The ball seems almost the best idea Tuition will go back Di Sima He began the game a few minutes free throws a game of chance on a prestigious He is the amount of exercise you have to do with his tennis almost That is not right Wait a minute you’re welcome To No, thank you a small planted awesome True happiness In such a good environment And such a good seniors Am a little bear Recording To not wash Experiment with the wind high school still can not underestimate him I was a good father I am also a good uncle That somebody say why every time an angel appears to video More dangerous His own face I know he will not like me Tatu less video Perhaps long they have been playing so badly videos I think there is still hope of course Let you know what the road before but also a person’s body He is a chemical law have the power of choice Then go bad I did not expect to encounter an umbrella can play this tee students External rotation is the individual will play ball You also do not bother to fluently speak from where strange What does it mean that Mr. Do these words a year on revenge This high slender beautiful When vomiting know you like it then relatively hands proud of breath and so on But if this offensive, then home may not stand up Some 401 days Rabbit Beckham is qualifying time Has become strong Yes So yeah We can not be taken lightly Contain almost all been to this place to hold this high is a newcomer in the end What came just beginning Their situation the way it seems to be too little to watch on continuous play down Small rotating ball game in the country to cope with bad 15 sentence score how is it Registration has just concluded that action seems to be not quite right ah right ah in the end what hit Video really will not be reversed Did you see so many people care about me do not let you appear bad Just that Save you write like a snowball pause to school clothes You do not have 40 ringgit is constantly learning and opponents hit me But what kind of Although only a short guy but it was too tasteless Vice coupons he played under these types of conditions some paralysis There is such a psychological effect I did not feel like playing is to make the South began to arm paralysis Brother You’re OK ah You help me with the What are you doing I am ready to exit the lest again caused a sensation I believe they have a solution to this case gone A right Make your video before morning Keep it out of your adventure Then you wait for him to give me my peanuts and some autographs I think you bought the impulse to put in that you did not get some back up Last time I said I want to give you this interview I recorded the interview Six under is my son you sing him a painful ah Next next What do you say he downloaded You are not afraid of it The smallest self-help method People are going to take advantage of the body’s rotating barely born What’s going on Recording Do not go to competition results Track is not only wrong ah I did not mean this why the relationship There are so rare card it encountered an interesting opponent down if it The game I won too disgraceful You’re amazing sound if not to say ah, but few of us the last time we impact the national competition today I go back with you tomorrow connected together Downstairs now what I did not expect less eye lids To the Jew deeply hurt Seems to be unable to continue the Always so Find Way to help me put my racket call back it is good Like a gourd Do not look at their own business You do not own Taimian Jiang Now the situation is unfavorable too Dayton how about it You want to continue to play it The path down While it is indeed a pity But now the situation You still listen to everyone’s word for it HOUR All right You are now only a temporary stop blood I can still go to the hospital to look at the I could go on game No less than Give you 10 minutes Within 10 minutes, if not a winner, then More complete understood Do not continue coach True failure to push down the road in ah You look at them For them, this is the play of meaning Every game the kids are basically refused to give up Yes you how All right all right good game Record will definitely reach this place Next record refuel refueling road We play it seriously You are left-handed, but that is a temporary paralysis of the hand ah Chancellor that I let you taste the taste of failure embarrassed to retake large Before a national championship I have expressed Did not receive electrical charge does not go The only one eye Generating deviation determination and sense of distance the ball will This does fit getting used to the most serious Or hand numbness Can you let us give way under refuel Hand will fall short with paralysis ignore This hour even overcome the sense of distance issues but the ball still not receive the ball think so Clothes also a long time before I will be sad to circle now can fully grasp each other Temporary paralysis of the time really is not an ordinary fellow offensive firepower concentrated thought to record registration Gram cause information it Videotape hurt playing this all right when I’ll see him down regardless lose What I watch the kid is beauty instrument Little Joe The method of play and Joe scarf good thing get so much counterparts votes But you say you want to remember to properly adhere to the last game I am sorry I do not want the job in the United States You said you hit it to himself But you can serve it as soon as possible What moves a look at your call, though I do not know But I found your weakness I was the first cable You must dress as soon as possible How to get to the toilet He is really how to crack this highway was temporarily paralyzed yet It will not be casual Before you hit the road Too unscientific so easy to be able to look back For example, to do good to the king is handling the ball over the front of the body to fight Will give the other party can not go to school is not too big but not play so fast Father knows, the key to the car Recorded Dafa is ordered to summon with his father to learn it The real student needs to overcome not only they are not good backhand row is more important is how to cross This form is the front line have their own set of play registration Because imitate his father, I think this is not a good thing Dong captain really is eyesight He says a few words The key moment in the middle I used to say I attended a lecture like Amazing news Recording I will soon end the game 15 We also hope that you want to pursue Still early I will not let you how long Left to the last minute There is no room tonight In addition to not want to predict This is the end of a game This kid really thoughtful Both the players and the city Eat nothing for the eye Fortunately, the blood stopped should not blind it just right In fact, under the very same kind of good these days give way to take a break Sorry to keep you, but I injured players I will not say the second time in the game hoping to meet again in the national competition and I’m looking forward to you Yes, the church does not need to order Wishing Then it will be a I said that I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry sorry Sorry All beginnings are hard Everything has 1st The very up backing next time I can not say that again Although we lost the game But we still go Chengdu principal We’ve done it National competition long way to go We can only rely on yourself You say you played high school tennis Why desperately The eye is not on the arm Buddha The students do affect the eyes it’s nothing This skin trauma little blood Estimated twenty-three days can be cured Kid still hurt you it is good I do not know no big problem temporarily hurt But we must remember later responsible for their own safety Also the team leader Remember it Got it it is good Only where ah They listen to pop at Six Hello fun evening celebration party I will not go You can not stay ah No less than must go ah Huang time can be delicious Night I asked my dad to your boss wife soup This can be good for her. you guys How are you today ah Then I take over everyone pictured it together Saw head 3 what Your next record but we win the biggest player today University Kellogg still do not have a long Baiyang water 99 students I am very pleased and comfortable Green team won for the soldiers and we are all works There Mimi Oh mock up Today you go there is someone ah I do not have what We point out it does not say This gives you today we have someone may have glanced at the strong less two it How much money you Well, all kidding Today, we are very well behaved let us Continue to go all out Fight for final victory Story Unlike Not what you want to eat Tonight Bart places for us to do after party What to eat casually point Eat only effort to play Well there are a lot of it He put his right You first eat All right everyone It will jump Cartoon Ha ha ha I will speak to Thank you Long bench to sit one day Shanghai did not eat I saw the adjustment and prevent the girl talk, quite happy today Before you know it seriously This is our team’s big news ah Cao Cao Why get stuck His sister is a water bottle My junior high school students Junior high school I always say the full price to eat burgers The results slowly to the conversational You let me eat This is not how ah ah call Tasty Do not It seems I feel it will be successfully developed Taylor You wait for me I broke down again Tell your new process recipe 20 free him Well, I go back to bed earlier tomorrow There are training day Bye Bye as follows QQ me if I would come and take a walk with me a few steps to go Flying restart Go on the road do not go together How about a little wisdom not to tell you ah Nothing serious look at this thing a good idea to rest Excellent small Let’s go give you gone And not let you say you do not control You quickly wash sleep 10000 Race is not a relative ah Will not let you put you mind let me Yeah you do not Xianlei You are not okay yet Leave him to sleep Unified machine faster than it Here’s a small gift to send girls Later allowed to puppy love ah I do not have This is how you are going You got me good How we can focus on something else other You want to say Shaa We yo You see I know The same day your dad take you to Yuqing that is prescient of the door bell I made you what vegetables Eat hot Today all wrong reading comprehension than five students Go back Re-work the problem in action Who are these people Over the past ten inquire about our team right message You doing here You are my taste For ah how to think of it You are the cheerleaders Those who got mine is yours Mark down Quickly came out to say to the court video You are walking under way Not ah I do not want him Well fell craftsmanship not good Sorry we are now in training Thank you, really sorry Really sorry we do not end this practice Invitational These cameras are good at math you say good hate other so tight We have no way to properly concentrate fully You say how many spies Magnificent little closer can it Shoot more clearly you are not talking to us a few nice gesture to let them take your fill This is not a good time to have to concentrate fully ah Sounds like today to a total average of 49 days last year and the year before An increase of 1.75 points These people may come off but to make the When with the real thing Recording I sent you yesterday outdoor You also can get up in the morning like it was gone May someday he’ll be back yourself If the bus has come to you ah I miss you so much require that both wheels rice Individuals do Feel to the following idol go to bed This is no time to check how you go ah You need to get right with poker teacher Outside it often mousetrap makeup This silly as you eat to see that people do not understand what I said Is not blindly do the junior high school female students We say that you have is to give me money to go deleted Who are the students The IPhone You’re the last person you video This is the downstairs that went to the hospital the doctor how to say Is there any problem The school will be able to see the situation If it is not visible, then It does not matter to me You like I can see the growth of the Invisible Invisible say Released from the police report I have to find that out you I will not let you hold on Look we do not see enough of nothing No meat into small In the game I’m not a breach positive for deliberately I love taking a bath Where are you now I find it I came to the door ah You and I now come looking for you Who Hey Steamed You familiar with the character you Who allows you to call him happy Two first getting to know it Shimizu will ask you how you want me One with a temper Who You are our school clothes the wayside Do you think I do not know Yuqing When you play the game and have not seen Your T or I do not fall by the wayside It was an accident Not satisfied, then we will come to a good on now I tell you since junior high school I went to give you a play You are the first time it came to this I can not play tennis before temper This color is probably the next Why do not we take a look at two people in other colors I warn you Do not let go of the very serious consequences You really do not feel unreasonable This mouse obviously I look at the Left has always been my lucky color My favorite drink is a drink grape juice The most commonly seen idol lavender My favorite singer is moving can not afford Do not talk nonsense Bear come here quickly You fucking come First it today exports You say that you do not say why the This level of people you are dog Scenery dare you to high school is the heart of it My name is Xu Ziyi wind Rival schools feel the impact of the game is what kind of school What function enough to participate in the competition He did not say these words to pay it I just tell the truth to speak to you there is no death I said it considered how the By mouth say it, I say you need to do is rely on the strength of your mouth and say it out So you want me to fight a what broken

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