Hey, you think you can do better, big mouth, huh? You think, you can do better? Drop some ice. -I don’t know.
-Let’s find out, huh? Maybe some other time. There is no other time! Listen, whatever problems Mr. Miyagi has with your uncle, they don’t have to be ours. No. We have our own. -Hey, Kumiko. Where are you going?
-You go nowhere! Call my uncle. You’ll take a bet. I give three to one. No, no. No! I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it! You have a choice. Broken ice, or broken neck. You gotta break all three, right? Wrong! All six! -Six?! All the bets in! All the bets in!
-Not all bets. Not yet. Boy, I’m glad to see you here. No worry nothing. Miyagi fix everything. -What the odds?
-Three to one. He does not have makes through ice. -How many pieces?
-Six. Hey, come on. Let’s get out of here. Sixhundred dollars say he breaks all six. Sixhundred bucks?! -I cannot cover that.
-You are covered. Now we have bet. All right! All right, give me your money. Hey, come here. I can’t believe this. What, are you crazy? I’m not gonna be able to break that. That guy just tried, he’s twice my size, he only got through two of them. -What do you expect me to do?
-Focus. -Great, and what are you gonna do?
-Pray. You got it. All bets are in. -We do not honour bet with coward.
-Do not embarrass uncle again. Thank you, Sato. Pleasure do business with you.

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