– [Dunk] “1-1, but with a twist” People are calling this level
“The Hardest Mario Maker Level of All Time” They said: “Dunkey.
No way can you ever beat this level.” 52 Clears, 347.000 Attemps. So my odds here are pretty good.
I could probably beat this very easily. Let’s check this out… Okay! Okay! (Smack his lips) Alright! Now, what if I-?
Now, what is-? Hey!
Now, what if I say that? Okay! (Smack his lips) Alright!
Yep! (Smack his lips)
Alright! Now what-?
Now what if I do this? See-
See? Now what if I say that? Now what if I say this?
What if I-? But what if I say this?
What if I-? Watch this now. Okay! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm! (Smack his lips) Now, what if I-?
(Laughing) Now, what if I do this? What if-? (Laughs) I don’t get what the twist is. Why is it called “1-1, but with a twist”? It’s just the same thing. “This level sucks my ass 3000!” Tony Stark said that when he got his frickin’ head chopped off. I love that! I love how it plays that sound EVERY TIME you start over.
(The “Hurry Up!” – Super Mario Bros. Sound Effect) That’s not-
That’s never going to get old for me! I’m just gonna love to hear that, every time- There it is! There it is again! (Kinda Crazy Laugh) Just one more try. Just one more try and I got this. Just one- Okay, just one more try and then I’m done. ‘Cause I — I don’t wanna play this all day. Okay, just one more try.
I got a little further that time. This is like the buzzsaw level, except you keep jumping through the buzzsaw over and over again. I have the World Record on Bowser’s Big Burrito! This is nothing to me! This is nothing to me, you guys!
I can beat this! Guys, I’m not even playing! It’s my little brother and the controller is not plugged in, and- And PLUS, I wasn’t even born!
I don’t even exist! So this isn’t even happening! Okay, dead.
(VCR Fast-forward Sound Effect) Dead.
(VCR Fast-forward Sound Effect) Okay, I died. Dead. Okay, dead.
Dead. Okay, dead.
Dead. Okay, I died.
I died again. Okay, dead.
Dead. Okay, one more try, dead. Dead. If I lose this time, I’m gonna scream as loud as I can. I better not lose. Aaaaahhh….
(Quietly) Okay, one more try. Just one more try. This is the one, I got this one! (Laughs) See, guys? I’m learning! Just like every time I play this level, I get a little better. See? And now, I can win. – [Steve Harvey] (Horse neigh) “You — You’re not living in your purpose.” “You’re wakin’ up and you don’t know the reason.” “You’re wakin’ up and you have no design in mind.” “And life has no purpose, no meaning.” – [Dunk] Ma- I see what you gotta do.
You gotta- You gotta do Limbo! You gotta limbo under there. One second, you guys.
Let me drink some of my gamer juice here. (Slurping Drink from Straw) Ha ha! Now I’m at 200% gaming power.
Let’s go. (Making noises along loud music) ♪ Yeah ♪ Check me out now. HAA- Yah! (Eek) (Laughs) Limbo!
Limbo time! I told you guys, this is easy De- I don’t wanna play this game no more! I didn’t wanna have to do this, you guys… …but I’m activating my X-Factor Mode. X-Factor Mode Engaged! Now… …witness true power! (Laughs) Vooon! Limbo! Limbo! Yah! Yah! Bah-Baaah… (Laughs) Look at my po-
Look at the power of my X-Factor Mode. – [Steve Harvey] “Life has no purpose, no meaning.” “Life has no purpose, no meaning.” “Life has no purpose, no meaning.” “Life has no purpose, no meaning.”
(Overlapped and pitch shifting) – [Dunk] I think my gamer juice is wearing off, you guys. I think I’m gonna give up. I can’t beat this.
I’m sorry. (Sniff) I just can’t do-
(Gasps) Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Wait-! – [Steve Harvey] “Life has no purpose.” “No meaning.” – [Dunk] I hate this, so much. This is like if in the buzzsaw level you had to keep jumping through the buzzsaw, over and over again. It’s not good! I don’t like this level! This is a bad level! It’s not fun! You just die to s-
You just- It doesn’t matter how much — you practice, you just die to (stammers) some stupid thing, every time. It’s the dumbest level! I hate this! But wait a minute… (Pushing buttons) Oh, shit! Oh, now I see the twist. There wasn’t any Goombas! He forgot to put the Goombas on the level. That was pretty easy! Phew!
Alright! Yeah!
Well… (Sniff)
(Smacks his lips) You know, not that bad! Really not that bad. I don’t see why the people are calling it “The Hardest Leve-” [OUTRO]

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Hardest Mario Level of All Time”

  1. amazing that dunkey beat the hardest level in 5 minutes. and he wasn’t even trying. really makes you think.

  2. “I have the World Record on Bowser’s Big Burrito!”

    IMPOSTER! Everyone knows that Dunkey holds the world record for Bowser’s Big BEAN Burrito.

  3. I just beat this after watching you video. Took me close to 7 hours in a couple sessions, but it's actually retarded. My username is complexboi if you want to check the clears list

  4. Now just imagine if Denkey wasn't using tilt controls
    And had arms
    and wasn't blindfolded

    He woulda beat that as fast as Bowser's Big Bean Burrito

  5. I hate levels like this where people just remake a level from the original and literally just remove the goombas and thats literally it, 0/10

  6. ive honestly never " ooooo"'d or cheered so much on a vid…..
    Probably also the least chugs of beer over 5 minutes due to anticipation.

  7. I actually cheered when he beat the level. That was pretty damn clutch.

    Glad to see he put in the time to play the game without the controller plugged in just so we have a more exciting video to watch. What a swell guy.

  8. I know there's a lot of jokes about how dunkey is doing this blindfolded, but I actually see this video as highlighting the value of persistence in achieving your goals. Dunkey is a very skilled Mario player, but he was never gonna get this on his first or even 10th try. It took hundreds.

    Edit: Just kidding baybeee!

  9. I was gonna skip through this to the end, but then I thought, wow, dunkey went through all that, I'm gonna watch the whole thing.

  10. WSY-X5T-35G Its not the best level but irs pretty difficult lol. It has a lot of p-jumps and then a shell jump and thats about it. PLEASE PLAY IT

  11. plot twist, the last attempt was just a pre-recorded footage of his little brother beating the level from dunkey to make you think dunkey was the one that beat the level.

  12. This video is truly a beautiful work of art. I think the lack of footage of failures towards the end of the level is proof that the level actually clicked for Dunkey on the last run, and you can see how his brain was suddenly adapted to processing the trajectories of all the fire sticks and reacting to them instantly. To me it's such an epic testament to the reality of human capability, demonstrated so entertainingly by Dunkey's perfect blend of humility and based cockiness.

  13. I have to really hand it to videogamedunkey! This MAN, not even a guy, this MAN will never quit! He will go through the depths of hell if he has to in order to beat anything he's going through! The doomguy of youtube!

  14. Yoooo man, this is the first video of this channel that I’ve ever came cross and I gotta say I really liked it man. You gained a new subscriber today. It was hella funny and I hope to someday be a good of a youtuber as you.

  15. Hi Dunkey, long time viewer, first time commenter.
    I would love to see you and your group of friends try out BallisticNG, and hear your thoughts.
    I think if you have the patience for this, BNG is a game you would enjoy getting into.
    Recently just discovered it myself and loving it.

  16. I love how I was thinking of 200 IQ ideas but then I realized all the ideas were taken from 100% of the comment section

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