Hansruedi Widmer is
passionate about tennis. The 70-year-old and his team mates
recently became Swiss Senior Champions and took part in the European Championships
in Spain in the autumn. But it wasn’t always obvious
that they were going to win. About ten years ago,
I started feeling pain my right and then
later my left knee. The doctor recommended
that I wear knee supports, but the pain didn’t go away and
it was especially bad when I went jogging. The native of Bern
underwent an MRI scan. It showed that he
had a tear in the meniscus, but he wouldn’t need surgery. To enable him
to continue playing tennis intensively, he set off in search
of some soft shoes. He bought himself a pair of kyBoot shoes
and is delighted with them. The best way to describe them
is to imagine what it is like to walk on moss. There is a nice rolling motion, even when playing fast sport,
which is very pleasant. At first I wondered if
the soft effect would make it difficult to
play a fast sport, but that wasn’t
the case at all. It’s unusual for a 70-year-old to
still be playing on hard courts. It has been made possible thanks to
the Swiss air-cushion kyBoot shoes. I’m always hearing
older people saying that they no longer play
on hard courts. It’s just too hard and
you need to compensate a lot as a result. So who else does the retired maths teacher
recommend kyBoot shoes to? Anyone who would like to have that soft feeling when they walk,
people who need to take care of their joints and anyone who has hip, knee or back
problems. I highly recommend
trying out these shoes. He lost out in the end at the
European Championships. His final match against last year’s runner up at the
European Championships lasted almost three hours and Hansruedi Widmer
lost by a narrow margin. However, despite the intense match,
his joints were still good to go.

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