Roots of Badminton Hello, I am Lee I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to your badminton in badminton, I believe there are 5 most important principles I see this 5 principles as roots of badminton lets say if this racket is badminton tree I believe there are 5 roots any body who play badminton if they can understand this 5 roots they will be able to understand the trunk of badminton branches of badminton as well as leaves of badminton so he can understand badminton as whole this 5 roots are most important things to know to understand and be able to perform Right Attitude right attitude, which is most important root among the 5 roots of badminton tree there are 2 things I would like to explain, demonstrate to you number 1, be able to challenge against stronger player and number 2 be able to respect lower level player the player who has small heart will blame all other things but not him self like this, great chance comes and when he kill it, hits net and immediately he will look his racket which means he shows, he is telling the people who are watching its not my technical mistake, something wrong with my racket so, he does not upset what he had done wrong if he makes second mistake he cannot see it because he saw it already and then shuttle comes and then hit same and he look the light this mistake is light not my technique and player like that when he loose a match he will say I have bad stomach the umpire was not my side the floor is very slippery like this The Grip number 2 root is right grip there are 5 roots number 1 is attitude which is most important thing and there are 4 other technical roots and I put grip number 1 because I see badminton grip as crucially important in making deceptions, powerful shots and accurate shots so without grip, does not matter if a player moves very fast, he will get there and make mistake with right grip, player can do this way of hitting smash please right grip if they have wrong grip this can happen Posture right posture which is number 3 root in badminton when I see a player’s posture even before they have hit the shuttle cock I can tell what kind of quality what kind of power what kind of deception, he may make because, the posture the quality of posture can make this shot about the actual shot which means poor posture can make poor quality of shot serious and good posture, also can make good shots let’s say shuttle is in the air opponent court then I would like to see the players posture is like this and I can see his seriousness and hungryness to the shuttle cock please compare this one if some one has that kind of posture ready smash watch this like this that posture allows him to make good movement, early contact to the shuttle cock Hitting Technique right way of hitting shuttle cocks hitting technique there are 2 things to be remembered number 1 be able to take the shuttle in front of the body number 2 be able to take the shuttle away from the body this is essential what ever a player do the player should be able to try to do this 2 important elements lets say net shot it will be better use arm like this like that like this rather than wasting, this should be changed to Movement right way of movement which is number 5 root in badminton in order to be advanced badminton player this root must be understood and be able to perform where ever player go in court before they move they need this step defencing smash look please smash, watch my feet carefully look where – here 1 – 2 1-2 rather than no speed Roots of Badminton

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100 thoughts on “The Roots of Badminton – The Five Most Important Things in Badminton”

  1. Have you guys watch the superseries recently? my gosh those Thailand pair really know how to use their attitude to play until the crowds boo'ed and left the stadium.

  2. Thanks for uploaded all the videos! It's really helpful. Playing badminton is really interesting. Watching your videos really works!

  3. thanks a lot Sir Lee.
    that i was trying to correct my mistakes. all in 5. its very helpfull for me thanks a lllllllooootttttttttt Coach.

  4. Sir, this is fantastic to have such a fine coaching tricks and hints. You being really helpful for beginners like me. My game really improved after seeing some of your videos. Hoping to watch all of them. Thanks a lot for such uploads.

  5. Thank you for your kind words on my clips. I hope you continuely improve with my clips. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  6. I have my own private coach here in the Philippines. Every time we will have long breaks on training, he always remind me to watch your channel. Your clips helped me a lot on the basics and specially about a player's attitude. Thanks a lot.

  7. Sir,I am playing Badminton since 4 years and and 1 year dropped and started playing again…. now my right hand knee is paining for wrong smashes. Because of knee pain not able to hold racket properly. I am trying to hit full arm smash but when shuttle comes closer suddenly i bend my hand and hit. From one month pain is there 🙁

  8. I would like to you to view all the smash related clips and try them. Any question arise please contact me. It is important to understand and be able to do the basic right skills first. Lee

  9. sir you are very right … i often see people with whom i play with do the same…. things .And very good video i'll make up for what i lack in these 5 roots .Thank you

  10. Yes, that is why I say they are the roots of badminton. Everything is from them. I am very pleased to know that you see the value of this clip. Lee

  11. I sometime watch this video to check if I still have those attitudes and roots in my badminton games. Thanks for this video and for what you do for the community !

  12. hi lee, i love playing badminton but im not that good. im in grade 9. me and my friend have a badminton tornament coming up and im scared because im not very good. i dont know how to smash at all…people try to teach me but i just dont get it. could you help me plz?

  13. be positive and do not worry about it. Do everything you can and enjoy.
    If you worry about it you perform less. Get your posture low, be ready all the time and totally focus the shuttlecock. Then you will play your best. Good luck. Lee

  14. thank you so much lee. you dont know how much i appreciate your help. ive learned most of my skillls from you…keep up the good work!

  15. I am so pleased to know that there is someone like you treat my clips in such way.
    Thank you very much for let me know. I shall continue. Lee

  16. Hi Coach,

    Sometimes, I look at the lights to see where my positioning is so that I can be more sure about whether or not to let the shuttle go (out of bounds). I suppose a response to this could be that I should already know when and where to let the shuttle drop.

  17. Yes I think same way. When you change hall it is difficult to feel the lines.
    But you are right, you should feel it. Lee

  18. no problem. i would like to thank you again. i had my badminton tornament and i did great thanxto ur advice. i cant think of a better coach

  19. I have a problem with perhaps my grip, because when a shot is coming to my right or my left i cannot aim to hit it instead i either go a bit too high or too low and the shuttle goes above or beneath.

  20. I think you may right that there may be grip you have to improve.
    Please view the grip related clips and practice. Lee

  21. Must say a big thank to you Mr Lee, for all the trouble, time and effort you have put into these videos, your videos have been of great help, Thank you once again and GOD bless you.:-)

  22. Thank you very much for your kindest words on my clips. I am very pleased to know that you feel that way with my clips. Thank you too. Lee

  23. Thank you so much sir !!! omg .. u do not know how much this video taught me.brilliant video … I am a beginner.. and now I have some idea on my mistakes and I have problems always with concentration( i will get tensed), backhand shot and yes! movements.. Hope you reply 🙂 🙂 thanks a gona check all your videos

  24. I am very pleased to know that you feel such way with my clip. Please view the backhand and footwork related clips and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  25. Thanx for the guidance coach….
    I've learnt a lot…
    U are too good in explaining…
    I have tried the things as u said and found a considerable change in my playing…
    Feeling Good. B-)

  26. I am very pleased to know that you feel that way with my coaching clips.
    I am very happy that you are improving with my clips too. Thank you for sharing wonderful news with me. Happy badminton. Lee

  27. Soooooo guilty of always breaking the first rule 🙂  It makes me sad to know that I've always been playing it so wrong but its never to late to make changes. Thanks so much!!

  28. Really enjoyed this video, especially like how you demonstrate wrong way as well. Some of them feel wrong when you play shot/hold racquet, some need to be pointed out by others watching your game as you don't realise. Thank you 🙂

  29. Coach Lee,
    I love this video. I wish I had this advice and training when I began badminton! Too late now for me to unlearn so many bad habits but I will try to put this into my playing and attitude from now on even if it only improves my play by small percent before I am too old. Thank you for your advice

  30. i am fan of your videos. learned lot from it. tried it,  has seen lot of changes in my attitude and my movements.

  31. sir many thanks for your advice to budding badminton stars, but sir we already started playing with wrong grip and wrong steps. Is it possible for people like us to improve now

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    I'm a beginner youtuber
    I've made videos since 6 months ago
    Any way can you help me by
    Getting up too 40 subscribers please
    And take a look at my videos

  33. Coach Lee! Do you travel outside Canada to take badminton workshop? I stay in Dubai and there is a good amount of people who could benefit from your training workshops.

  34. Thank you sir. I hope your beneficial video will make a positive change to my game today. Thanks again for everything. 🙂

  35. Thank u so much sir.I hv now found my commom mistakes.I was very much in a habbit of staring at my racket and not doing the prep jump before i hit.It often let to misbalance and uncomfortness.Again thank u sir ! ☺ I m 14 and will continue my journey till my aim,The Olympics !!

  36. Dear Sir,

    The way in which you had put "RIGHT ATTITUDE" is the first thing to play the badminton tells a lot about your respect towards the game.

    I loved your quotes. RESPECT lower players. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

    Great sir. Thank you for all your coaching and knowledge sharing.

    Thank you again for the service you do for the Badminton community.

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