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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Pokemon Move That Will END The World! | The SCIENCE… of Pokemon”

  1. Finally going back and watching videos I missed and damn it if I didn't need Austin turning into Metal Retsuko sooner. It's perfect!

  2. Wait! what about if you scan the QR code for Pokèmon Sun or Pokèmon Moon that gives you ash's Pikachu. Then, you talk to a Pikachu that gives you a Pikashunium Z, and then you can use a 10,000,000 strike thunderbolt!

  3. Magnitude and continental crush: Either one of us is gonna win
    Black hole: Imma bout to end this mans whole career

  4. Austin: Raging with music in the background

    Me: I know this is supposed to be frightening or whatever, but I love his music choice~ Starts headbanging

  5. Military member here. Liked the terrifying breakdown of blast pressure. Unfortunately, the DoD has been REQUIRED to get good at understanding it in order to protect service members.

    Also! The SCIENCE! of the gauss rifle in Fallout 4!

  6. I knew it was going to be black hole eclipse even before you showed the options. P.S. How does continental crush get the rock into the air?

  7. 13:11 What is this? Why was that primal scream there? Did he unleash his inner beast or something?

  8. Unless it’s a music vid, I rarely revisit a video. That is how much I love your rage at the end. Thank you.

  9. What about light that burns the sky…

    I’d imagine that literally burning the sky would cause at least some damage right…?

  10. psssttt, someone explain Hoopa. where the frick did it come from ect.- plz- lol

    or honestly, what's the most dangerous pokemon if you haven't.

    Or don't and just ignore me. that works too- merp. Ill just be.. in a corner-

  11. With some math here, I determined that Austin’s rage will end only after a handful of 120 million years
    119 million for the blackhole to cease existing and 1 for him to calm down

  12. opponent:use black hole eclipse
    me:wobbofet,mirror coat

    everybody watching the video:i t w a s n ' t v e r y e f f e c t i v e


  14. Grab the weakest move and multiply it by a marioplex what do you get more damage that the atoms in the universe that we can see

  15. Dude tries to overpower black "hole" with love for his daughter; instead gets ripped apart at the sub atomic level and added to the mass of doom that is a singularity.

  16. Strongest move is actually mirror coat or counter, which doubles the damage of the move and returns to sender. So if a focus sashed pokemon with mirror coat survives black hole eclipse and sends it back, THE END.

  17. Not to mention, the "small" black holes created that are used for the Black Hole Eclipse move aren't actually small, and from their size, it instantly tells us that the black holes are MORE MASSIVE THAN THE GODDAMN SUN*. So in a nutshell, 10 year olds are being allowed to use *LITERAL BLACK HOLES that could destroy the entire planet in seconds.

    P.S. Since the black hole is MUCH more massive than the Earth and the Sun, wouldn't the Earth technically 'orbit' the black hole while the black hole devours it from the inside in seconds.

  18. i was for the black hole the entier time 'cus… Ya know… Black hole. THE NAME TALKS FOR ITSELF

  19. Why Roar of Time loses to Continental Crush? When Dialga use Roar of Time, everything, completely stops ; no photosynthesis for plants, not food production, no anything, the whole life WILL die because of time stops (well until Dialga use Roar of Time again)

  20. When I first saw the video, I thought he was going to be talking about Ultra Necrozma's Z-Move: Light That Burns the Sky. For that move, Necrozma absorbs all the light of the surrounding area (at least), concentrates it into a spirit bomb-like energy ball, then unleashes it on the opponent. Imagine if Ultra Necrozma used this move while in space or at least high in the atmosphere!

  21. u either need to use Matpat's intro or make ur own Austin because 'dear whatever' get's boring, Matpat's definitely the best and this is the first one of ur videos at least half way through, plz get better.

  22. you're forgetting belly flop from snorlax. he weigh 460 kg if he falls on a human they will be crushed immediately

  23. What if the black hole does not kill them but takes them to alternate universe where they're still alive so it's not deadly at all or what if it just send u threw time rewinding everything so u get sucked into it but ur still alive just stuck reliving the same thing or what if u just go threw it and travel to another planet at some other place where u have all the things u need to live so just go with a answer that instantly kill all humans like when yveltal dies and so does everyone else basically not a attack but it happens when yveltal dies and the world resets yveltal still revives so that has to be deadlier

  24. A black hole wile strech miles long cut you down the middle hot dog style about eighty million times and feel the pain because it would not be able to kill you quick enough shooting yourself in the head five hundred times would have a higher chance of survival but I would shoot myself just to escape the pain of a black hole

  25. Dragon Ball Super: A top combat race alien "I can fight with beyond space time speed and power."
    One Punch Man: A regular bald guy who casually trained himself "I can beat anyone or anything with one single blow."

    Pokemon Sun and Moon: A ten year old trainer "Hold my ball."

  26. The strongest pokemon move is mimic as it never misses and would destroy whatever got mimic in an instant, because of the no-cloning theory

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