Pelican Bay is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Naples and I am not alone. The proximity to all that Naples has to offer makes Pelican Bay one of the most sought-after communities in Naples. Hello, my name is Laurie Rose and i’m a local realtor with John R Wood Properties in downtown Naples Florida. We are taking a look at single-family homes right now. I will be making follow-up videos for villas, town homes, and high-rise condos soon. Please make sure you subscribe to my channel to see all of my latest Naples real estate videos. First up, we have the least expensive house on the market in Pelican Bay. Located at 7020 Oakmont Parkway in the Oakmont section of Pelican Bay. This house has three bedrooms plus a den two bathrooms and an oversized two-car garage. It’s situated on a larger lot. Built in 1990, its 3110 square feet and it’s listed at $1.15 million dollars. The cost per square foot is $369 dollars and 77 cents. Why is this house priced so low? This home needs to be updated, having been occupied by the original owners since 1990. Also, this home backs up to the buffer zone along Tamiami Trail making the backyard a bit noisy. By far this house is the best value for your money in Pelican Bay, if you’re not afraid of a significant project. Now, here’s the most expensive house on the market in Pelican Bay. It’s located in the Strand at Bay Colony which is the most exclusive area of Pelican Bay. Located 7621 Bay Colony Drive this house has more than 6 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms plus 2 half bathrooms and so much more. Built in 2005 it’s 10,365 square feet and it’s listed at $17 .5 million dollars. Your cost per square foot on this home is $1 thousand 691 dollars and 64 cents. Here are some of the reasons to justify the houses price tag. Location location, location. This house is on the beach with 129 feet of beachfront and as you can imagine the views can’t be beat. This house boasts a 4000 bottle wine room, home theater, a library with fireplace as well as an unbelievable state-of-the-art kitchen. If you’re curious about one of these homes or like to see more homes in Pelican Bay or other areas of Naples you can find a link in the description of this video for my contact information. As always leave a comment below about this video let me know what you think about these homes. Would you rather buy something older and make it your own or do you want to move into a ready-to-go luxury home? Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates on Pelican Bay and other Naples real estate news. Again, I’m Laurie Rose a local real estate agent with John R Wood Properties. I can be reached at 239-595 6094 or leave a comment below. Thanks for watching and I look forward to hearing from you about your Naples real estate needs.

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