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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Game Of Football | Calcio Storico”

  1. One day, Sergio Ramos was on his way to the arena, for a Calcio Storico game. Right before entering the arena, he saw what was really going on there, so he threw himself on the floor simulating with his hands to the face, crying for the refferee to give a red card.

  2. The right picture of one country made of old stupid traditions: definitely "not proud" to be Italian 😑😑😑

  3. Pretty stupid if you ask me, but then again why ask me? I'm not from there and it's there own culture. The only things (I mean no animals) being hurt are willing so it's up to them.

  4. the original forerunner to many of the western worlds sports….. I can see grid iron, football, rugby, soccer and even some basket ball in this sport played by the ancient Italians

  5. Queste sono cose che solo un italiano può capire
    Da siciliano dico forza Firenze città e popolo fantastico

  6. Can you organize the European Championship? In the East, the level of football is quite low, so this combination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVrOdTOs1RU

  7. La estupidez y violencia humana justificada tras la virtud del deporte y la pertenencia cultural…!!! 💥

  8. So you need to be a good trained boxer and a world class handball player to compete? No thanks! It reminds of how Aussie Rules Football used to be before they brought in suspensions and fines! You gotta love the way the teams come together at the end because they all come from fiorentina and they all love the city, it's opposite in most other sports like how Manchester City Hate Manchester United, in my city of Adelaide we have two Australian rules football teams competing in the national AFL league, the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power they play each other at least twice a year in front of 60,000 fans and the tension and hatred between the fans is visceral! I've seen numerous crowd brawls and the city is divided by this unspoken tension based on who you support. It's ridiculous really especially when certain cafes and pubs won't serve fans of one team or the other, it's not anywhere as explosive and ingrained as the Rangers vs Celtic scottish football rivalry but that's based on hundreds of years of history and religion which makes it the worst rivalry I've seen but at least they can give a few reasons why they hate each other, Crows and Power fans just say "I hate them because they suck", it's an illogical hatred that exists based purely on the childish premise of hating an enemy that is your neighbour, family member or friend until the game is over.

  9. Yh this is stupid. If you wana fight just go fight. Why bother with the football side of it when they only train for the punch up

  10. Even though these fellas enjoy it and nobody forces them doing this… soon some snowflaky asd will come out and complain how barbaric and uncivilised this game is and how it should be forbidden and that all players become vegans

  11. Soo much passion for Florence my favorite part of Italy i can see why they love it and hold the culture down!!!

  12. I'm gonna write it here so you all can read if you're interested. This is called 'Calcio Storico Fiorentino' and it's an ancient sport played since Greeks and Romans times (it was called 'Harpastum' in latin) and is played in Florence since middle age but in modern times people play it to commemorate a particular moment in Florence history, when the Spanish Empire sieged the city and the people, to show that they were not scared or worried, started to play this game officially (1530). There are 4 teams (usually one team plays only 2 games every year, the semifinal and the final) and these are the 4 Florence's district, the red, the blue, the white and the green. Every team has 27 players and they need to score throwing the ball in the opposite net which is the width of the field. In order to do that they need to create their way by fighting but there are rules for that, basically you cannot fight 2 vs 1, you cannot hit a players from behind and you cannot hit a player if he's on the ground.

    I just wanna point out that all these men are not payed, they're all volunteers and no one ever died during a game. It's just something that tuscanians do with pride and joy.

  13. Sarebbe meglio I padri tramandassero altri valori che nn la fiorentina..nn parlo del calcio storico, parlo del fottuto contentino che contenta gli stolti

  14. It would be interesting to take the hooligans of the various teams and compare them in such races. At least the fight would be at par and regulated. Coward would be the one who refuses.

  15. Mai vista una cosa così assurda più che uno sport mi ricorda la mattanza dei tonni a Favignana…e fatto x soggetti deviati e gravemente malati e da bandire assolutamente.

  16. Firenze ha il Calcio storico, Pisa ha la Regata storica, Siena ha il Palio, ma Lucca? Ma Livorno? Ma Grosseto ? Arezzo?

  17. Back in middle school we used to play "smockey." No rules except that you had to kick the ball into the goal. Other than that you can do whatever you wanted. I remember my head getting stomped and having a limp for weeks. It was tame compared to this though

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