Traveling by car I wanted those born in the blood stream Champion worked unstoppable backpack Man’s hand or what the book to solve the people’s initiative to withdraw from the competition of the three here okay ah To do this, right here, only doubles Anyway, do not fit what degree is too long So the landlord out our next opponent To field I figured out Chen seniors Hey Joe into What’s sexy to you I bought you a little earlier You have just seen need Morning just should be a good fight Chen seniors I want to give up the city 3rd Avenue Why is the idea We should fight thugs That one Would you like something to drink ah The bar is good You can also use this You TPRe basic social time, please think about how you told born Do not you long to see me Why do not you say hello to me I would like to observe the observation ah Expansion and operating efficiency is expected to square the game you just want to see which of two more schools Then you have to observe it, of course we are stronger I do not necessarily 21 video first frost hit when our real strength will play out That is your school just a year it may not be the main he is the one Scary ah I’ll go first ah Do not you believe it it is good How so late students The most important thing is understanding the grand After all it is the technology You still look at it this A classmates in The place is not your interview Get out anyone there I did not come At this change it A good car is also equipped with a set of clothes Today you know the volume of bad How are you I have not walked So you can put me out of this change work permit Now that I have work to do now engaged in house prices sister Any connection with my friends This is my way home Then you go home soon affect China Physical Education Not for a long time Shenyang Do you know which way you know who lives in the summer of 118 Buddha Road You just do not tell me that You did not ask me to die Well okay You helped her sister to see a busy part of the day The future is to get off the road to take pictures of the machine Wow Dharma Master Hello there A room or two rooms I ask you do not like Mr. Qian I just Zhenning way forward You are my I am your fan All the way to go forward I told you just said you do not want the money Do you like 华晨宇 it What do you like to sing My girlfriends He happens to be their company staff I would just have his autographed photos Good picture of what Of course, what time is my forward Sometimes you are not I would like to know the real reason you about the eventual decommissioning of I have tickets for his concert joke First, you have people recording how superficial it Do puppies I really took to interview your sincerity I know that you are the legendary tennis of the year I was very little understanding of what you are seeking is simply that year, recalled how You can also choose to retire last why your relationship with the land, including home I want to have too many of these on the route tennis You can play tennis I’ll ah If I win you You accept my interview But you have to let me I say good Three hours If you have a puppy then What you ask me how much kill you took this brand You are not happy about it It also I forgot to go Well what do you think Keep it down that much hard to force the fight is not good do not really have no interest in it is not for He is very interested in it from an early age And he said that he was a child ah, you know them to the point where you really see children them General high school students only you too highly of them now For example, you say how long I really can not say you Why did you withdraw it You have to think about this fight boring Yao Zhenhua Waking up too Why son back to China What do you think the most important thing is But with The most important play It is focus and hard work He was happy to hear my parents will not let me just fine He said he did not want to beat you hit it the other way How do you see the line You do The more poor hit My most important word for a while you also take away Thank you promised to do is identify the situation His signature as you want and do not forget correct There Photo Do not worry that Can I ask you why things do Why do you want to do video Do you really think that an ordinary high school record can develop into a world-class students do World Wonders fact, as long as all the rest of the league played high school Yinchuan learn ah course Ten million does not require high school league Open the main thing will never see more than I I can not be too easy to communicate that you have any plans to do a greener future Where did you see me I was planning to have this little smelly I play a small stool on the line you play you refer to imitate it in Hello my name is Warner to play I said a lot of it I will come back later in the Be no problem Well, as long as the time you want the door You have to first send me Flower of no material I think the problem You will do that the virus it Come back to me like you Phone call China I would go like this You’ve worked hard pretty girl came back I feel at ease and more I looked at It states there are some new faces are good and wrong for the national competition this year We also took a lot of new people to the Northern and Joe Chengdu, which is relatively fast progress After the baptism of the game they already have training in addition to the main time Players grades are also different sizes It is important to have good results will then close Failed to coordinate technology can play As captain he does not want to strive to complete their training Also you need to ask someone to do something to help a person to say is Strict training students to have their own very original ideas behind the training program so I want Let him participate in the development plan do you think Yan Ming value I have seen a very valuable Then you two do you arrange training run strong backing Xiaoliang Sunney Xie I developed a new training program out of your home with me too No wonder you’re always staring at these two days I thought I saw everyone told reporters If you do not belong to the same plus the flexibility to learn at least Dayong belong to defensive back Questions election bracelet for technical sexuality means no matter how much we have confidence in their Qiulu Execution of the game is the most important and execution relies on physical fitness and respond to it This stage plus two feet together 1000 grams training load By weight will be able to experience such a point I ah Too little of it painting Do not say too full I’ve got different colors of tennis order Car Identification of different colors head 700 issued to seek for the East FIG identifier has not been met the same color Even if the number of below Please add up for everyone to look at now is is it nice Like how powerful it He said you good You know a lot yet hands on the ball speed and responsiveness nobody better home There are such schools to accompany you to concentrate fully you are not feeling very happy effect of species not go out immediately What it really is is a little feeling Wonder also have felt the 1000 are not available right now Can Alright alright Blue Bar Damn So do not let you play This obviously is red No matter what the color of the ball You just do not focus on him is not it But you just obviously had been regarded tasted it If during the match Shouted ball has left You can look for a job to do it Well, with the decline in physical Judgment Will fall This happens is that no one can be avoided The only way is to Improve their physical fitness To raise always be able to make their own judgment of the state of calm I’m wrong Improve physical fitness I do not know exam training and also Nutritional supplements With what He drank know Just forget to tell you about the This is what I prepared for surprises everyone My special vegetable juice Cheng Ming Ming Also healed Bitter Matter And so on nearly 40 kinds Things are nutritious for the body There is a short dizziness after drinking good But soon fitter But he delayed the state team spirit we supplement Like effect in the race to buy the spirit is a very important factor to know what color my This effect is shipped Medical News rain Do it in case Hericium nice little This is a great not bad Genius is genius more than 10 million When the real strength here I am now in the periphery of the field they now take you immediately look at their daily training Truth is not the subject of this Is it like this With their clear and true genius of it sitting there I see you with him as he is a true genius he was able to represent such strength 1000 wish you I explained to you What are you doing This is what I trained for a nutritional supplement for everyone As is explained Also try it it is good Like it not bad Damn I have great confidence in your work and support This, this, Yan He said that nutritional supplements can stage our team This one Good captain Then it is twice a week We light up once a week on Then once a week Tomorrow may not be enough to add ah once a week Good captain Go to the development of a concentrated type He was also captain this Yen worth it Yes It seems a little faster after we have a lot full of energy Then the next I will talk about all physical training situation when your shots News I need to improve how search forearm muscle strength training white Yang Dayong Note that before and after exercise and the cooperative system and whether and Alice Town 70% do not have all the power of words to balloon The accuracy will be improved Words recorded at To drink milk Can not drink more in a short time high long small downstairs I suggest you drink a little of it That is, how many girls are engaged in The question is raised Do not too tough Than relax a little This one What questions should not it Then to everyone’s progress I will be more Painting color For good students winning percentage is 90% if you do not go wrong, then there should not ask Screw you No wonder you did not come out for a long time Read ah Not bad not just forget forget I see you look like, though not in pitch darkness did not feel I would have read the book How about you have friends point No problem This will send a look Getting fool Too much for me What to eat Casual painting Not ah you draw that is not okay injections You want to make doubles Chen Qiaocheng I would like to ask my players are not full we can not stand too expensive central field can not be too close to the edge to write such a restricted range of motion will not be too See Qinshu is really really you More ecologically ball but next time we definitely will win I will not say that your two-card We are responsible for our gold partner in the end Gold partner The rope is doing Because they are doubles Gifted So we tied the rope to complete all training today Toilet and courage of the skills needed to be able to practice on a stupid look good Zheng Zhaoyu I did not have any impact on the is it How often do you go to play doubles Two years Why do you want to make doubles Do not start with the Green tennis team ah Also not doubles players later Many of his time with the group doubles He also refused to It has a 30 Your stomach is really too much to eat less than you are willing to completely Some indigenous button to play it with you what are you saying Your prayed too simple I, like the Petrochemical lower after Xiaolu not very fond of Otaki As you refuse it You that time is too rustic autumn wind without their own features 50 I do not understand how a relative will lose Then the rustic people Ten brave story 640 How is this possible ah really QQ old student that can only be considered I’m really beginning to get serious Well Later, I am still ah decided to set doubles way to close so that I can better understand Faster 700 Why is that so obviously late uncle looks cheap is not much common But he was so many times I say it to him Eat myself Before this promise you We always doubles it Really During this time I am sure you can find all the shortcomings with how long I can be your double compound eyes tree I did not expect a slap fight for two years and had formed gold partner feel Pretty good I think We should have momentum Doubles When can you abandon this idea lack You have not yet replaced Boulevard how that year Letter To Middle School You do not know last year I participated in the national competition for the formation it was reasonable to coach Italy Widow They forced the View All my high school which is not a result of it on the original Losing to the needs of middle school View of songs district roads will cut off So this year our gold partner Decided not divided I kinda look forward to when facing the heart of High School If this time we play a certain line In fact, quite good uncle milk own estimates less than the area as well as the old ball will come to the table to help help you Give you Not greedy How about you Doubles and singles still very different fight Because the other two people on our side if fit is not good, then it becomes a play two So in the game when we must remember that we are a whole Not two people Or are we to demonstrate it We just take this big open your culture doubles past this first step is to help each other stand up again you ask me Maybe the He does Bad idea White dew I just do what is this Moon know fried rice Very simple to do first of all ensure that evidence and then come out durian Heat it in the microwave which balled the first to put mashed fried rice Look is not apparent But whenever you eat it is not easily able to access the kind of process improvements Grandma grew up Some people do not want to say he is a young story Search doubles when it does not Doubles word flew out of the US Whenever the ball fly over time Who judge I tell you ah loose play in the center of town to speak because I was the song of some Sometimes the effect is okay backhand I really do not feel the same way is not so cool how it should be able to do I do not know have not played you say what you say How much memory record Tennis doubles fool can write on Watch the ball fly around the middle of the field It is difficult to understand In fact, the easiest way is to say who should come before the ball good pick How to say For example, think well what I have a special taste Pork dumplings zombies get up You see both of you in fact not quite No no This year ah Something personally appear in the vicinity of schools have no doubt that the big opportunity is nothing Children learn I see you’ve been looking for a whirlwind is seeking a school I could not find it in our school the venue Now there Yuqing I find it thank you You’re not very far Match it Today’s day of days really push the breath becomes the fate of the tortured several times Any further contact our playground chant Unlimited declaration Audiobook him Wedding spring return

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