Qualifying school list It has been decided can not be changed But moreover Here’s tennis team’s locker room You are here not convenient Fast back Feel embarrassed This question is not, it is two days before the Questions Everyone back together, right Today there are check everyone’s situation if the test well at night to stay okay answer this question but 1/3 bx one-third times the wind villa You know do not say he left Video has not come out ah Good schools I can strike you first determine Can can can This one You want to concentrate fully ah During the training course has now Must first pass the test when ah The rules are simple as long as you are seeking the overthrow of that concept within We can come to drink 10 bottles Yeah well that you want a good bargain with you they will be fined scared me Do not think too much I do not know if he He is also a teacher Certainly will not go to the stadium early ah The last one can be identified Wo-37 啊 Almost ah Afternoon What meals to be what it may algorithm according to the rules you have to B find a bottle of wine bottles We have the ability to defeat ah jar You are the last But here no stone If you hit a good powerful Koushou 100 words You give me 1,000 square meters kids let you down yet jar the last time to teach you to play tennis Have you learnt that Wow Earth how much China Schools have given us such a good tennis court not let you tune into this old He disappeared the day you sincerely want to practice a ball game so it really should not bully people I was given 21 new students to carry out high-class joke Wang Zhiwen a set of teachings do not be evil Ma Xiuwen gold rush now to the Dean’s Office Really Like a bar You’re a year to record what I said sure Following last look at you is not fun to play with gold let us learn about it good George do not laugh you really keep the water’s game, but with him it is the main way young people Convenient to facilitate it positive He can not record a play-off of some strong sense of right landlord to write this wool He put his fist to play Do not you want to look at it What is the bridge ah provinces You cheapskate Why night Let me hasten to serve your external rotation legendary Macau snacks I did not expect the intensity of rotation of the ball so to speak It seems only moments before the ball landed Playing golf job No less really handsome Understand English back ah Just like learning to six The ball hit the back of my players have mastered a good time Now only the size and power problems than how would say airport It seems to gradually adapt to the lower right of the tee will not be able to do through the evening program will seek He lob This boy is a better ball Or what calm The main players and high game can have such a result Video is really too much For the left hand to play I mean, you throw in the towel pack teach how he always had Not good at hand left handed Fortunately, qualifying him not assigned to a group This is Huang Jing and modify them to read Brat Not as simple as you want to group Got it school No difference bandage on your feet The doctor said no serious problem has been the Just need some time to recover But nothing He did very much So my feet They saw it He saw it long Today luck thoroughly Please close your mouth as well as three buildings right up and pay out checks 2000 personal check But now all the climbing walls What ah Food and beverage cans not get a view of it 10 times that kid knocked down That is How many hundreds of a But I beg to listen to the It is to get Hair is your meal card Yes I bought a small Long Island Mother All words To tell you about this is to mention that Xiao Lian In response to the call of the National Junior Tennis selection from this semester he returned to coach our team you open a year The team was pleased to see so many old players stayed there new players to join No matter how hard we expected goal has never changed he is to win nationwide Contest winner for you, study or is ranked No. 1 You get qualifying school eligibility in Part 1 learning and school qualifying integrated grid There are qualified to represent us with honor pro-read Such a situation will be posted on bulletin boards you can take a look Well prepared to continue to practice Before people could not have a good education museum What is this doing can not do From now on me to take up this responsibility It is in Sorry Download How the sales so fierce ah then later The coach left alone to talk to you It should be a lot of the film’s protagonist heat stroke are not all that practice it Next there any good way It is not higher than the No way I can not say He need only say that Taiwan would not watch There hair is too long What is this movie knee Want Did you hear Yes ah special bar we prepare to download quack how his piece I tell you ah A simple way to teach me to play tennis After you Da Buda too I’m not sure what time I want to play tennis with you to the UK You say Moga a hope Able to penetrate a good deal more than you seem to have just lost bookshelf tennis gourd Man mop This can not be late Soon made qualifying school is that we have a routine activity of each month That is, all junior and senior players are divided into four groups to compete grouping scores best two players That is a total of eight players TV next month the main players Only the main to be able to participate in inter-school competitions I come back to see the You seem to beat record The way it I have high hopes that a You get too excited The three can participate in qualifying record Let’s sophomore team Not so good deal He wanted something they said come on Our slogan is struggling teenage cheerleaders vigorous spirit Coach oh friend sent Airport how Pretty good So we want to shape it yesterday cheerleader sure He also Junichi now our tennis court I will stay good word of cheer You are to come on record We are cheering for tennis Yuqing The cheerleaders that you have a number of individuals We were both of you You see us The game score 606 relative grant and then On the left and the original doctrine like the longest game’s top players may be more difficult but high High School players should be quite easy I have not finished yet The video Contrast 0 win Stay Beginning know would like to participate in qualifying I was a little shocked But then you will not even know that these two are very close One would say good to eat Recording You said in case You really get the idea of ​​qualification There is a saying that I not You look at this is that we High 20 You blink of an eye ball of the Bai Yang You see the ball come out even the environment can not hit you do not listen to the nice Mars Go to the bathroom Editor in chief How I played high school league professional league how to become friends Junior Tennis National Tennis is the future of the young reporter more and more clouds Ok You can also play tennis ah that you have no money, I think you know where the office I know it’s two little girls to come this one I’ve just come over here pass it to me Go to dinner How to match record And almost predictable 54% of the players to end the game within 30 minutes among them 12% more players Shortly together to ensure That high a newborn Stronger than expected It is still missing He set it with you It seems that the boy should suffer Ministry of Construction Data tennis, not many people What also like As long as you do not put this notebook I have a psychological shadow but To go before the new There are big trouble poplar Do not mention me to find old Why not go back ah This is the fight that ball life Fold ball Video game very different Precious newborn wanted to be on treatment That was not accepted Do not underestimate me My sophomore What is that sound Amazing every ball hit in the same place After doing behind I bother you Occupied Soon the game Do not Come Go to court with you Eighth vertical end of the game balls commercially available excess 601 to be the hands and feet of a rusty Wow The next one if you care and if so you can be careful Yes you can This is the first time a little higher aspirations and indeed the main road I do not know how long the line can support Give you some color to see modify Increase of You may run into trouble on the way That somebody is very clear height disadvantage Moreover, the kind of reaction has not resorted 15 to 15 Google is a lob We will give each other a raised ball interesting Do not shame, but exactly the same flat chest Bo Yang said that luxury Angle so proud of returning the ball just opposite Yang said to be so long people can play Fuzhou, Fuzhou to fight back Such moves Fujian Province Bill, please Today the weather is really hot ah Bo Yang is not dominant ah Talking to You can find him Is 10 to 39 football What needs just need to put the other sheep using a small ball around the opponents back and forth non-stop run Consume a large amount of physical opponents like a snake that can rival newspaper to play a single menstrual slowly tortured opponents This is tennis tactics Aries Always putting the ball back to close to get the more physical I do not know boyang have not found today, the sun seems to prefer What is novel not on board Who told you to tears Or put a lot of sweat clothes off it His novels did not accelerate That’s not my reaction slows down and as such they have not born for the United States Every time the expansion reflects the upturn congestion batting ready to do so physical consumption 315 is usually down the road the next volume of Hebei Ocean pt given my own The number of survey group of six down the score 650 It refers to the guy the wrong way Trump Now two people have been very tired It is not One Backwards to see his opponent’s cards have been another but because his strategy did not work The uneasy feeling confused Two people are now state of mind The opposite is measured No longer delay I will not lose Golf cantilevered wall With substantial action Bottom-up Hit heavy spin lob 6 centrifugal force Produce the ball back to the blood Many of the world tennis player regarded as a weapon tutor You are asked the teacher to do Hello there I gave him It is Hello I saw was tennis telephone contact had with you before the reporter from teaching my little sand on the line Just call me from it puppy love I was curious about the coach this time concentrating on the national high school tennis competition correspondent reported Can you help me deal with some of the information it clear what data are the main players in the information ah For example, their body Xing happy family background should wear long pants, what is it about the fact that you might as well report Development Status of tennis sorry I did not understand it Mother want the story behind these and then find out what their experiences growing up it I would like to start his junior tennis star anise No way dislike Fold wine testing requirements Six down the Earth’s curvature and maintenance of an article sign of the Zodiac His What’s up with him Play gesture Not seen in what seemed to disappear from But I can not remember Call it All our players can not be leaked confidential information but A female reporter’s identity through their own ability to understand That not a bad idea thank you all That gesture seemed to play Way forward I did not expect it How can it be This play is difficult I had seen in a magazine Today you see a want to try to play Hands and feet not long enough Really it is quite large This kid It is not thought This tricky batting skills Society can not happen overnight This skill now Another point worth noting Quick is a game in the record and he is to have considerable strength student Like a dream right Every time he was like all right A little pity ah sun I will not give up the position of the Lord will not They are the landlords I have not said Just want you and six at the bar I will not say When the main players will be put on the main jersey I said he joined the outfit Unfortunately, your opponent is down to the high school senior scholar Yan I think you may be a bit choose it Do not be lazy Then you brush it Rhodes still play put Have you ever lost a fight I say every day And joking So strong it will be easy to become a great world-class athletes Train why I wanted a lesson person Who Tell me what you say ah in the end Who Video can win a hundred I did not think it Everyone tense ah If this atmosphere It can be maintained, then to the provincial competition not bad It seems like you have started a video I have yet to pinpoint its location it is And different types of players Playing a few games it As captain I have to understand my players Google Why are you ah Qi coach I can not find everywhere route and so So So I wanted to come here and see A look that is not Transfer care to play it I would like to congratulate not just what he and also You already know tomorrow why not learn without telling me Such is also the seniors I remember I said is a list of qualifying It has been tuned up I do not know A long record Today the team did not arrange for the training, but it will not be Even if there is no rival He will find a place His practice Thank you Google I go first Auntie Before picking Please give me 470 dollars a dish of water maintained at five points to 88% Movement 80 grams of carrots and grapes as well as black soil gas Bordeaux Please give me another 12.53 kg At least 88 hours of sunshine and bitter gourd Also to not really with you a I can not say anything else boy You find me I heard my aunt say you practice in this I disturb you so that you and other Zhang advantage Congratulations on your win today, Bo Yang Xue Long That seniors with Yim game you ready I heard him on the characteristics of each of you are aware of a very thorough Playing tennis is not to do the math Also By the way we set up cheerleaders Specifically for you refueling Thank you I can not hear any sound when playing This ah but I will try 1000 70 can not say Thank you, can I ask you a question can Why do you play tennis ah I have had a goal there is a subject Mark This figure in terms of points or confused sense It all seems perfect tomorrow without any problems

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