Later I want to play then it is best obediently listen to the doctors Finally, the left hand can not re-build what He can not play it is not even But I can not share with you this time too you know you do not regret it open High School League is the best value you can go way beyond most of the national athletes are From the high school league is not the culture down your opponent I do not want to leave the team You try to practice will not give you the right to determine a specific Training like you how to put together the right chain Pretty About what I left you please help me assure you confidentiality Damn Do not say I go for a walk ah The new regulations coach Training a day late this person to be responsible for cleaning the stadium Aha I seem to have heard But now that I’m training with the master on a So I take one step ahead ah This old stadium Hey are not ah What to eat okay against the current gold partner This is the principle Damn you help out ape title search You’re so kind I saw it long You extraordinary You say this is pure tennis the whole story out of you willing to come with me a Knowledge quiz contests and you If you have it for life I can be your words that you think we say blood worms If you play Yuqing since yesterday, except no one is willing or bar You do not ask how What do you say punishment I do not have a I can not say Not confident Please topic Will the world what kind of animal is not the most suitable for listening to a symphony Talk about puppy Because the dog has been in command of a small conductor newspaper when it will throw out so I take one step ahead I have this question for different CCB president in conductor configurations is Tutorial serious The best pleasure of the audience will not use the baton as conductor So mouth I would have been sitting there listening to Bye 7:30 am adhere to every day I’ll be delivered to your doorstep afraid have not sleep yet You’re back I leave you with a soup Each other’s friendship and the fun of it Computer break I’ll go ah Saturday it What what what ah Need For soup you said No What you did not say let play it works strange Liu Changle Right spree Which so easy ah Tell me honestly but Friends of the family Friends of family harmony on the day so you boyfriend Is the teammate’s father No father Dad does not care is not listening You take care of the people of my father Gray color space amount setting value Letter Damn This is to tell you to say good are not the same Do not say In order to achieve the goal of training At your peril I can not say that ah what Not because I’m honest and obedient Wife alright I would let you do against your hair completely melted temperament I am sorry Your specific training program I did not fully Is not busy recently some family This work group about the change of plans It’s ok I myself will be addressed The group training Northern That group operations task I Yim this group and have a standard Fixed but did not feel decimal complete original plan Since the captain and the coach are not in, but we want them at the same time do not be discouraged After the all-clear could suddenly talk to me when you’re not listening to me I am sorry what are you saying Do you think degeneration Otherwise it’s all for today Even if eat I’ll give you a joke you’d better do it You just did not say it I do not know what you mean Parking information to the physically I said I was not good But you also know that this is not one or two days will be able to excel I was very anxious You can not force me ah I apologize to you But you just should not be that way Why the toilet at night This time the coach did not let all the players in the team-mate to complete our progress on hold After the game we can complete before we even been very hard and took all four champions You go nuts you do not give me a little time to let you remember your promise you We would like to join in the playing field to the new dress Brothers lost time how fruit I told you the official website You very good good training I do not want to hear the command Astern gone Have not you go Between that I’m gonna go home right ticket Xiu Mei Mei region will meet all fatigue are not ah I want to eat correct We go together it is good Do not go to the bathroom to get up On the hill and furniture My mother had the name ready to drink beverage will be recorded there for a long time did not go to the Internet today, revenue management and control You go all right I never thought he may be able to for so long This place seems to be a tennis club Then we go in and so on it They did not expect this Tennis Center Quite large very professional Others too One will not find it like a Sorry I just did not see him often a person Otherwise we wait it out Oh What people do you guys go, this is not my bag down our Who are you that last year we played Yuqing is that it doubles Yuqing of the Tang If you want to sell, then right mind want to learn I remember next time make an appointment At that time the price queued No. 3-0 lost Yufeng Now look how so bad That’s because we are not on the main two doubles know You also fail to get new drugs to evaluate the strength of last year we lost to you and Green Gold partner together because we did not play together play not know if win or lose good Here the words are not to give you another chance to let you know that the gap between you and the application Well afraid to fight 10 hours is lost should the Nor is it can not Prime number You had the experience of Huang Xing Road Yes Today we know that what you experience is the real golden road we have a deal You would say do not cry do not contaminate our stadium lighter Two nil Our service area Has said all minds fertilizer to the city last service game number two How it seems like there are so many balloons Will very quarrel The industry soon The palace is too important I just do not want to give me what Idol Activities They enter the state now tuned up, then there may be overturned NBA first smallest school environment can not be so easily say much They began to fight back the Australian Securities After 13 hours August Feasts he already Look yet This is the gap between you and the belief it should be Speak coherent China The grapes are cold Subject matter of litigation very short The end of it I have night games Online gold Avenue assistant In this air-conditioned training doing it Wonderful captain be Bloody big Go to your game you do not know what level it is simply a waste of their Wronged Back 500 gross ticket I want you to remind me to play a phrase I just who spring Only she can do my opponents Rain ah More I have a thing here that you need to come over I go home this way how the finest birds What rain Teacher says If you want to play tennis at the tennis team, then We need to pay any consent Parents know What he did not tell I am usually so busy helping I just want to play tennis So you want me to help you sign I do not agree with you Now very Tennis Training What does it mean And I need this thing to tell my father because learning is more important to you So you are not going to help me out I can help you Private tuition you know you these words How long have you trained in the school can not get it When tennis can be practiced Besides Tennis for you now is not the most important thing right idiom Light rain Light rain You do not let you eat to help me Everything can not be too impatient All things in this world are not worth your heart that is due to it genius There is always the tennis score of primary and secondary grades are important to you I can take the time to catch up Then I said, for me very important consequences also important that you are important Then you just remark out of your own song It is refundable BiHiroshi Want to eat eat Today the ball to lose today Speaking not kept pace Doubles are not a people issue their strength is indeed better than us but today we Do not play a normal level I feel better than last year, the heart is not something a bit different No return ah right And a physical problem I can I will work hard so you do not have him ramble up Know that the problem is one thing trying to overcome the problem is another thing You travel scalp And gilded table does not have much to say thank you to stop You can not change Or fiction I’m next to you Off can not afford another picture A word with you I agree Shanshan came Cathay go It 8 You need to have him Five parties Eminem Xiaoqing Shaking it slowly Send medicine to me What is the name Tony sister-in-law He called the land under the Is the last adjustment also buy goose I do not speak of that kid what Xu Ning Though she cold He came this man is still very long I can tell He came home to quite a fight This above all foreign drug It should not be cheap These drugs We are dedicated to professional athletes supported by injuries The effect is particularly good Then you get to the people sent in the past two spoon Thank you, good people, right Ready now Tomatoes are good business now is the original as possible In busy time ah So both legs pressed enough But why this time I may be old problems Today I arrange a new training program Small can describe Zhang asked me to help me leave the I will give him the training program And seniors are also booming Sleep help This is going a few days off Before training due to poor results I made some adjustments in the plan Carrefour cause Translation Section Poplar River Bridge into a group Booming and a large pool set Other Single out at Friendship Road and so from Monday to Friday No less than on the table by more than fighting each decimal Train with Also played a supervisory role Then we grouped training In response later in the game to add a power-type player So I suggest pick out the right people in all the main check To strengthen the training range I Than what you told me how Jin Well, you guys do not deal with from a school You want to see what the new term on the first day to the This is my place you do not want to see With this place here is to me to wonder why I heard what you I just want to fight Father daughter 小说我叫张伯阳 你叫什么名字 你给我记住了我叫乔城 侨城 我记住你了咱走着瞧吧 绝对比你就放弃了 8300 2338呵呵 你放弃吧你肯定 8308多9000个 我跑得快 他说不定水性强的祝福在哪啊 挺好的吧 什么破手啥跳不起来就 就别叫你那破车求不要老出现了不会对节点选择 好我也觉得你们两个是最合适的候选 这是教练安排的训练计划 除了强化大教的优势 同时 你是针对大家的弱项进行加强训练 希望在省级比赛之前提高球队的整体实力 这对大家来说 都非常的重要 队长和教练也会回来了 是 你干嘛了 好了 看不懂啊 要求力量型选手在这里程结束后的读后续的概念的旧的 形容学生只是家里有率先研究回来也许 表示说因为后面的比赛做准备一个力量型选手 力量型选手也应该是我 上次你们两个人 我没有打过那个华盛顿你还好意思啊至少没输 日 说说你们要做负重的话至少应该把今天地间对点做完把伤疤 我告诉你力量型选手一样根本系你去飞龙虾练球吧 调查你们就读的优势 而且还是我点一大堆你在应该更路上去训练 我们输出太多了 猜到你就找了 谢谢好的话 跟我去分组训练吧 我跟谁说 我 怎么了你想跟谁做啊 遵医嘱 当然是最好 我先给你说好 就算你跟大勇黄金大道差 我也不可能跟你打算打谁给你说和你打打火的 漂亮吗 你明天这么早 为什么不看好努力呢 你不能只想着大勇给你都底就偷了 你说话你到底是谁 当然是你的朋友所以我过来劝你如果你跟迟大勇真的差火了的话 你在这休息的时间都没有 不为什么努力啊可是努力有什么用啊就算体力变好了 我跑得没别人会被别人搞 看来这次出现老是出差了 我之前以为 我们制作也会服务 促进我跟吃大有没有一起上场 让我们一起就一定没有问题 说什么要把去年的仇 所以说如果你知道会输的话就干脆不打了对吗 我当然想打我还是那那你说我要怎么演啊 我记得你当年说过 你只是想 和大家一起开开心心的打网球而已 不是你说我已经不了有怎么开心 会赢的 只要有相应的心 快放弃吧 不好那你放心吧我给你说 谁没信不清楚 他们只负重训练暴增肌肉能受的了 小小折纸会打折旧 你之后的训练主要是练习高调球练习准度 不像你做糖尿血了 你这个白胖子这个小黑蛇 知道打字了我去了你和六下请联系 但是有点同情他了 去找 我们开始吧 怎么 我们现在吧 你最近怎么这么严肃啊 队长不在 都不好大厦操什么心呢 所有 每个人都努力球的球队长你不孕吗 要放弃了吗 我从来都不会放弃 坚持只是不想输 跟小影是两回事 今天就到这里吧 你今天不是要跟他们训练吗怎么还在这坐着有教乐学 讲的电话吗 有啊 怎么了 你可以把电话去给我拨打给他吗 这个照片 是什么时候的不好意思啊没有接 经过你的同意就用了你的照片呢这样吧 你帮我发个信息给他就说我找她我去训练了 也是长 你怎么知道主力对付 主力不需要每个月至少穿一次 你好珍惜夫深度回升到7%到9% 这谁放的 太不像话了 学着不要脸我*看一下 这是谁写的你都不知道 要到处啊 都不管谁写的 我们做规避风险 这可能是有人故意放在这有用的 这下面花了那么大个笑脸你看些时候说句号 等把这么个神秘的物体 精神放在我们球场的黄金分割线上一定是我们自己的队员所用 首先 应该排除录像为什么我觉得就是录像你看这个优势 一看就是小学生写的图像 枭雄 6下次 还不如 其他队员的话 求成的概率 有55.5% 巧乐迪拜旅游 49.5% 求生不可能 这个时间点 他早就去到时候去了你这么了解他吗 照你这么说 现在只剩下小的学生他每天送我给他留下的体能训练之后 应该已经属于寸步难行的状态 所以 一个另有其人 你管他是谁呢打开不就知道了 这是教练的呀 酒店 秋天还没回来过 又是去出现在这里 我有个大胆的推测 这会不会是 就令故意留给我们的一个测验 脆弱 你看 我们每个人 Group training But in fact, each have their own ideas such as Only the data you do not trust your instincts and I was accustomed to character So when faced with a rational analysis of such a mysterious item that says shameful things We have such a big difference you think What are you talking so I have not understood Like you said also makes sense to have when out of position Curiosity and exploration of this will deal with these weather forecasts You’re saying I translation The sun will Afraid As the box is not written Shameless it This is the way you put I just said that demand did not find the box when it can only make do this first with the It seems to say The most powerful data After the inertia of thinking before the formation of There will be false clues to find the desired surface you do not arrive Picking it up quickly and so Our school is in what you do research

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