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About nine years ago, we started our school garden on
an old abandoned tennis court. Kids would get their hands involved
in producing food, maybe being introduced to fruits and vegetables
that they normally wouldn’t choose. This year we produced
1,700 pounds of produce, the majority of it going
into the school foodservice. What I observe in the lunchroom
as I feed these children, because I am the school cook,
I think our kids are more inclined to choose more
fruits and vegetables. Our biggest group is the children
of Galesville Elementary helping out in
the school garden. We have other students within the
school district – the FFA, some of the high school classes –
that will come over and help. The garden provides a chance
for the teachers to come out and do some
curriculum activities there. We’re partnering with UW-Madison
in a series of lettuce trials, collecting data and sharing
that with the university. We have a lot of community
interest just because of its location. It’s right in the school yard
right next to the sidewalk, so people have a chance to see it.
They’ve kind of spread the word. We get a little financial
support from the Lions Club. We have a master gardener that
kind of leads a lot of the activities. We have parents that help out
with a after-school garden club that we run
twice a month. So your best chance
of getting support starts locally. And it’s surprising sometimes what
is all available right under your nose. – Every year we present
Standing Up For Our Rural Wisconsin Schools,
Communities, and Libraries Awards. The strength of our rural communities
is vital to the state of Wisconsin, not only just for our schools,
but for the entire state. [ Music ]

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