What is your name Xu Ping said Tuesday I advise you to trumpet how close were not accountable Needs of key players And should be non-primary players are very different you mean before two games Not want the main players Is that so Is not the case, then they lose It is wonderful We want to re-formation of a ball Team in the national competition to represent the school play you one last chance but unless your mother Otherwise I have to cancel for tennis Lilin Feng led to Wonderful and bright It did not respond It seems the heart if the underestimate the enemy The total is not his last play Knowing before playing We will do He did not expect so much He said one is recorded lost his captain and large do not know what will happen Will not lose I am such a nail should not hurt your eyes play again So you can see the duel between the two captain I would not say that If it is orange level to play That is not to say the situation is not I interviewed him before his will to win is very strong and is strong I know this person This person should be the North before the fifth school to take strong school of ace players that you know Yufeng before that fight when you do not always say it before I did these two people together Joe Cheng said up until the last time two years ago turned orange apple from elsewhere I found the hang There is nothing to remark Ha ha At that time you should have in mind his sister who it End of the game the score 601 points wins Feel embarrassed You only need 15 minutes to defeat enough correct Pretty Back to coach As the official team ignored certain to six referee I did not expect this situation will Will appear Do not amount to the original author is also advisable not consumed at the same time from Reports next week past About school This time to thank my guidance and assistance how What does it mean This is the light it will be dropped from the team Who says you’re the first one to admit my people Not because of who I am Location I really thank you very much And I do not think there is any problem will be promoted to the purpose and so I think you’ll play with my students what their place After that do not let me down Each car must win Next game Come on fish Do not you say I will cheer If we have reached the national competition two words At that time we will be able to more than a I prefer keeping with the Do not go home at night dinner together Your mother did what you favorite Pork Python I called him to let him not say you do not eat anyway Well So how do students You do this for me And so on down the seniors He uttered ask me to dinner the You are gone Will Taobao In court today You want to boast a handsome 1:18 You shoot me with my ah Small South, then I time I have written down right in case Guan Yue does not believe to me clear sky smoke * Unlike today, like two Going all out to beat him He does not need to exert efforts officer truth but Like today to play the full game I feel pretty good right It is very good No matter what opponents met Even if the encounter can not beat genius Even knowing that he would lose You still want to go all serious opponents can treat yourself and so Unlike today Take seriously every game it If you are being bullied, then meeting Such reaction of scientists that last ball A little fast like very much You did this I just tried to get over our own combination to start every time out Football will come here many times to analyze this number still so then the Do not know how many times Singing it, I assure you that we do not come back later Next came We want to start a sprint quit But then there are all the games after the national contest winner No Hello there I do not know what you like ah Kodaka CN Not say how Pretty Just finished the last game can not wait to study the fate of the opponent’s Information Climate is back Otherwise, no one found Later, the captain so seriously hard One day earlier to prepare a little more able to grasp and so You ready to go on the next game Your hands in the end how it going you do not need to worry This die I will not force their own Road really does not work when it is already too late Each of our team members have unlimited potential But also it needs time to grow just do not know Successor to the pace of growth can not keep up your mind He really quite good fun This is called bouncing ball And this is our beginners Then it would be Emirates think we have something to tell him They went This ah It is one of their will Buy their own earth should we spend on something again Memorial home Then we change a Recording You see I made this What you spend so well that it will help me to my forest We have to go out Let alone hit Dad to see what clothes you do not wear your good intentions to buy new clothes What is your attitude Nothing I hung up The first to find a water valve By the time they buy a few and at home with the money now that do not pay Then you might as well buy in advance back to me I do not know Chinese words 95 people have As delegate to fish Okay, I know Do not wear uniforms to go out ah A bad figure And wear clothes look good Particularly bad temper Why did you GoPro iPad sports I did not delete the pictures in the camera It remains a windfall out laughing Not enough shame really do not say this Timing of the way to shoot this practice sports competitions Maybe you really did it after we ran out of concern that high school league Visibility but also typing ah Two brats Trade can not watch I want to think this level is broken now I go to the convenience store to buy your martyrs East ah Be careful that you Hurry back ah Later Shit skill I did not think you kinda warm Thank you In it you how this thing will be quite interesting to play The original can do this I told the story of the eight sub-high Today, in addition to feel they are good Unfortunately, if you put more feet on the palm center the ball going to be more explosive laugh Full picture Smelly break out of the climate is very complete Sometimes to the Feel embarrassed if no problem, no problem I turned myself to eat enough Just man It seems to be in 13 who cares Next time you give a new There are pre-gone I had him still You do not want to have to think of his family to play to play all right good laugh ah That’s just the video you want Yes He had just hit pay Alice I knew I would not buy You may still be very good at it Little better yet Coincidence Think of what path the usual style of dress is so good to see This is your life-saving clothes fit quite what to buy I wear what looks good Why do you want to hurt each other I am telling the truth You’re fine with your relationship It me who’s good relations 50 minutes of forced to come but You will come to the place for evidence Attorney coat I was forced to come When we fight to the last qualifying places We hope in the national contest Give you a game of Did not you say you want to call your brother I just always my goal They also began on the other to you after the I understand In addition to my brother I have more poor compared to stronger rivals So I will be stronger Seth met in the stadium when 我一定不会再输给你的 我也要 会不断变得更强 我说的是好人 我看你跟朋友聊天挺开心的呀怎么跟 我跟你爸就没话说呀 糖尿水皮最好吃 因为过了桥 这是浅草车站呢 周边环境的 你不是一直想看这个戏码再不看出过去请了 没事 我知道谁是凶手了 你在学校看过了朋友告诉我的他在国外的时候就看过了 所以你刚刚一直在跟你那个国外的朋友发信息是吧 周豪 国外的朋友 你打开这个链接里面全是网球视频 好的我马上就看 你继续看电视吧 不参加双打不下 电池 但是没事 明天早上起床好 他睡觉 晚睡不着课 你到底要带我去呢 你饿了吧 我突然想你真是我有朋友的侄女儿的打算学网球 不如说我过我觉得你特别适合小孩 由去年去也行你倒是这样面之后能减轻你的服务员 要求别人做的包子 有的效应你就当是报答老爸的10人行 从小到大 不下来了 坐下 你说来了 你们就是我爸说的 朋友的侄女 我姑姑说你爸爸觉得我打球很有热情 所以想知道知道啊我们就知道你肯定会来的 叔叔呢 回去了 还全吗 你们的力气太大了 你需要可以再低一点 应该把注意力全放在球上要达到球才可以 让我再试试录下你看下我做对不对啊 你可以把拍摄见谅我的一点 中国哪个更好呢 我也不能让一下失望 我觉得 我爸爸妈妈你们继续练吧 喂你在干什么呢不好意思刚刚我的球丢进去了 那你自己去拿吧谢谢 不好意思说话了 拜托你能不能快一点不要当我们练习 我很快就找到了我们下个月要比赛如果耽误了我们的训练 你拿什么赔呀 奇怪有录下头像的球应该很好找的什么找不到了呢 你请我们喝饮料 我们帮你小跑 好像好多打扰你们好吗 这么少球不麻烦呢 还没有 我跟你说话你没听见吗大道别人连不用道歉的枕头吗 刚才不是说好一起帮忙找吗你什么态度你知道你来的谁的 凭什么要帮你进去就是这个人来了相应的型号上面露露笑头像 你哪天就看见了我两只眼睛都看见了不下 都这样我们用比赛的方式 来解决如果说了我请你们所有人喝饮料如果营业去 你们就送我10个穷是没有你说什么 你想跟30个人比较好 说我们欺负你如果你赢了这地上的球 一拳大师 谁下载 下一个人能不能快点上床 我害怕12个人要对付 那个人是谁呀 好像是玉清的录像 不要去除了 我最讨厌别人命令我 本来想要我 教训英才那帮人可能已经被 香港 是啊 听说英才这次派出的单打选手实力都不容小觑 让大家加强训练 不要松懈 我想起来了 他也说 今天会去英才真查一下去年情况 应该会获得不少有用的谢谢 就打眼的情况 就踏实了 你想当精彩的对乐队 觉得这么辛苦 一颗颗都这么品牌这是了不起 我们要加强对西才行 那么多球啊 吃了你好 我叫彭香 56下的同班同学你好你好 怎样那个今天训练顺利吧 说啥呀你录下来就去了修小一个男同学呢 抢不到 吃了你查什么呢 周末交了与我看艺术展 不太懂 去哪啊我教你啊我没上过学习社会实践学 这就是艺术献上我对于艺术鉴赏那可真的是如假包换包学包会 那拜托你了 当代艺术鉴赏其实说白了就是换一种方式表达 比如说 你现在做这个意思你能想到什么 休息的地方对呀没错但是作为艺术品来讲它就可以被翻译成为是 人们自然盛放自己身体的静态载体 有两下子 那这个呢 这俩 你分析一下这个吧 你看这副眼镜 这场打网球的艺术鉴赏咱表从最基本的开始 那你先看看我旧版本书谢谢应该是我谢谢 是你找到的吗谢谢 不是说话说话的人什么时候做 小巴 说得病也经之一 上次训练的对话 我就一直在找他 我已经对发不了 98找到的人 鬼订中心 哈哈 原来是你的演讲 小说不用客气 回到最小的程度 明天开始 早中晚 我都为你特别制作一杯 定期延迟 直到毕业 同学们 放学回家把今天的内容再复习一遍明天作业下课 Love 喂 早上好 你怎么啦别哭啊要不我们今天晚上在见面吧 以前不是因为这样的事情发生吗 你别怕有瓦当发现 那么大的一个秘密你难道就不想知道吗你就没有一点球对方 想你的时候 会有一个天大的秘密要跟公布但是没有保证 不那个第3个人说他吗 你放心我就是鱼嘴边出名了 不会是什么见不得人的东西吧 还真就是一个见不得人的东西 怎么样 西红柿场 我先去训练了 还没看完的你怎么走啊 你跟女人谁呀 眼光不错行不行 对不起我知道了 没关系没关系还没有小姐好了 知道就好像一幅你吧 我觉得好吧 怎么没什么你换你了 没事没事 你是不是有什么想必你放弃口说呢 可是学长啊 寒冽的说一下 太不仗义了吧对啊不够意思啊 卡拉 我怎么可能谈恋爱 手机好你想好想怎么用 怎么逼问你 想好 必问 火鸟 你说 兴隆 大主宰 我说他晚上约了个人 是你懂不懂说告诉你了吧 等会请你自己现在也在 喝酒 收下 你跟他会去喽啰 走了 你为什么不把他拦住啊 不然我们今天就可以知道他晚上跟谁约会了 你对我们晚上一起晨练球 原来录像 克拉 360什么时候了 发 早上学的额头也送到了 我看了很不错 像你说的 脚掌有老茧 毛发也很顺 生意好雄厚 一看就是发扬了好小子 越来越懂了以后啊这块招牌可就指望你了 前几天啊小时候叫你查询到的那个教练来家里吃饭还问题你答问题 小时候什么都想学学但是自从学了网球之后我才知道 自己喜欢的是什么要好啊什么都可以试试才知道自己想要干什么 有没有打比赛了吧赶紧练球下我 喂 你还在球场吗 你什么时候过来 我今天突然有点事忙不开 不好意思 Facebook去英才叫他离开以后 都标志着该市场的时候说什么打字了吧你们还叫什么 贵阳的网球队他就靠你了 试论怎么怎么一下都跟大家说话 你要是不舒服就跟我说一声 劝不要勉强自己 我没事 好的吧 D86全 继续 昨天晚上我们要去球场找你 和你白头啊 不好意思 那你以后还有时间陪我练球吗 只要我帮我爸爸店里的事情忙完 然后牛不见得晚 I am always here You are not any poor hit ah you drink a week Moment came bottom of the table this is your situation I would not play it you have a group of If you pursue your students if we do not reach at best considered a comment you think I’ve come to give you to increase I’m going to train even outside Feng also learned that you please drink ah To give you convinced This time I took the strength to let you see This is not the way you man named What six purchase orders call The students recorded I do not care whom you can not let our tennis court littering We just Just just finished cleaning Also fail to get you riding me Listening to you play this silly game you Who is that

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