridges. That a boy, Quincy! That a boy, Quincy! (whistle blowing) Field goal! Field goal! Come on, Gary, nice and smooth. Give me some height on it. That’s much better. That’s much better! We need to get Noble over here. Where’s Noble? Oh yeah, right! He’s doing a kickoff drill, right. Noble, show it to me. Show me where Noble is
doing the kickoff drill. Why are you taking a break now? You think you done your reps for the day? I know, why not? Oh you’re in next. They said you’re in next? Hey, this ain’t spring ball no more! It’s real now! (upbeat rock music) Get ’em a drink, get ’em
a drink, get ’em a drink. Water, water, water, water, water, water. – [Narrator] As the leader of his program, Coach Freeze wears many hats and goes out of his way to make sure even the smallest details are tended to. – [Hugh] Tell me your name. – [Caroline] I’m Caroline. – [Hugh] From? – [Caroline] Jackson. – [Hugh] Jackson? – [Caroline] Marylou. – [Hugh] Marylou. You know it takes me a
week to get these names. Tell me one more time. – [Suzy] Suzy. – [Hugh] Suzy from– – Jackson.
Jackson. – [Suzy] Yes. – [Hugh] Suzy from
Jackson, I’m getting it. I gotta get these girls
some hats out here, Rob. They’re working hard and
their face is getting burnt. Do you need a cap to keep
the sun off your head? Why didn’t you get a hat
today to guard your face? I told you yesterday– – Well, I have the one– – [Hugh] Well, I can get you a hat. Crain, come on now. I know we got enough in the budget to give these little girls a hat. – [Ken] Yeah, we got so
many different styles, they’re just supposed to come in there and pick the ones they want. – [Hugh] Baby blue, black, what color? – [Ken] Baby blue? If we don’t have that? – [Woman] Anything. Black is OK. – She’s out here working her tail off and she ain’t got nothing
to cover her face. (whistle blowing) (mumbling) – You young guys, you gotta
learn, you gotta step up, you gotta get into your stuff. You gotta get going. – ‘Cause whether you ready or not, September 5th we kicking this thing off. It ain’t spring ball. All right? Right now, we rolling. (upbeat funky music) (screaming) – Ah, come on, Taz! – Ow! (laughing) – Oh! This is cold, man! (upbeat funky music) – It get worse when you get out. Ah! – [Narrator] While the
football team cools down, on the other side of campus the spirit squads are heating up. – [Arikka] Hello, you guys,
welcome to tryouts 2016-2017. – [Carley] We are
excited about the weekend and selecting our 2016-2017
Ole Miss Rebelettes. – [Bailey] The key– – [Emma] Is always teamwork. – Bailey] Is teamwork. – [Emma] Always. – [Bailey] Until you stick yourself. – You have to make sure that
the pin goes all the way through the top and back out; otherwise it’ll just rip the paper. – [Taylor] The trick is to
make sure Taylor does it. (laughing) (upbeat electronic dance music) – Three, four, five, and
pick, seven, and leap. One, drag, two, three,
four, five, rock step. – This is a vet group. (crowd cheering) – [Woman] Beautiful. (upbeat electronic dance music) (grungy bass music) – For the pads. Finally get to put the
shoulders on somebody. You know, show off my new muscles I got during the off-season. Thanks to you, Coach (mumbling). – But this right here, this is where it’s at. It’s going down today. I’m putting this on. Watch and see. – It’s go time. It’s time to work. – First day in pads. About to get real. (funky electronic music) – [Coach] Load up! (grunting) Let’s go on the hop. On the hop. (funky electronic music) – [Coach] Set, go! (whistle blowing)
(pads crunching) (whistle blowing) – [Chris] Come on, Aber. Quit running away from it! (grunting) Good. I want full extension. Hit it! Yeah! Here we go, we’re going
to pods against o-line to work space blocks and combos. Yeah! Yeah, that’s it! That’s it, baby! That’s it, baby! (heavy electronic rock music) That’s it, Keith! That’s it! Yeah, great job, both of you guys! (helmets clacking) Yeah, yeah! Yes, yes! Yes! Great job, man! (pads crunching) – Oh come on, no way, no way. I was gonna come over aggressive. (grunting)
(pads crunching) – (laughing) Good job, one. (pads crunching)
(grunting) – [Coach] That’s it, Blood. That’s it, Blood. That’s it, Blood! Practice ain’t over, boys. Let’s go, pass rush, let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go! Good, D-Jack, great rush-D, great rush-D! That’s it! (heavy electronic rock music) – This is the standard. You just experienced it. Don’t forget it. – (mumbling) on three. One, two, three. (shouting) Golly, this feels good, boy. Whoa! Feels like the pool at home. Nice! – I’m all right. Pretty hard day in the rain
trying to catch a ball. You know, (mumbling). – Had a little weather altercation today, but hey we still out here
grinding, getting stuff done. Defense looking good, flying
around, offense executing. Still got some things to
work on, don’t get me wrong, but we gonna to work and set September 5th it’s gonna be a finished product. (dramatic orchestral music)

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  1. I'm having doubts this team is different from last and I started liking them in 2014 and now I'm used to them as d know about this season but we still have jelly so that's that

  2. 45-34 Noles!!! Tell Chad Kelly to stay out the Dm's and study the playbook. Chad was out there throwing picks and fumbling like that Kelly from Buffalo! Beat Bama and save your season.

  3. Ole Piss cheated their asses off, and have nothing to show for it. Could not even win their division. Now they are under sanctions, and back to where they belong as an SEC bottom feeder.

  4. I went to high school with red jersey #70-Jordan Sims. Played in the band then turned around and put the pads on each other sometimes the same day! Miss that man terrible, glad hes youtube famous now though lol

  5. lol when you pay you're entire team and the only thing you get from it is beating bama twice in a row

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