You’ve worked hard today, so will the racket and pick them up on the line Our comfortable For the two of them do not look like his mother on Society Well it is not on the grass I give it to him But my son should be a little grace ah Wait Oh, I see I know how to do it next time To tell the truth I still worry about my son before thinking about tennis program I saw a dying was so concerned about her friends in this I am particularly pleased I go first Play is a chore Slowly with a girl like this It’s not easy I know you because tennis badly bitter drink it now I have the same problem I’m here with my dad episode Still too big Under the original road have such misery Then we work hard together It is really too thanks how One mind about a few hundred meters you will not feel too boring how to say This is pure magic You’re beat him in fact They can play their own style Not bad Just up I go Goodbye to eat this Catch a cold I want to play a round at six Time so concerned about the Are you sure you want to do this I had to have a reason to do so What reason He came down after Kiln Bridge City We have developed a new style of play Xinglong Street have made great progress This is the largest and record results So I also have an obligation To help break record I know how excited his ability Think you are under hand injury is not an ordinary student You do not have SMS I’ll be fine This matter is on hold right Domestic junior tennis development is very good for you to achieve good results this Into the professional tennis Very important You’re right this is my Why at this time sisters This video It is important knot Renovation has been repaired you how to watch your back so early today It screwed up the case quickly made Okay Why are you so anxious that you do not have to print my Leiya Jiangsu how to say it the old way physical examination should also be behind what is He said some did not understand, then there do not let him Claim Today, when the head is not enough to say that I am 80% Preferably 100% Do not want How do you say the pressure on the joint practice analysis You say little legs feel when most of the pressure will gradually strengthen so you have one foot in one foot After hours of strength training can otherwise easily lead to leg cramps do not know Why do you need a small snack bar quiet 1212 Everyone says he looks very good Like a child added strength to shoot the ball as well as the positive associations are growing The most problematic stage if the play is not good You’re a face everyone will be very tense face my face is not good It seems you are still not enough to understand their own ah I want to step down and six I have an obligation to help break through the way he is now the most important thing is The way forward is no longer to cook but to discover their own strength How much of China’s go to bed You are to come to do the route I want to go How many Total Something wrong Three days later 15:00 I’ll meet you at the indoor tennis courts What did you want to say it You’re so happy Tablespoon You are right next game and the next six heard it Originally uncertain But you see appear in this Taobao password In the end what you want Your hand is not injured yet I’m all right This is your all right You do not have to go to a health check it high go quickly Recording You want to do it talked game I have already said It is your arrangement It is required to put forward their own Captain Yang This time he will go all of you are ready for the best But he had suffered more than you all to be strong opponents Say Called the beast now She is not your father even This way you touch forward Not to actually want to coach Before you were injured elbow There is no complete cure Call on you this time There is no stop tennis training So this part of the cause of muscle 7.7 stars Deformation and wear dialogue You are left-handed Yes If you continue to use high-intensity practice, then left Soon he found the meeting on inflammatory pain In case had tennis elbow is an occupational disease Of career Down You say you mean he will continue to receive treatment it immediately in the national competition Without thinking We have no chance of winning you first hear me out You vicinity now is good If this state will soon be healed but You said the time You can not be high-intensity game In particular, can not be used Your body ball otherwise Fall short Three days later, 15:00 My indoor tennis courts, you Yang Syracuse I can now add a basic training as well as to hear the doctor say you have it with the next record Game hear the doctor said I’m fine so it should not have any problems with attachments But you do not let me repeat off To talk rare See the captain animate trained Job demand started can Even the captain simple Assume The race is about to begin Today, people wonder how so little training Good It is too weird day captain today did not come to training Under what path did not go a big stretch Evaluation video how about this Canada also evaluate how he died it would be ill It seems that you or some inductive reasoning How he wanted to tell me And this reasoning has to do with it of course Novelty of the concept according to which this reasoning Idiot, right It’s you excuse me Head was hit yet I have come to think of it is that you do a 20th anniversary retrospective special report Now how can that time high school tennis glory Where did you say to go This one Most reassuring Great background I think At that time I had just boarded the go I have a lot of admirers No Introduction of green leaves I say special review report on the Green Tennis It is not directly Why did you report this to help me what did I most abundant experience in this area How to embark on the road of tennis You do not know it I’m sure the high school league reported increase in the time to start speaking you start it from childhood Not to mention a princess Only eight years to exclusive news I returned to the United States Osaka High School League reports I really I was three years old My uncle Tony When I approached the tennis world I used to eat a right hand Under the guidance of his uncle peaches and plums I feel left hand Wait is not it Nadal’s story it I also participated in two sports What are your requirements Suzaku This is a very good library is to know everything that I do is too boring can we start At first hit Volleyball Go quickly Will play it Not required I still win Still think they can have it In fact, I do not call my sister Komidori Can not pose a threat to their own sit down What do you play tennis for I have a goal What is the goal A person You only need to beat a person Read the reason you play tennis very well After blowing up what you want to say that you personally can do By that time What you get Prior to think these things I now want to concentrate on This time can not carry out high-intensity game in particular, can not be used Stephanie Not to say Dress If you want to win It must become stronger So you really understand Why fight when tennis Your ability to go north across language barriers Order on the battlefield Become stronger Recording And it has become a pillar of light Is this your first time to participate in the national competition tennis used 7:00 Give me lay a lot of effort Go to a young man ah really pretty In aggravation you to meet Deng Xiaoping This collection ah you And a plot that game I saw Please play time is really too much like him, especially when resorted to double-volley If returned to the Yangtze River 20 years ago when the tournament You do not just a game to have to sit down and tired This is not just a normal game I have seen If you play this adventure aggravated the injury Probably it raw If you do not do so then this game has little meaning Is that the only thing I can do for him Do you think the video you can perk up While doing so is indeed true, but under certain popular hit record But it is not lost jokes like never before And in the end what did you tell record I am back I come back tomorrow appointment So you really understand Why fight when tennis Your ability to go north across language barriers can be in the game Become stronger I hope you do not want to live up to four support I smoked your father’s a very strong road Video and how today was not any captain Ultimately what you are really sick or not sick Not already sick is false I did not ask today, ah ah no income at all like a normal illness Really hurt you different Now what you have to try to be brave Pretty little liars clear Before you come up from We have done a lot of cases It must be recent day You do not overuse your hands After all 90 Recurrence find it in this situation I need long to heal so far Treatment is still not completely in vain attachments But if you continue But advice I have no way of Nothing casual He always carefully father to accompany you to play it Do you want to turn on the water ah Do not need Far worse Doctor In order to avoid further injury I need to know When you ah What in the end is to Our goal Do not follow the footsteps of generations of small players But to create belong in this era of players to become the next heart Chinese tennis Really play your own wife now In order to achieve this goal so I had to use it I will give you stronger The parent must have a very understanding This can only inspire you to keep Editor in chief That’s all before the video interview ah What did you interview some of the content to ah What I can not think of it at the high school and wanted to major league ball before recorded by video requirements I really do not understand A former professional tennis player And you Why a quasi-professional reporter to make such a boring interview that in the end what is the point These children’s future It may have been the master ah After the children We do not understand big data is to people who do Six down the very powerful I think we should not take advantage of all concerned before him Seize the opportunity I believe that soon Under six will be we all know the top-class players Now to make arrangements for a large stone in the field Do you go I want to buy These future masters arrangements Record of interview under the mattress I was going to report the high school league OK You promised Read talk about it He was a high school freshman Prior to this video requires special attention Yuqing never been Newly enrolled will be able to become the main force in the case even went to tennis genius We start out ordinary school How do you go out there are other training Just that The’re coming Know I said beat him so he participated in the national contest it assured I will carefully study the order of appearance Yuqing’s guaranteed to make you in this game Of yesterday It is the sagacity of his teammates My position now where is this In tennis park in this road that is leading to the stadium behind me to go through Using the wheel again to score in five schools keep a school That each school team to win at least win You can smooth cut and standings To the front of the famous school Can smoothly into learn but I believe this game will be very exciting All the new clothes which team it There are two new fans said to be very excited if their favorite team can Weibo Tennis is what I see reporters Salsa We see you next time After ineffective in the end what the purpose of it is not what ah After all do not go ah, if that person can not simultaneously admission before 10 pm on disqualification slim Shady Contact on yet I contacted a tree He said he went out very early then on the way I met a pregnant woman in labor Send him to the hospital it is good Are you saying that the land under send pregnant women to the hospital casual I’m not mad at you for the job Borrow your spare deal 128 high school and youth competition World Edition OK You’re the one high The main men But come over You two thugs Canada Like the face of it Come on lads good game Your wife How I lost Where ah venue carry out That the playing field was not noisy in 10 minutes, do not expect me I find half an hour we either morning in minutes What about my face down the TV drama I hit it today Are you afraid of me You just too bad so quickly to not let me know ah Poor as follows And directories under it What will help a busy Lower following Saturday Those who are not even close The man serve my external rotation compared to simply serve pediatrics Like ah You oriental I have not learned to shoot like ah Earth life the way you serve external rotation I understand, but I was high school field autumn in the forest and I really want to meet Get up to me to find what Not so good Back to the place I would like to come and take him 10 minutes later we like a bronze statue of you call it You see that is not recorded It seems Look at this It is not changed

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