Youth is the most first Tennis fell in love tend to make people’s blood boiling With the country On behalf of the motherland for the generation of 70 Teenager who is creating more opportunities for greater songs Boarding school just now The brilliant future of Chinese tennis fell on the shoulders of these young They also did not know to play topspin serve it I was afraid to send this request as perpendicular to the ground landing live hand shot Is your house I took the football on the right above is correct emissions 75 So just said the same small bedroom In fact, the way the East forehand grip beginner Two kinds of opening more to go Did not get off but How you start the game right away not to ah immediately it is good Increases I came He said a coming Persimmon tree I go to the park how But also to participate in it To see most How to go left This road has been You can see Google it has started You should not go 67 He speaks Come join you that Of how five minutes Tournament Really I pointed out the way You also blame You drink I can not make up Anyhow, let you apologize agreed I will give you If they were not delay me watching the game Let’s go You lose it say something I play tennis permit children to wait ten years of Yes sorry When there is a match ah play Law Time, then I can teach This is your own cattle child will not let you Yong Chi Diankui you Learn not Do not cry now be turned into a nose College Zip Code let’s start Game start Well how about it My bad How fast good elephant Now girl Handsome 10 change surroundings We are a green tennis ball on his case if lost is not to say Seniors How to use Google thought In really think people do not worry Google know him Also wonder How with Lu Mark down Wrong good father, like son she is the star So he is the son mentioned that continuous Six international young talent Prior has been living with his family in Small Than I would People most Well as follows Score Carrefour built probably because The very good inexpensive to 10 say for example you only do road out It favored It will be the Also spread Do not you long Sakura Record what you’re doing continue Because Nadal A little Not even close Meal is Traditional cuisine in Classic go Seen your son is it to him Looking forward kimono Saying that year not because of Open the first one sorted out grand slam should not be a difficult thing it this time you will not take him right Put him over Together to find Cheerleading recruit interested Then you can My bar of quality I came to my great captain I will not forget it Both do not need it or forget it we do not know Man now classmates The term we came back from a foreign transfer students The two of you write know him Introduce yourself Video call You can say Usually have hobbies like what it can eat Tennis Six down the speech is not love After more exchanges you okay You sit over there The case record had just returned school you may not be This way you bring to the school record familiar with the environment Then we start Hello, my name is Let me show you around It is called the dew is Sign up Tennis Team you are You can call me It is like playing Especially tennis team Look at me like I’ve been playing tennis for two years and I also specialize in a subject outside Abdominal training I was very Players Video Recording No less than classmates Hello there Your classmate with learning please Not to mention your sister think of it yet It’s ok Re-learn what we like Hello my name is Qiyang teacher let me show you around On campus We went there teaching laboratory I will take you to other places around town in fact, our school is still getting bigger In addition there are tennis courts tennis do not know either Home I have a lot Take you up did not expect Home and family one way Kinda play Thank you Or before you take home I want you to win honor Go home Wrong way Master is to see how to play Here’s a look at the book master 兹维列夫格 points There are many interest you I’m going this one Look good Really Because me the way That song Back bank-like Nor how the dialogue to achieve the desired high speed by a Is a That is called To who did it correct Look at you dry not me Ghosts are not Tell you you’re so high, then I see today Blood in People Section New students can join the tennis team here as soon as possible under the familiar environment of the stadium can be controlled if all want to play Enough What words See them Ah Come 18 Your pace or slow Where powerful Yeah communication Recurrent still the same strong ah none of you will say We have no choice Miss not much to do It is quite simple turn around what ah Who were you in a noisy stadium very good The court will order Two circling 20 Continue warm-up warm-up Tennis courts Technical Training You have a good count with Chinatown 6 Universities do The owner of the successful The school determines the main areas qualifying I am afraid Good group Yes 16 people coach Will be back Had left a year was quite strenuous Catch a cold How to come back I welcome 的 出国 进修 去 回来 但是 我们 球队 的 教练 真的 吗 了 我 你们 在 聊 上 的 排位 赛 的 情况 应该 都有 了 跟 你 过 的 那个 新人 你 见过 吗 的 意思 没什么 意思 不 就 刚 回来 对 你 的 你们 比较 件事 还是 队长 决定 了 好玩 了 起来 会 每天 灰白色 小孩 够 大 就是 看不上 拍 训练 比 如果 这 没有 这些 不在 你 没有 牌子 是 什么 办 一个 女人 用过 亚 人 都 准备 的 人 出 的 球拍 吗 讲话 又 欺负 叫 陆 下 的 辛苦 需要 我们 要 去读 一下 他 吗 那 都 不用 等 对呀 看到 一定 是 他 了 没 用 这 没 本事 还 自以为是 的 还真 多 炒饭 我们 可以 吗 好戏 看了 还真 我 就让 你 通 16 下 我 就说 怎么 打 总 这 不是 吗 你 刚才 那么 就 乖乖 陪 我 打到 最后 Tim 还不行 Chào 完全 控制不了 球 的 方向 这样 行 吗 手里 这样 的 不出 旋转 这样 的 球拍 根本 没有 办法 怎么 就能 不可能 1 的 转动 让 可以 啊 太慢 了 绝对 现在 下 啦啦队 吧 开什么玩笑 采用 什么 球拍 都是 一样 他 已经 开始 这个 球拍 身 就 到此 多 现在 回家 好 了 乖乖 的 觉 得怎么样 校对 规定 的 不能 姑息 全部 人 重要 吗 当然 刚刚 刚 咱们 下午 多 好 我们 现在 呢 就是 什么 样 的 用完 就 不见了 我们 与 青 听说 下载 国外 时候 网球 就 打得 很好 年 了解 他 吗 我 都是 我 姑姑 说 的 也不 知道 路线 能 不能 救 列 科 与 网球 史上 还真 没有 全 排位 赛亚 但是 怎么 样 了 吗 杨 婷 的 今年 的 还 有看头 怎样 怎样 我 觉得 xin chào 别吵 到 时候 来 打 这个 要 这个 礼物 I have been in the past three months, but this is not it just come back Is there anything I need help also seem to have heard of Taiwan soon interrupted So Also heard You can not participate in a sprinkle of that row To understand the point I do not think it is Provisions can not be too For example, there are some Although a newborn is high but they are still very powerful if they can not participate Will not pity Unfortunately, very Google I not say it before you’ve been hoping to have the strength of strong new players to join the team We will adjust the situation Not a ah You go rearing Then I His talk My birthday Yang seniors how can I do The students busy Hello students It is recorded Is this Can not participate in the same way to the next qualifying school students also looked at head how do you feel Qualifying has been unable to change

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