Hello Hello This is a group invention tennis team official team entry form Yuqing middle school Hello there Technician told me to come over here The bulk of the captain of Starchaser All kind of embarrassed look Nor is it funny hello Hello there Is not it he actually is the theme I saw Yuqing His strength is not weak, if it is a single if double Also ah You say why the captain does not play ah Is not retain strength for the next season it This is the final production of table This really do not travel In fact, all fairly normal This is beyond my budget data I heard they still put forward their own coach before the registration Also it took a long time Zaozhidaojiu that allow them to practice well and then forget to cram this thing right Only to see his luck Rules of the game to win the following games download The game thing sentence Your hand has not fully recovered well So this time I did not report this to your list as I know Play on the main route minibuses that instance it is quite good though But hit single Very interesting Also good that we thought after more and more brain time You should be able to receive a hatred of her hair Say what would have stuttered What are you looking for You see me all right This is my right We had a dream Really worried Pictures How they really want to do doubles This thing to send him out in order to preserve the strength of 14 positive he did not played Yuqing You imprudent Since this is the case We will simply not question number seed It home This game you have people you know Adjust with the team tonight do you know His hands are in the students what gone Refuel They still did not expect to be loud Prior to lose so badly This little game I have never seen a tree where it marked That game should also mean Both teams shake hands Do you have a new way kcy I think it is very fortunate indeed you worry more severe what a pity But long field or a way to call because of this This you can only give you finally hit the target just started In the quarrel You think To send more than a few days of practice time you can easily doubles doubles is not so easy Really we are learning so fast a little genius What are they How and blue letters In the aquarium with gold partner You say he do Gold is what Within a few days they say what the Mystify Do not say ah you are the can not eat Zero 15 meters He said his things You can not not kid did a good job last time Receive this shining star of the line I was on general strongest brain Music off long time no see I thought This is what I have just said, Amazing ah did not think you could get within such a short time so that they have a tacit understanding This week the team to see that they have no effect Shrieking may be issued with when they play Go qualification They like to reveal complex Hit the ball to the back of the avant-garde It seems the other side also found They were left in place other than the Center Court With the degree zero Two days to know the church ah Sure enough, they exposed a few days break time They learned how to deal with this embarrassment to the middle really After the fight was really like It’s ok Anyway, just play it is Really I want to say is not necessarily What is victory in doubles Some people say that the cooperation is the key The key thing in the world we two have a tacit understanding that This is the first play goal of the game field we want to study come on! Come on They began to change mature It is obvious that the unique double bonds Cao Shengquan or not You also really hard 50% cut of the physical flow field team of the energy drink add Taste good is to give your Thank you After materials are carefully selected and debugging Absolute Nutrition Kinda shy chant Pretty good Thank you Not aboriginal Thank you just cheer for our team Xi Jinping from high school XU Zi-ping your brother I will disclose to you any messages The difference between singles and doubles are really so big it The most basic accommodation trip India area indicates a general defense of these points will be broken down once again, Chengdu fashion show If two people defensive range is too big will happen different At the same time it is easy to catch a ball field exposure control is also important for the final score Just that the ball should not I’ll pick it You need to know That is high on the other side, please call back I suggest you Your first few less is better You say these words mean ah The real cost me Woman Eat A good backup How do we play This level He begged me to let you play doubles Why bad teacher My mind is clear However, the reflectivity can not keep up You can actually put each ball destroyed How about you I did not say To find a novel and pretty soon you have a word in the field but what does that mean from you What Apple does not tell you who was so little time in the price You two just do not play tennis To say a combination of comic Certainly What can be said that no less than We must not lose momentum come on! Come on You focal point of the military, OK You also Da Buda Jordan Photograph Sorry All right Why do you guys Tamil Q It seems that we do not need to sell Shangna Zhao understanding of what opponents Faster One will come ah Like how I miss Seems to be This will solve the problem once the ball is all I am here I am here to be responsible for the appointment you do not jump You begged me to microblogging They went so far as to double the stadium is divided into two large they doing Pass the court divided into two halves it seems the game Really interesting is this okay It is something the Yixian love this skirt Maybe a adults The stadium can not you hear It can be heard throughout the park go Japanese high school won the original City Board This performance proved in communication I would not want to win a pro-unity this is This is when you Kui Seems to be Chinese Forced Bureau This Saturday Celebrate the goal is no longer to say I would certainly not hit here The song put it Fragrant Hello there Pickup Church had pretty much Comrade Or they put the court divided in half with a way to play singles Way to play doubles this kind of thing, only they do so out of it if they could meet down I do not intend to continue to call him the football pitch players hyperhidrosis On the other side of things and leave to concentrate on dealing with opponents The current situation is indeed more so they play to their strength of it Do not try to get a point in my place TV appear in court line It is Export tea ball Chinese medicine single way to deal with the twin towers It is not competition is over Yuqing sent Obviously missed the only place in the center of fat or doubles Sure enough, a man should play doubles you play too professional Early told you I’m not a genius learn quickly if you later Please feel free to thank the tennis court If you want mad at me This doubles as how you see people I coach in English We did not win the game stays On the line But also really Why we have won the game law To practice It should not be made here Look at how well the Later grow up me too Now begins a doubles match After much easier Saturday nil minutes just to block it Really worthy of a clear yellow line to beat him just that combination may not represent the level of our youth and Shuangda now just We also lost the doubles which Little Poplar and Zheng This did not win a Hello intentional thank you The last played it Oh, this Racket words to seniors He is very aggressive Arrived End of the game the score rushed off than with a relaxed Removing effects 2 Christmas play and close by 3 levels The two sides shake hands Why have the smile ah no predilection But I also feel very good There are not so tangled Want They go three yuan a heavy look ah The coach gave them a penalty contest No wonder how happy you But efficiency should be the aunts and uncles of it I went to see You still do not go He’ll let the two of them own it I’m going to hold on Paintings A lot of popular ah Big Brother How broad daylight meteor correct it correct You say our next team is the only child of which I have Past forty other side with very real in Anyway, no matter what we encounter in Travel are given To buy two This open this The group is recorded Of course, you can drink I look at it Not greet you say you want to see Today’s game You’ve read it I think, ah really quite powerful, but it but I think you better not say it is better to play Not to say the game did not end on the other side Let a small army where are you It should be forty high school Last year’s first two qualifiers but not yet Oh Scout team which Yufeng school Your junior high school students With the wind Is that early pushed at school So the card should be the 40 secondary schools Read the next game will not be so easy as it is today the in order to Not happy with how I feel When the temperature having a hard time of it You told me double what today ah They lose a I did not say You must then play away mad I No mouse Baby talk is no big deal after more practice to learn a line that can not be Active learning to play things correct Yufeng last year because of this speculation President unwilling to accept our interview in private messages get I thought it was only their strength failing to retire This is what our society news Later, because of the impact so that there is no bad reports focus on their opponents this year is 40 I remember last year’s runner-up areas qualifying Donating books to Lam Fung This is your high school tennis league is A group of high school students play tennis what good reports Do you secretly told me about them last year, is not it Last year, players and coaches have a great contradiction with the wind led to the dissolution of the tennis team and projected to win Zi assessment is now a tennis team captain contradictory thank you Hurricanes re-learn something like this tennis team Yufeng school upset win over 40 This is the information I possess, in China Then look at the prevention Which different schools participating last year I think of it They may temper the coach worse Last lounges They do not hear the sound of music coach of curse But the current team this pre-wind Is a recently established So not many data Now in addition to the captain Xu Ziting other players are high, then coach of Anglesey faces At the captain took over as coach XU Zi-ping said that he could be the team’s heart and soul I think this is the reason for losing 40 sounds like a tough battle Before we announce the list of game I hope you do not cheer cleanup Yesterday, the video game is the lesson anyway and whispered after a lot of weight Here I will announce the list of second doubles match the quality and the new road Hope to enhance the tree’s main boulevard doubles gold let me down 3 Single defeated Yang Single second single video This time finally has it right on tusk rest assured They even close I gave up and understand these bees do not understand the name of pawns So how Tommy telephone stars A little small talk Get rid of all two flights of fancy That is, I do not have video My high school run You come to this technology we are okay Not not raise bees and captain XU Zi-ping Hello there We will take more than the game Jesus said of guy After no longer the previous record Baidu resources to increase the volume a while The presence brought the matter to go You seem really quite interesting hour By the way, I think before the game Money can open it with all The usual training Chinese medicine play a role Sexy Today we go out to play Search everywhere 3rd generation Here is the third high school singles Zhang Bai Qing Yang ready How the Aries ah I remember It is a fake No less ready to listen correct Shenyang You do not substitute it Jacky Wu Are you ready to test What unexpected situation you off as a substitute You are not yet entirely right foot right Although it would only make do exam You take a rest All right We are ready to approach it Thirsty Ready to do I like you oh Refuel You really can not mention you recieved it Today is our cheerleader that must not be officially unveiled high school cheerleader with the wind No one seems to have them out of the race last year I asked my with the wind Students said they do not seem of great importance to tennis team in school But this seems to us Never even played The tone of the same will to win this game and we all have luck elsewhere it we would not it is good next time You rely on the game right Here is booming and the government will play a wet iron Nanyan There is no pressure on Quickly understand the game quite prepared me at night you go Refuel On the strength strike strong topspin strike Be careful not possible to defeat 40 Why are out But it is out of the second sound he thought he was going to play but also with whom it does not matter 15 Anyway, I need to have their morale high Yes What they do not see the game the way His self-confidence is probably right Not do it You’re the captain of Yufeng 徐子婷 it you are I am a tennis magazine’s reporters I kill I would like to know Yufeng hit last year, it was said how it was Formerly known as such a big change in how these have been in the north go why mobile phones with the wind ah Know a lot of Ask your bed a lot we all have different opinions, I want to hear what the parties say

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