Well it’s not football though is it, because
they don’t use their feet. That’s not football, that’s just people dressing
up. (BOOOOOOO) We play football. We play football. (BOOOOO) With our feet. That is football. (shouting) (It’s soccer!) WHAT? It’s not soccer it’s football. If 6.75 billion people in the world call it football. Anyway look, you can moan and shout all you like
but the fact is, we’re British, and we edit this show, and you’ll just get cut out! (BOOOOOO) This is a rugby ball. Look on the screen. They only play with the padding they were
born with. BOOOOOO This is not a football. They call it football. (BOOOOO) (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) (U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A) (BOOOOOOOO)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: It’s Football”

  1. "football" comes from 2 words – FOOT and BALL…if you running around with long-shaped ball in you hands its no football…its called "Rugby"

  2. I love this show; it’s brilliant ! Hammond, Clarkson and May are the perfect trio and I’d watch anything as long as they’re in it ! they should keep doing what their doing because it’s miles better than the “new” TG !

  3. James; Richard’s attacking Jeremy with a chair, things are going well – except, we got locked outside …
    Richard; Yes, that’s our punishment, but how do we get back in ?
    Jeremy; speed and power !

  4. Because I think americans realises that they are not brits but Yanks. They are freaking brits, yanks, and just freaking deal with british english. No Offense!

  5. What a bunch of plonkers! Most Americans are stupid they call a game that is mainly played with hands football and they voted a mutated orange ape president what a bunch of morons. 6.7 billion people call football football not soccer. All counties apart from 3 including the USA use the metric system which is proven to be better even North Korea uses!

  6. I only call it soccer to save confusion, from the absurd amount of other sports referred to as "football"
    Some Examples:
    Here in Australia, we call Rugby "Football" (Or, more often, "The Footy")
    Australian Rules Football (At least you use your feet quite often in this)
    American "Football" (I.E 20 minutes of sport and 3 hours and 40 minutes of marching bands, plane flyovers and other bullshit like speeches and singing the national anthem) (Pussy Padding Sport)
    Association Football (I.E What the Americans call soccer and everyone else pretty much calls just "Football")

  7. Soccer is a type of football. It is a football code. It has a proper name. That name is soccer.
    Wherever you go in the world, the most popular football code will simply be referred to as "football". everyone in the world understands this & knows that their game has a proper name… except soccer fans.

  8. It’s football but America and Australia both have there on league of football Australia’s is AFL/VFL

  9. soccer is the abbreviation of the full name of football called association football and American football is a form of football called grid iron football

  10. love how they so very successfully make the Americans sound so stupid when the Americans thought they were winning the argument by chanting USA lol

  11. If you think rugby in loads of padding is football, you're an idiot. Also, my keyboard suggests the rugby emoji when I type football.

  12. Idk what the fuck to call it lmao cuz of all these comments saying its this or that goddamnit

  13. As a European I’m tired of this American bullshit. You play football with your FEET and that’s why it’s called FOOT-BALL! It’s really f***ing simple.

  14. Why everyone ripping the usa for using the term soccer when they the same game in europe….its like saying well tea is good here but the same tea in the usa is trash because americans drink it😂😂😂

  15. (British here), football or soccer okay right let me clear this up IF ITS SOCCER WHY DOESN'T EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD CALL IT SOCCER, America watch European RUGBY and that is really hard stuff no helmets no massive shoulder pads

  16. Welp the brits didn’t learn I guess they fucked with America once and lost did the same shit expected a different result

  17. 6.75 billion compared to 300 million? US should start seeing the daylight. Its football not soccer. Some democracy shown by the democracy preacher. Sorry. Not democracy preacher. Democracy on gunpoint.

  18. Jesus these comments, IT WAS A BIT! They told the audience to boo and chant "U S A", I'm a Brit and I thought it was funny and you're all getting offended and shit.

  19. It is fine they can't even speak english and football is different from rugby usa i know this and i am not from britian

  20. Everyone always thinks of the time these guys almost got killed by Argentinians, but I'd say they've had more scrapes with the Americans over the course of their career.

  21. this is already proofed that American people are the idiotic people in the world.

    based to Clarkson's statement.

  22. The show was edited to make Americans look bad, so all of you in the comments making fun of America can go die in a ditch, I don’t want to see your face

  23. Soccer is boring as fuck. So we took the original name of it and gave it to something that isn't torture to watch.

  24. Hate to break it to you gentlemen but I’m gonna watch some college football On Saturday

  25. I guessing Clarkson, Hammond and May might have developed PTSD while in USA in this episode,
    Because the last time they were in USA they were chased out of Alabama over harmless words painted on their cars

  26. Americans are so dumb and patriotic they believe they are on top of the world. When the national teams in american football win they are called world champions even though its just a domestic championship. And they also managed to elect two of the worlds biggest idiots to become their presidents, bush and trump!

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