You are 958 drugs in our school semester Affect the game winds high school rival school is what kind of school You can participate in the competition Let’s be honest not just chase you have not qualified to say Too much is how the 16 by mouth to speak out I was fighting a And very good for you Soldiers on me to back up so quickly you do to solve them Their strong Have you ever seen me play the way you Do not you give me a little further away from what was the name he will stop you cool The two men ah I just say once you remember me Yuqing not Qiaocheng I will only play channel Bank net you do all the same to me as long as you do not hold back on the line You first tee it will be the outcome of a ball Then you find yourself appetite So you open it Empty clear title bid farewell Nope Rotten meat go bar You just say who you are Yuqing Bridge City Pale Ba story Acacia good read I am a high school wind rain Sun Weiming No one will Today, thank you all right’re welcome What do you have to take it thank you phone call You can come to say thank you Oh I hear that I forgot People just come to see me who that phone And what is your relationship ah not good at all Do not tell me you robbed even I fear Such a big thing you told me to come over and I can not learn ah You will pay more money virtually say two men have been met so that the junction of how to do it It is not Seeking solutions This is a good way What’s your what you call the referral results came out Taoyuan Station to Do take light rail meters are mind it Preliminary test results show trends in the state of peripheral joint instability and even further deterioration of Although small in the vicinity have any effect but the most important is the need to rest I know a lot of things that you consider I can help you share together when the mountain station to If Next Just inside the team captain, then a re-election Who do you think appropriate You want to tell me is this But now consider what the captain of the candidates It is not a bit too early Catch a cold You’re who I am before you know there is a 50% chance that you like There is a 50% chance you do not know, but before you find do not have to maintain both a story of chaos All the good solution of this question that I have already written on the blackboard a big family To go back to look after the students can discuss with each other From the election race next thing is to only 9000 Starting today we want to test Especially for so-called continuous region within the confines of the training Ji Xiaolan 15 seeking to fight back I will practice hitting different ways according to your It is now divided into four groups to break up your assault type and shape of the team can only serve in their own half Strain into the attack and all-around type of players to hold their own audience disease If the football team did not score on the math color is offensive player in my repair Ash scoring like it’s right by a party to the main defense so hold your balls Is it true that sounds a little bit mean ah Wrong and the ball hit the designated area is actually the number of request processing Lost people need to breath drink here in rural show Friend I feel like not so mean ah Now you must be very happy aunt The team is now clearing up to be retained in the weakest sense of long-Star Dragon Blood Now a mall Like a changed person, like There Bo Yang seniors He usually looks Xiong Baba But the key moment is still very reliable for me to replace the entire length of the river And evil beasts out There are separate toilets stronger I feel like I’ve never seen her like ah Lost Chen Shou There Dayong seniors he really tender ah Small him feel so happy No less than the Fujian Jiale He no matter what difficulties are definitely not back down QQ Open past tense election race announced the results of the selection out of the school Each capital is a potent but only four schools to go And abundance than they would let high school with Colonel in the face of these strong money We were the first to do is put in front of the basic surgery Our goal is to eat the good of the national championship Google Before we say good right tomorrow 14:00 This is what I forgot tomorrow it could not go on stage I think people Then I want to go alone Hydrangea shoot it but now I was not on the tennis It is understood that you wait I think you free tomorrow Tennis racket Tomorrow have any plans ah Have Somehow I find you play a game You can not always haunt me how it had time to make friends out of more than 60 gross well Not interested in what you are interested in when there are problems Because then I do So you’re dead serious this heart I will not give you why I can not hit the ball hungry I’ve heard people say that is very tasty I want to buy point of it You’d do yourself That beg you hit it Ultra-small tennis life is more important than it is These good memories Thank you Uncle good You are the star came to the dragon Fast money His worship Find Recording How you look After a morning of it Then you wait a bit immediately Xuzhou You’re always here to help you in this video Hello elementary school I direct you to send me information I gave you ready to come and get you You have to help hammer home there will be very hard every day should do how it will be better I do not like things that are not hard Cook to play Are my favorite things Favorite things just I do not know at the same time insist on two things like how long can also Well, I have to eat it bought you doing waiting for me I bought come looking for you Students still do not bother your meal Find a good father I would also like you to play it Unlike However, the whole really sorry for so long This is what ah Tomorrow when you come together with a Thank you Time is not late I send send you the best I have to go out Where are you going I think nothing forsythia day event Earth how You want to make it together to practice You joke When the ball where Have a rest You live every day of your busy electricity There are people to own a home Cat Power So time to hammer every minute I especially treasure Besides the race is about to begin I would like a little more practice you do not drag the hind legs Thank you for your beautiful ball today I’m usually a person of his own The amount is difficult to say that one person and two people practicing the biggest difference is that we can not be right He is so simple ah before I even own one yourself in here These closed training hard bread I felt very powerful later joined the school team together with you to concentrate fully discovered It seems no use I was due to strong force we are a bit large to see not suffer The main starting point is the coach and everyone’s help My mother began to let go of the power-type player or I close now certainly have a person here who are poor my nirvana In fact, two people practice a ball game really better than a We can help each other You can also see the other side of the issue I That is, everyone wants to play tennis So I can not stand when I want to win the game for everyone Home How about you You just told me to practice repartee you feel you have to help you with this question before I rarely academic sparring What if you do not mind, then we can train together after I would like to ask what would you play tennis Why Why is no happy ah Happy Sorry ah good you did not eat dinner The most important Bridge Try my phone how about it How so long to buy a goose Do not want Go you know 我把要做的比我好吃的多我所做的所有的主人说话叫我 娱乐和游客量 你慢点吃 我把以前从医院那里接受这家店的时候特别的小 我从小就看着他扛起了店里所有的话 一步一步的 把这么小的点 变成了现在的兴隆收子打王 我的名字也是从这个店里来的 用重炮与帮忙 我也会像他一样变成一个非常厉害的厨师 你们都要比较更厉害才对 我要回纽约 68更厉害 这小子还记得她有一个嗷嗷待哺的老父亲 你把你打网球吗 出他从来都不认证和到 真幸福大球队人陪着他 有什么时候能打过他就好 你爸爸那么厉害 小樱啊 不是要去修球拍吗怎么做鸡蛋糕了这个蛋糕就是为了感谢那个大 要去收球拍的人每个同学这么隆重 完了完了要迟到了 老爸老爸的话给你老爸在两条都像放了好长时间 所以我觉得 女儿 给了我 行我知道这是宝宝非常看好这个人 我就是带他去修会球拍而已 谁是第1位的 是你 宝宝洗干净吧 臭小子干只是我干活 听首笑了这小子不会是去约会 这是我是这样想的如果说咱们要想找到突破口就一定 掉头路向前下手但是你也知道路上潜水一样 愤怒状态好用了 早知道这么干 做了快起来没事吧还好没事没事就是 要去约会啊 不是不是有个人说要带我去修球拍 我做的这是为了感谢他的礼物 感谢录下 不好意思小小姐我马上要迟到了我先走啦 多少钱 满脑子都是不清楚了 不好意思我迟到了 那就好明天一杯小一下就开始 我是不是麻烦到他了 他好像并不是很愿意陪我学球拍而且我还迟到 早知道就不敢做蛋糕 就迟到10分钟吗 请发送到 还是小姑娘我的情景啊 他可千万别早恋了 那些10分钟那里没事吧需要买单 正跟那个乔治有得一拼啊 还不到50分钟一个 哇 我已经到路上哪儿了 是不是还在吃东西 我没说是你听错了 吃不是 马上来马上来 又是你添了胡子我就认不出来了 难道你在跟中虾 哇好想你哦 打给我 白杨你怎么在这 看你手机 成都工作了 换 这里不是书店吗 我记得没有小球拍的地方 只是你看不到而已 看来这俩是真有问题呀我说大哥所托要盯住录下 每天好好学习不能早恋 老板 今天雨不在 录像 你在弄弄这个吗 书店还有这么一个地方 你是怎么发现的 你先去说吧 我*明童年 你不是来看望我的吗 教授 你真是稀客啊 今天怎么不是你把转起来的呀 他是球拍 试试你好我叫齐英 奇艺 莫非你是骑哪的 你也认识我不过 你姑姑不露下爸爸的球拍都是我修的 包括绿下的球拍 他们打球很厉害 这些都是我的功劳 也不算很厉害吧 难道他的就不厉害吗 是挺厉害的 说正事 吃剩饭你帮我修一下球拍 看球线就知道你在训练上花了很多的心思 嫁给我吧 谢谢你 你快点休 我们还有事呢 这双鞋 你们先看会电视吧 你为什么总是重播这场比赛 这场是录像前的巅峰时期 没牌都堪称完美 怎么就是退役太早了可惜了他的37场过 国际大赛连射至今的无人打破 他是你爸爸 做好了吗草真的 你在看会你吧当年这场球太好 我会打得比他更好 他们不看了 录下你爸爸他真的很厉害是很不舒服 可是你有个这么厉害的爸爸 应该感到很骄傲吧 我也想让他叫好 百家乐 一个非常严重的事 一起来一下 看来是真的 我说你这家伙怎么那么八卦录下这小子 真的是公然逛街走巷 我觉得录像没那个意思 你能不能别给我那么今 是你离我那么近 出于水上 这个是送给我的吗一起去吧 实在是不好意思 我做这个蛋糕本来是想答谢你陪我来的结果 路上不小心出了点意外 不得不错 性格 我做报告还没做完那你就叫过来了 干什么 你懂个屁呀 谁让他以来学校就让我百般出丑 只要拿到谈恋爱的证据 报告的学校 录下自动退出网球队 到时候主力队员那肯定是 想到这么影响 你们不是去月球单价了吗 好多了下次什么热闹 我警告你要是录像因为什么意外他要不要请我到塞我的一个那你是问 我们一直听说你们俩 我儿子不是光环 We do not have this delicious tastes Yeah we’re both open Rotary now our hands are not registered on the general malaise Only then may a large pillar in the management concept of exposure 2 You say we’re trying to crawl like a family wedding close to Taiwan not to steal their courage as well as bed linen Getting started is easy to do You do not very easy to miss it you That’s what I was downstairs What is written in the style of speech has changed yet do not worry as long as I stared at the record there I’ll definitely turn over continued to stare at it How to go all the way down I can not walk Hello I’m mutual suspicion Should we not be concerned about it over there You just domestic and teacher let me review how much you had to review Homework, but I do not really understand but just look at you for you You do not seem willing to bring your father, but I can understand this There is so much of my father Why the sudden pressure must say that a lot of it because Your words a bit more This is how the video is it really like Xiaoyan feasibility You should now be concentrating their efforts on learning Today, you’ve worked hard Winter racket I pick them up on the line Feed Today is not Sunday yet how do you now Catch a cold Sit down Pretty I want to play a round at six Later in the game immediately enlighten me understand such a critical moment Are you sure you want to stay You have to give me a reasonable explanation I have had to do a friend

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