The match has been postponed for 5 minutes because the spectators are having trouble getting into the stadium. What the F*** is going on?! Thank you everyone!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Football Feeling”

  1. @NoobiMeh Too bad it's ruined by flopping! They need to start penalizing floppers and the sport would be much better

  2. Football is the greatest game ever created by by Mankind… imagine 22 people on a plain pitch doing nothing with 90,000 in the stands and millions more at home watching on T.V… just imagine it… then all you do is put in a football and everything changes. 🙂

  3. @dewicleosa1990 in 207 out of 208 countries that play Football, it's called Football. with the exception being America. Football and Soccer are the same thing, it's just that in America they call it Soccer. Football/Soccer is what you just saw in this video.

  4. @raul77him Denmark has some of the tallest population in the world. i was nowhere near this kid's size haha.

  5. It's thing like this that make football brilliant, not twats like Sepp Blatter corrupting the sport form the inside.

  6. If this game was arranged by Sepp Blatter, it wouldn't have been hosted in Denmark unless they paid enough for it. #BlatterOut!!!!!

  7. @robbensneijder, Complete different setting; this video is to celebrate the feeling of the players, not to make any riots, both video are good, but the plot is way different.

  8. @robbensneijder Other ppl commented its copy of Remi Gallards 100X better than YOU…Big licks anyway….this was a sick brilliant surprise for these teams and a good laugh anyone woulda loved it

  9. Its not like a pro atmosphere but what can you expect….20,ooo ppl to turn up an surprise them ? Lol. I have played at Oldham Athletics ground and it was awesome , on the pitch , using the changing rooms ,100s in the crowd ( mostly our families ) and teams from all over england. OK it wasnt Anfield or Old Trafford but it was a fantastic feeling for us

  10. @MasterNick182 Lol yep he'd of sold it to Australia ( Ahahahahahahaha ) if they give him enough money..Blatter should be in jail

  11. @Fille424´s not even close…and to call anyone cocksucking copycats just because of it , is retarded…

  12. Vafan är det för jävla fel på er nu då som gnäller på aftonbladet? Stämde inte rubriken tycker ni? Gå nån jävla SFI-kurs i så fall då den stämde alldeles utmärkt!

  13. Hey I just heard on Russia Today that russia is hosting the under 21 coksuka olympics….Sweden and russia are faves to win Gold…silver and bronze

  14. @MrLilja yea, because Europe actually gives a shit for baseball. And watches American TV. And it couldn't just be a idea somebody came up with.
    BTW it's an awesome remake if anything.

  15. There are a diffrent between Rémi Gaillard and this. Rémi where doing it for provokating this is to get the kids a memory for life.

    Sry my bad english.

  16. @TheMattGoddard
    REMI's might be better – or more self-promoting. In the Danish one it looks like the young players actually are having a good time, where in the French one the players are not in the center because that is reserved to Remi him self.

  17. How about putting association in the title to remove ambiguity seeing as youtube videos are seen from various countries.

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