– The leading elbow, and this is an aspect of a whip-like throw,
or a whip-like serve. And the hardest thing about learning to serve, truly, is that the motion is a blur if you watch
it with you naked eye. And when you play it back
in slow-motion, many times you’ve lost the feeling for
the rhythm of the serve. But if I was throwing toward the cameraman and I pushed the ball, the hand would stay in front of the elbow. But if I pulled on the ball, the elbow, for a moment, would pass the hand. And so to me, one of the
great unknowns about the serve is what’s called the leading elbow and whether the elbow
gets way out in front. Now, stay with this. The more the elbow leads,
the more the racquet is put on the side of the ball. So the players trying to develop side spin need to find a leading elbow. And many players that serve flat struggle to find how to spin it, not because they don’t
have their grip right, although that could be the case, but because they can’t feel
how that elbow can lead. So to me, and I got this
from Pancho Gonzalez, one of his ideas was that he wanted to serve to the opponent’s strength to show how good his serve was. And in similar fashion, I believe with a leading elbow you can learn to serve to somebody’s
forehand in a deuce court. And this is a serve I did many years ago, and I see Federer do it all
the time, as did Sampras. But it’s about saying
I’ve got so much spin on this ball, I’m willing to break it out to the side of the court
to attack the forehand. But it’s done by how
much that elbow leads. But if I swing quicker,
you can’t really see it. But it exists. And good baseball pitchers
lead with the elbow, and good servers do. And if you’re playing
darts, you never do it. You can’t really, you
don’t want to fling a dart. But tennis is much more
about flinging than pushing. Experiment with your leading elbow. I’ve got some good shots to show you.

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “The Leading Elbow – when Throwing and Serving!”

  1. It's always a great pleasure when you release a new video!! In a couple of minutes you are able to compress the wisdom of a lifetime dedicated to this wonderful sport. Thank you sir!

  2. Hi Jim, I have been following your advice for a few years now, interesting concept, I will put it to practice tonight…. Thankyou

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