[Music] what up everybody its Joe from complex were in LA and we couldn’t leave LA without catching up with the mayor of La the game at flight club we’re gonna do some sneaker shopping we’re gonna see what kicks he’s into and we’ll go from there [Music] I’ve seen videos and obviously on Instagram and stuff like that your retro jordan collection is serious what are you feeling now and what were you feeling back then as far as what I love you know while we start here the ones right whines man one zone like it’s not even a conversation my favorite pair of retro James this is still the force cuz I’ll hammer I saw an interview recently and you said it was the fours but then you also said the Concord 11s but majority heads it always changes yeah yeah I mean not a 4 as the fours are crazy fours are like one of my favorites because well you know actually this one is specifically like growing up like this is a shoot and I had to beg my mom for and I got a cousin named DaVinci right he wasn’t a shoe head no nothing about the force and back then your parents like when you wanted a pair of Jays they would like tell you well you have to wait to your birthday right right so even if it’s February your birthday is in November you know I’m standing by the shoes just putting it yeah yeah yeah so I said you know no I’ll just wear these shoes man I got whoop that’s one of the times I got hit in the face with the belt so yeah man so my favorite pair of shoes almost lost my life over after the force this is the shoe yeah you can never get enough for the Concord Elevens man most notably from you know dígame Ray Allen Jesus Shuttlesworth and know anything sure yes oh yeah it is early yeah yeah yeah yeah oh man yes the 13s man after all the Elevens you know um became my favorite when they dropped the 13th man well he got a game came out was pretty amazing um again apologize to the sneakerheads don’t kill me man I slept in the studio and get my chase confused the most important thing is that I got these motherfuckers mostly out there that’s basically you can’t get enough of retro Jordans man all right so let’s go over to the basketball wall where I know you know you’re you’re big on court yeah phones and Barkley Hayes and I tell you one thing the first shoe that I ever seen come out that was $200 here this shoe right here came out at Foot Locker and this is the first shoe I actually seeing people sleeping outside for it no one can really afford this year right you had your parents had to go above and beyond to get this and after that I mean you can see plethora phones man I’ve got most of these here you do runners at all my favorite shoe period yeah in life it’s the Air Max 95 and then you’ve obviously wrapped about that so who is 95 my trumpet with my head Max 95 and you know what that rapid took me to Heights yeah never return yeah that’s a classic line that that everyone remembers which ones do you wear most the classic neon or classic neon green on a tennis ball you know yeah cutaway and the same one just flipped with so if you had to pick right now choose to comp today what what are you feeling today today man you know what I might come up the sixes I miss those yeah they came out and yeah I don’t know where I was but I miss them and read perfect he’s a mate yes amazing shoe yeah twelve see and I can catch you something feel like a lot of a lot of shoes that coming with all basically read verse yeah yeah yeah Reds big right now rez big okay we’ve got your you’ve been on the red waiting for a while but I thought a wrong reason you’re right all right yeah but I’m back with a new purpose but not ease are amazing man yeah I’m definitely must cop you can just put it to the side you got those in 12 tonight 90s with the hypothesis there’s a session yeah it’s not leaving here without being there Yeti’s and ones [Music] so game thanks for coming through we appreciate it everyone make sure you check out his album coming later this month you’re the wolf I’m the game and you watch them complex cuz that’s what my shoe collection is complex

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Game Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex”

  1. You can really see the difference in the attitude of both YG and Game, given theyre both Piru members. Guess age really change people

  2. Yo wtf that is so crazy, no bs i had my eyes on those 6s that he chose out of all the shoes i was like damn those are nice. When he went back and grabbed those exact shoes i was tripping

  3. MAYOR OF LA. I think not. Mayor of Hawthorne Los Angeles is Slip Capone himself, thats the mayor. YUH DIG.

  4. On these videos that I've seen they usually total up how much the person spends how come they didn't do it this time

  5. Nothing is cooler than a 45 year old gangster who still reps crack rocks and is a blood even though they are a millionaire.
    The point of getting rich is too dump the hood life and go legit.

    Game is a tool.

  6. Lmao i sumbled upon this old series back on 2014 where Joe was such a awkward host. Game is such a good guest take a look at these new rappers they dont even talk and Joe the one do the most talking in newest series

  7. “Now it’s the easy part you can browse the shelves”

    “Hold the fuck up, cut this shit out. Listen to me mang don’t ever tell me what to fuckin do. Alright imma go shop for some sneakers now, y’all can keep filming”

  8. Yo so can you imagine MTV going back to being more hip hop more late 90's and have this show on it Like have two or three different people per episode and then you follow up with MTV Cribs, GQ ten essentials and top 25 song and more

  9. He said, "The most important thing is that I got these mf's and most of ya'll don't!!!" really?!?!? Because you have/own a whole bunch of sneakers, you feel like what now?!? That awkward moment you really come to know who someone is after their ego exposes them. It wasn't even that serious, as what does mentioning something like that suppose to do. The only thing that I can think of is hurt whomever feels/gets hurt from something so shallow. After hearing this bullshit, I ***fully understand why most entertainers show off now.

  10. People talking about sneakers being hood or a black thing are just silly. The industry is multi billion and there's no way in hell hood people alone are fueling that. As a matter of fact, I went to a sneaker expo in SFL for the first time, most people there were anything but stereotypical hood folks

  11. Wow talkin about back then I was like back then I only seen him wear converse and he used to rock them too

  12. My sister met The Game when she was 15. I wasn't aloud to go because I got in suspended from school. But my sister got to meet him and he signed her CD she brought. Said he was super nice

  13. I was bout to say get that shit out here u know damn well it's the he got get 13s, not no damn 11s. The 13s any original colorway is one of my favs. And 5s

  14. Why does every celeb wear Jordan's…….they all shop at the same place…..unoriginal hype sht.

  15. wow, that He Got Game kicks are amazing, it's Concord 13s right???? anyone know the exact name of it, Game thought it was the other one and then grab a new so i didn't catch it…. if anyone knows that name, i really want to cop dem…

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