(The Greatest Tennis Match Ever) In this episode of lynne_fitgirl We are not spraining our foot during a yoga
session Nope
We are playing tennis I wanna give a little disclaimer before we
start I have played tennis once when I was eight
and I don’t remember being particularly good at it
I have yet to find a sport I am good at Except of course for playing men (The Greatest Tennis Match Ever) One YouTuber teaching another Youtuber how
to play tennis Hello people
My name is Amanuel I am a Dutch YouTuber
I make prank videos on YouTube Today I am with Lynne She wants to learn how to play tennis and I am a professional
No just kidding But I can play tennis so we are going to play
tennis I have no idea about what to do Try and control the ball in the air 20 times 2, 3, 4… 20 Game, set! You wanna start a match? What?? Is that not what they scream? Set! Oh yeah but this is not a game
We need to practice first Now twenty like this Are you serious? Yes yes
For what do I need to learn that For control
Yes I am serious Twenty like this?? Twenty on the side yes
1, 2… I don’t think I can do this
We are not going play 1, 2, 3… Well, I got to three
Seventeen left 3, 4, 5… Ah man
That is two! I can’t -laughs-
I suggest you give me an example of doing twenty
Girl yasss I can’t even do it myself but okay let’s move
on! You are not serious!!! Yeah
A man funny I can do it without cameras but
Shall we just try to… Play?? Can you do a forehand for me? What is a forehand? What is- oh hhhh
This is the forehand Like this
Yea- no Stand like this
Point at your destination And then do this
But with one arm Put your arm straight and move with your upper
body Yes like that
How long did it take you to learn this? It took me a couple of years
A couple of years? Like this?? No not from under
Was that too high? It was in but it was not a forehand
Did I even pay attention when he explained all of this to me? It was… I am going to give you the ball
The forehand No
What are you doing?! Try to stand like this
Can I play with two hands? Ama decides it is time to go home. Was that alright? That- that was not a forehand! I don’t know how many time this guy told me
“that was not a forehand” Still not-
That was a underhand Ama wondering what life is about
Yo Lynne, this camera isn’t filming What do you mean it isn’t filming? You didn’t turn it on
Will you turn it on? Yeah
F3y9y393 A decennia later
Do you mind explain the forehand one more time? Okay, okay… Ama, do you mind explain me the forehand again? To whom was I saying “okay”
Okay, okay… Ama, do you mind explaining me the forehand
again? This one time I was doing my makeup in my
friend’s bathroom and when I came out she asked me if I was
ok So I asked her: What do you mean? She said while I was in the bathroom she heard
me repeatedly say okay to myself As if I was answering to some voice in my
head I don’t have a voice in my head
I really don’t But I have see me do this before on camera
I don’t know… Are you already frustrated? No I am not
No I am good We gucci
There is a backhand and there is a forehand Yeah there are two ways to keep the ball up
in the air What the f*** are you playing smart a$$ for? The forehand is like this
Move your upper body more From your back
Oh wow! Yeah you can play with two hands if you prefer
that But then I don’t understand how-
Yes let’s get to the root of the problem Like this, I know where to throw the ball
Wieh Where do I throw the ball? Sir! That was a wasp, not a voice in my head
It is like this You stand straight
If I say forehand You put your left leg front
Yes something like that Yes great
Let me try Yeah
Aaaa Yeah! Ya? Yes but this way
To me Are we playing tennis or are we playing basketball? Now
Good! Woef woo
Woef woo?? This video should not get any weirder than
this Great! Yes
Again Perfect! Woef woo
Almost Good! Nice
Let’s have some fun Perfect! That was good, I did not expect that
That was a point for me right? Yes!! Who first reaches five points wins
What does the winner get? Dinner
Dinner? Yeah but not today
Let’s say this is not the official game I need to practice a little bit more
No problem Cool
The pre-match 0 – 0
Woah! 1 – 0
Oeh Yeeey
1 – 1 Nice job
He totally gave me that point 2 – 1
That is not fair! No mercy
I can’t play like Fredero Fredero? Federer
Frederer Federer
Federer Roger that
3 – 1 Out! Out! Do you want coffee? Do you got coffee? No thanks
Are you sure? I don’t need coffee to win against you
Okay homeboy Time to play: The very official match
Are you ready? Are you readyy
I was born ready B***
Hahaha This man is going to go Christina Williams
on me Who da 8394 is Christina Williams? 1 – 0
Yeah I didn’t know I had to hit that hard You wanted to use the whole court
Homeboy Wow
Again… Try to hit the ball
Try to hit the ball lol In this episode of roast me on the internet
I am here You need to throw the ball a bit harder than
that You are not good at this
Make the point Again, hit the ball… Was this a prematch or-
Maybe I should get some glasses Definitely need glasses
You need some classes not glasses Huh? You need some classes
Can you break an arm when you- Can you break an arm playing tennis? When you play tennis? Yes
Do people break their arms? If we are playing tennis on this level… It won’t happen
Yes Great! Again! Oh no
No I am not getting roasted yet and let me tell you
This man made pancakes of me You are like: What did I sign up for? The greatest tennis match ever
Hehe That doesn’t count
Out! One point for you
Two for you Out! Out? That was so easy
Is it now four for you? Yes
That was really quick I tried to give you some points but
You tried to give me some points Well it is not over yet
Yes it is Nevermind
That was a little bit unfortunate I am going home, bye! It is like this… You stand straight
If I say forehand

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