[Clapping] We’re getting ready to bring you our
first round coverage of the PGA Tour Season Opener. This is a player that’s been right
in the thick of it all season but everyone’s gunning for the title Will they have what it
takes down the stretch? This is the culmination of a
lot of years of hard work Now you’ve got to be feeling
some joy for them don’t you? Imagine there’s going to be some extra hours with the
coach on the range and around the putting green. What an outstanding performance! Sure hope I get an invite to
the celebration party tonight. [XBOX SOUND]

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR: Launch Trailer”

  1. Make the golfers customizable, then make the minigame where you have to get the Buick out of the driveway without crashing it

  2. There was a time when EA would drop a golf game with Tiger on yhe cover it was a most have but that last EA game was just bare bones

  3. Game has barely changed , licenced tour but no licenced players it is literally the same game that's the only change and splashed a full price tag on it. Go away seriously.

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