What do you say no so I understand Like you said also It makes sense for when to draw the courage to explore and discover This will be the smallest start How do you say I translated Ocean too, right With the case does not write do not care for it This one You put it I just said ask things so box found dead This can only make do with the first It appears that strong data After the formation of the inertia of thinking There will be clues found less than the surface you do not want to learn to pour Picking it up quickly and so Seniors what do you study 22 Sex yet say I think you see enough of you say you are Chengshayang eat more Plus will not lose Aries China Added Do you want to eat sushi ah Shengzhou hair bulb to House District 11 How had I remember Still go today In the old place shop Ah now is our family business is getting better and better so busy More than enough hands on the legs can be chosen this time to teach me all wrong I still would like to help shop or Reading a good play between fellow I’m sure the store has just sometimes I personally do not you just blow off steam Recording Only you more What about the rest Bo Yang Water is like a little school and adjust muscle strain eat but there are schools to accompany them to the hospital Perhaps he always said the state now has changed Here really home training program Or think it is not training or else no one to accompany you Not as good as for home training opponent You are finally back People gone what happened You are not ready yet cool I think training is more efficient home You come I accompany you You see the way the recent training of the door handle I do not understand what he was thinking I can not find the game Fortunately, the captain is back He will take a good training everyone The captain did not know you could hurt or else we two training I might be late enough Hello there Apple oranges I have some things to think about and discuss with you You know it convenient Is such that How you record How to eat a meal there Bird did not have to take so cool Read the news Lang Street food tastes so good He eat Is not a When you do not announce it Bluetooth There are things I want to tell you starting from tomorrow I officially quit the team why I do not want you back again and again the What I said before the two games is not a right 45 is what my family store was too busy to go with no time to talk to everyone Go with him to open a happy heart Our team will draw you a power-type player or You think I like this half-baked His team will only give you trouble so I Do not bother him What are you talking A few days ago we met who want to believe it then Say Not much to say I went to the library Small class we just gave him a good push together I’m not on the line so that I would not fall Acting captain Why say such things to the team captain and coach TOEFL I think we should allow people to be more powerful when this sub-theme You people are so what is the problem we stand together is not good Unless you say to me In fact, these things do say it all right Should it not be right to dare to look at is not clear Chu White candles and our poetry champion long push to school Think Tian Ge and former champion oh my phone If the captain is back in the captain’s words You will do this You say you now our school’s strength in the end there is no possibility finals ah I think there is no problem We are very active in training every day You will be able to enter the final of this state of I think we Thanks to me slightly I can a person have taken up a whole atmosphere But everyone’s efforts Of course you include XU Zi-ping Hello bother you, so will we just finished a spin Training elastic exercise a child out of the exercise I just do not do it in I was on the phone to tell you something Do not understand I know what you are thinking to me That’s good This can not be the moral thing to let them know Otherwise it would not achieve the effect I understand your worry We definitely have a fast way to solve Accurate This is our approach with the wind and have you as a captain it is lucky What we say two Where’s the girl I bought a You are not on the open shop has yet to go home for dinner I want to buy two of you enjoy a person eats it mean ah you did not want to eat for network Why did not eat without food I do not count ugly What a fight it count tomorrow does not seem to meet after the schisms before the lake joke tomorrow afternoon there came over the If you want to eat and then you call it beautiful answer Got it The old rules After the call will recompense Back to you son Fly to right, and I do not consider you back Now what is it I can give it to you Why is China so as to return to your own decision this decision He agreed You can also participate in the competition dad he said it had agreed to let yourself write Wind your team only a lack of strength to no longer consider the type If he does not choose to give up tennis in the future, then I believe he will become a first-class pro Exit reach a multiple of fact, I would not be very happy now Still in high school, there were already two very favorite thing is a double-oh Another point is that tennis This is what I recently discovered my ability like I do not belong to these two things when He lives in center In it you how you do not play today Today, we have a game that you do not know my family have something Today’s training mission and other non turned the re-release Sort out the first pitch it I want to leave my job not done Pick up the ball when it should be the side that you do not speak one way or another it is mild Animal what you will not die Bitter and Leia Dahua how do physical training You usually are not very intense training you how How to do a free today like to wear a debut to eat trachea do you guessed it We are to win no matter you fall by the wayside Wide where at any moment you can not win us Well let’s take a risk do you want to bet How we want you to lose all of the You do not arrogant Come on are you a Long brother always told me to send you a I would not say it does not matter anyway Everyone is here Today’s training content is He Yufeng play a friendly match I will not drink orange level to discuss the captain Bracket It first began to warm it 5.5 How many sets and organize played eat Shiquan reply received This is my list of war and four sheep captain of discussion After five minutes Open market at the same party Month Six of the little Xiao Navigate your ball Guannameduo Diamond How to arrange tomorrow Freedom Road General lighting orders to the respective venues get ready I’m sorry I did not have to change a little big or only with me I never thought exchange partner It was not so much worse than me Well I have run faster than me There are more than my efforts There are people and others compare But at least our own To be better than in the past Thank you better premise Trust each other is that OK Cathay It seems that we can pack the last of revenge I think too much of it At least you deal with Still more than enough The two men have data I heard of a look Andrews made my sculptures I will fight If you do not want to deal with the Think back to your own Today, the mood did not come Say you’re lucky He was not to see me the way you defeat Huadu say See results I heard you pulled a muscle One would say that as an excuse not on the line Please prepare players Do you have the opportunity to play a game of I am looking forward too How many girls Yeah parameters How many seconds do gentian move Fortunately, however, you do not have to play today Otherwise it might hurt By the way you are you okay Black on top of soups help If you thought learning would be in trouble or else we’re doing test Twitter Just getting After the end of my report to you You have to motivate them to prepare interesting ah Please help me go Mercy We are You that you are okay Then continue And baseball cap I go The results hold it A set of a doubles St. Group B doubles a set Units set up a singles A group of singles Yu whole ethos Well prevention Gave me off Of course, that really we do not have a passport, since we He said no can do He did not lose that is to say not afford to lose our mop with the green yet Positive numbers we are going to deal with personally help you wash it Besides record can not play the game In addition it must be very unwilling Even if I win I can not go anywhere everyone 853 I send you out of here Very kind Handsome I think today we state that we are ready ah say tonight is think about it Today, more than Bear ah The play was exhausted but Since we accept this Like just said Will not you please back to you We will be back with the strength to win School training is that I will coach together and communicate see you then While everyone expected the state will be poor He did not expect to lose Chengdu Everyone few numbers The left hand This is not all of a number of recent matches Lost is not terrible Terrible is not to learn from The coach and I are not in for a lot of things happened, but I I hope you can remember because of what had to keep training race day Yesterday clear light should be the main Rumors definitely not lead us to enter the national contest is my dream But this is definitely not my own one thing I do not want to force anyone of you You have the right to their own choice but if you made a choice I wish you could take back responsibility for their own choices to match just gets lighter I believe you should know your status, we are now the number of words If there is not enough awareness is better to give up now I give people the opportunity you want to continue to play a selection of the units acquired Green station Feelings and coach for everyone to arrange the peaks and valleys of-school training if you do not Do not want to fight the people can now give up I’m done ShoFutoshi God helps us to come back That is not to say ah opportunity for those who are conscious of people He did not need to say How do Mop I’ve been off them twice This is the third procedure without issue This man would be too long to be afraid of tomorrow is the day the average health If we have the store as they are now, then how clean would not have been a force ah Oh Behind that sentence is certainly Ava My heart busy Prevention born black-footed double of the cast of the wind And his disciples really rich Lost is not terrible terrible is not to learn from Australia Plastic Said forward formation I am a man there any way ah

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