Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin! Have you ever wondered what the effects of
American Football are on the body? Now I’m not talking about the effects of
all those deliciously greasy foods you eat during the big game, No, I’m talking about
what Football does to the bodies of the players. Grab your helmets, this could get rough. Red 27, Red 27…Hike! Let’s start by taking a look at one of the
most important parts of our bodies; our noggins. One of the biggest risks a Football player
has to their brains is a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that
alters the way a person’s brain functions. Their effects are usually temporary, but they
can include headaches and problems with your memory, balance, and coordination. They often occur from a blow to the head,
but they can also happen from a blow anywhere else due to the head and upper body being
violently shaken from the force. Helmets are meant to help prevent against
concussions, but players can still suffer from them even if they are wearing one. They sure do make my noggin look bigger though! But are concussions the only risk to a player’s
brain? Well, according to a recent Danish study,
people that get a brain injury, like a concussion or a skull fracture, are at a far greater
risk of developing mental disorders than those that don’t have head injuries. The risk increased by over 50% for conditions
like depression and schizophrenia, with the risk for organic mental disorders increasing
by over 400%! With concussions making up a little over 7%
of all injuries in college football players and there being over 270 recorded concussions
in the NFL in the year 2015 alone, that’s quite a lot of injuries to further the risk
of Football players having mental disorders! What about other parts of our beautiful sea
of atoms? According to the NCAA, the knee is the most
common location for injuries in collegiate football players and ligament sprains are
the most common injury. Other physical injuries that Football players
may be prone to are torn hamstrings, dislocated shoulders, and ACL injuries. Injuries can be easy to spot, what about more
chronic problems? It may not be as evident as a physical injury,
but Football players seem to have an issue with obesity and weight management. In a recent study, it was found that every
year from 1942 until 2011, players at all positions, from quarterbacks to linebackers,
have gotten increasingly heavier. Linemen showed the greatest change, with an
average increase of almost 100 pounds on their supportive skeletons over the span of the
study! They had about an 11% increase in body fat. But the issue isn’t just for active players. Another study looking at over 500 retired
NFL players found that almost 60% of linemen had metabolic syndrome, compared to the national
average of about 20%. Taking a page right out of Newton’s notebook,
No not that newton! Yeah that one! the greater the mass of a player,
the more force they can potentially create. But this extra mass can be quite the hindrance
to retired players. Heavier individuals tend to have higher blood
pressure, higher risks of heart disease, and a greater chance for metabolic disorders like
Type 2 diabetes. After being used to the lifestyle choices
that seek a heavier weight during their career, it can be difficult for players to slim down
once they retire from the field. So it sure seems like American Football is
one dangerous sport! But they sure are a great band, am I right? Did anyone get that? Let me know in the comments below which Football
team you’re rooting for and who your favorite gridiron warrior is. Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Life-Threatening Effects Of Football On The Body”

  1. I wanna know why when I was blowing a lot of gum and I could not breath like breath but not good

  2. Bmx causes concussion depending on how you go down. I was training one day and my front wheel of my bike went away from me and I got flung to the ground and I hit my head really hard on the ground and I slid. Everything went white which I didn’t think much of as it was for like a second, and when I sat up I yelled “I need to be sick” everyone around me was saying I had concussion (symptom ‘nausea’) I started it then get very emotional I was crying because I didn’t know where my bike was and how they were going to take me to hospital when I didn’t want to. That’s all I remember I never ended up going to hospital which is good but now I totally regret it because I suffer from frequent headaches on the same side I hit so it’s definitely concussion related 🙁

  3. My reading teacher said, “Kids are honored if they play football, which can give someone brain damage. And kids who play video games are building up their brain and aren’t respected”

  4. I'm generally surprised that he didn't say something like 'no Britain we're calling your soccer football and your football soccer'
    I quite honestly don't understand how America calls a sport where you don't use your feet apart to run around football as the players use their hands to transport the ball

    Also you should do something about ventriloquism e.g. why people believe the ventriloquist dummy is talking rather than the ventriloquist (please? Btw I suggested it coz I'm a ventriloquist)

  5. “Let’s talk about the most important bart of the body”
    “The noggin”
    Ha, I see what u did there

  6. I one time was really in to gymnastics and I had a chair that folded back I flipped of the back hit my head had a mild concution I landed on rock hard wood floor

  7. Cheerleading is my favorite sport. Can you please do a video on the effects of cheerleading on the body. Not sideline cheer, but all star cheer

  8. Ive hit my head SOO many times, im surprised ive never had a concussion, for examples, hit my head on the wall, fell down the steps, got a ball thrown at my head, got a rock thrown at my head, ran into a wall (head first), got i door closed between my head, etc…. And im only 13 yrs old oml 😂

  9. I had a concussion once a random dude slammed my head into the door of the bathroom and he forgot to lock the door and that gave me a minor concussion f*** you dude f*** you you gave me a concussion thank you life Noggin for spreading all this wonderful info about all these different since the world needs you

  10. Hey i got hit in the head with the ball and now i have the first things you mechoind i realy cant control my balance and memory loss with hediks but im not sick

  11. Why do you wear helmets in American football..? If anything it's more dangerous than not wearing a helmet, like in rugby… Except that's dangerous as well… ALL SPORTS IS DANGEROUS ;–;

  12. I play baseball. Witch leads me to tell you a story of once I got hit by a fastball by my own teammate (he hit it I was at first base and it hit my hip)

  13. Last year I broke my right clavicle after a full speed collision in a football drill

    Just yesterday I broke my LEFT clavicle after falling on it wrong during a tackle. I was honestly crying more from the fact I just got put into a starting position at d end and I was super pumped then boom 💥 broken clavicle and I cried because now I’m unsure if I even want to continue playing, I’ve played since kindergarten and I’ve even won state champs before but as of freshman year with this break I’m not sure if I want to keep playing and they always say “at least it could’ve been worse” but that just makes me think of not playing next year even more

  14. Footboll is more dangerous to your brain then drugs, jet football is encourage and drugs are illegal

  15. And this is why I, as an American, think this sport is f*cking nuts. Can tennis in America become more popular now, like remember the 90’s?

  16. Football is such a dangerous sports I mean if I was a boy I'll rather be a baseball player or a soccer or basketball player anything but football you'll get hurt I mean they headbutt you to get to the ball I don't think so.

  17. I had a concussion in rugby… and my memory is so fricken up… like I can't remember the details.. I only know I had it….. I feel so weird and and when I stand up for a bit my vision blurs and I go proper dizzy. It's do weird, I used to have AMAZING memory .. I think… but know it's hard to remember anything.

  18. I had a concussion in rugby… and my memory is so fricken up… like I can't remember the details.. I only know I had it….. I feel so weird and and when I stand up for a bit my vision blurs and I go proper dizzy. It's do weird, I used to have AMAZING memory .. I think… but know it's hard to remember anything.

  19. I haven’t got a concussion yet but I’m twelve and Ive been playing since I was 5 is that bad (I’m a linemen)

  20. My friend plays football and he has had many injuries. He twisted his arms like, 5 times, one time he twisted his leg, he scraped himself up one time and painted the field red with blood lol, he even dislocated his rib so ya. Ouch.

  21. Why do people even do sports then, first, it stops your growth and it can cause you the stuff that you said in this video.

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