We’re here at the True Temper test
facility in Tunica Mississippi to introduce you to the perfect golf swing of Iron Byron. Once you understand this machine like I understand it you realize that the golf swing is not
that complicated. To help me today I have with me, George
Manning the creator Iron Byron. George I just want to thank you very much for being here today The Iron Byron’s been on my mind and
part of my teaching method for many years now and to have you here today is is truly
an honor. I really appreciate coming. It’s my
pleasure to be here thank you. As far as the Iron Byron is concerned, I want wanna
you know let everybody kin of understand how it
all came about. So why did you design the Iron
Byron? True Temper came to Patel Institute where I was a
Project Engineer wantig a machine that would swing a
golf club like a man swings a golf club but do it
extremely repeatedly. Right … So how do you think you did you did? The machine was able to swing the club within a half percent repeatability each
time and there were a number copies or the
machine made for the major manufactures and USGA so I think we did pretty well. Yes, sounds
like it. So how did you go about designing a
machine that could perfectly replicate the human golf swing? Well first we had to determine what
a human does with a golf club in space
and we took pictures of a lot of golf professionals and top
amatues and then plotted those pictures frame
by frame to determine what they did with the club
and one other big surprises to us that allowed us to have a machine
concept was that even though they swung the club differently getting it to the top of their back swing once they
started downswing there was amazing similarity
between the swings. They swing in plain they keep club tucked until they get down to about hip
height and then release it and they do it around a point. It’s a rotary motion. So you would
say that basically the better golfers are all
kinda doing the same thing once they hit the top on the backswing through to the end they’re pretty much
be doing the same kinda movement? That certainly is correct. Okay, after looking through all the
pictures and the different pro swings what were you looking for? We were looking to have a very efficient swing and I mean by
efficient a minimum amount of energy for the
maximum distance hit. And what we discovered when we went
through the pictures is that Byron Nelson added extremely
repeatable an extremely efficient swing and that’s
what we wanted in the machine so we designed the
machine to copy that swing. And that’s why we call it Iron Byron.
That’s correct. When I look at the perfect golf swing of Iron Byron I see that it has three elements to it the first thing that I see is that it’s
rotating in a circular motion so what I mean is it’s not moving
sideways like this. It’s moving in a circular motion
throughout the swing. Can you just explain a little bit about
that. Well fortunately, when we looked at the pictures that we took at
the better players and reduced them and find out what they were doing with
the club we find out they were rotating about any given point from the top in
the back swing through impact it made the machine design a
considerable amount simpler because we didn’t have to put
this way and and write a different motion it was strictly
rotation about a point for the second thing I C is that it be
very end of the arm here it has a unit that hinges so what I see
is that it takes the golf club bag big the club
hinges now the faces in an open position it comes back through
to impact and squares up the club and then it would go to a
closed position so I’m seeing it as an unrestricted
hinging action so it’s going from open to close
throughout the swing what were you trying to do with that
mechanism again when we looked at these pictures and determine what the man was
doing in space he was doing exactly that brain he was a going from an open position the square
to closed as he went through impact and the
Machine was made to reproduce that so that
replicates the wrist action other better player that’s correct am
the third thing I C is that this whole machine is set on
until or on my ankle what what was the idea
behind that war again one other things that we
determined the better player does is always keeps the club in a swing
plane right and the swing plane is inclined to
the ground and so the machine swings the club in that angle so that he keeps the club
in a swing plane from the top and the backswing right
through in pain right and that’s what allows it to be consistently hitting
them the center in the face each time is that
correct there we go we’ve got basically the three elements have the
swing we’ve got circular rotation so throughout the swing the center point
is moving in a circular manner we have a unit that hinges so that
allows the the clubface to open and close throughout the swing and the machine is that on a constant
forward till never lets up or down cracked so if those are the three
elements want me just take a look at them a little bit closer The perfect golf swing of Iron Byron will teach you a powerful, effortless swing that will allow you to hit more greens and cure any swing flaw in golf instantly.

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  2. iron byron isnt the perfect swing by a long chalk, (it's only a double pendulum) but mike malone's teaching was one of the inspirations for the 5-pendulum swing, which IS the perfect human swing! it's what the real Byron did, and what every top pro does today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvUwuy_Hh9o&list=PL4y5Wtsvtduo8OY5_l1BdS22ZWFUw2Vr2&index=1

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