Think of an evil penalty, which the loser has to do ev- the loser Oh youtubers need video proof Anthony? Oh my god… Antony if you come last you have to on camera smash your mouse. I thought you were going to say… His Balls What the wrong with you? You know, if you loose Anthony, just put your testicles on the desk and just beat it with the hammer Do it! No balls! NO Literally! He will have any no- Mini AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Put it in The accident Walmart. Wow thank you! Ahahaha! We’re all good Uhh why do I have three? Cuz ur bad… Three balls? Lucky. No! I didn’t hit “F” What? Oh… I hate jumping. It’s my It’s my demise. It’s always been my demise Does this count? AAAH What? *giggle* You got it. *Thank God*, just – just stay there – just stay there just stay there *Moan* So we can jump now? I’m ready for that ball smack. I mean jumping as in like jumping on a ramp yep *Boing* Oh byeeeeeeeee Mini can you go please? okay. Thank you. Send me down! Send me down! Brian, can you go please? Oh Brian’s oh ahead of the game. Ooh here we go, long-range push; If someone doesn’t hit me *Gasp* *Cough* My God! oooooooh my god We’re here! Here comes doo doo man oh shit woah woah *insert woah meme here* Ohm you fucked us all! oh shit Oh SHIT! FUCK! Why does it take so long to sit? Fuck you Ohm What did I do? You made the things stop Oh my god. So, what kind of mouse is the new mouse? You evil bastard. Brian- Brian, you could have done take a shot or tweet something instead of how to run your peripherals like well It’s January man this videos not going to replace it *haha* Treasure island. I’m gonna hit that fucking whatever it is. oh ok. *uncontrolable laughter* He did it. And it’s closed He did it and it’s fucking close you terrible person. You’re a terrible person! was that a hole in one? yes. Why dont you suck on that mouse mothafucka? oh thank you so much. oh my god, Mini! You’re a great guy. You owe me a new mouse then. ‘Scuse me? Oops well there you go. Hey, thank you where’s Brian? I I forgive you now. Uh, jiggly? Yes? Wait, did jiggly get a hole-in-one? Yeah *building* NO, YOU SON OF A BITCH wait, wait how did Anthony’s in first, I’m just letting you all know uhhhhh Oh look. There’s a secret. Hole. Oh, no that wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m sorry did someone just hit me Oh What the fuck. Welcome back to some more fucking Plinko. NO! DON’T TOUCH ME! Oh it’s a ramp Jiggly, what did you do? I’m feeling it Brian cuz I’m the dingus. Oh here comes jiggly Does the gravity seem weird on this plinko? Yes, it’s fucked. It’s absolutely fucker. come on Please oh Dear, Oh Mini got it. I’m back here. Why do you always go that route, huh? You piece of fucking cunt. Brian’s got it. Brian’s got it. Brian’s got it. Brian’s got it. There you go you got a perfect line No, honestly you think it’s perfect and then it’s not. Ohh. You got it wait no no nope shiet WHAT THE FUCK! So is it a Corsair mouse? a Razor mouse? No its gonna be the one i fucking hang myself with here in a second. Just just just smash it Welp I’m outa’ strokes apparently This course is upside down There we go that was bullshit OHHH! OHHH! Come to me! Come to me! Don’t turn Yes, it’s gonna turn. It’s gonna turn. Do it in before it turns. Oh wait. Oh it turned to me. I dunno. okay. You got it. I did the thing. Oh there we go. Oh *woah memes again* Oh my god, I fucking hate all of you That’s quite a shawl. I don’t know if that’s Par that should be a hole-in-one oh No there we go line that cannon up jiggly I can see a little ball moving around in there Hope miss so jiggly shit Just look at the preview the preview shows exactly preview Oh Bye bye bye bye, what is it spike an ice cream cone? Yeah, I can see Brian is god-tier this game. Hey if he practices Yes, I practice watch out for that ice cream cone No, she she was straight for it record I know he’s not gonna put it in his video at least from my fucking video. I do not practice this game you do oh I had it too hard right. I’m gonna make this shout right here to prove that I just like angle Oh Manny you blocked me. No I didn’t have thing let’s go. Oh, it’s invisible What’s invisible nothing jump nothing nothing at all? Goddamn fucking games this game. This game is awful. What it what is there here? There is a lack of a thing is the fucking problem oh? Shit, yes, it’s lacking that one thing yeah, that’d be the thing it’s lacking That’s waste 37 strokes to get here terrific. Okay, shit all right. Oh that of course that works I have trust issues. I have trust issues now oh Jesus we made it we all made it look at that, okay? That actually works whoa where’s the meeting hi all these goddamn fucking pipes up here play the bow Wow oh shit which pipe Ryan what just I need to stop rolling Don’t worry even get it into a pipe, or you look fucking kidding me. I’m going in pipe to there we go Yeah, it doesn’t matter which might be going to hey There we go Oh dunked it Yeah That happened to me, but you’re also first by a country mile oh Oh, we gotta get in the mouth is that right? Come on can’t take shortcuts in this fucking game oh You see that there I had almost more like a big shot as a bank shot came alive Hello mouse mouse acceleration to someone what the All right you gotta rent a dick fern the country mouse there we go That’s what they call Oh God oh, no Brian fuck my ass oh You’re good what am I wasting your stroke on that? Oh, that’s a little too much okay reposition, I think Yeah Any day now oh? Just slap her on in yeah, and that’s not how you slide it in no way oh Yeah slap those titties Oh Fucking shit, dude welcome to 14. Yeah. Oh nice it repositioned you Anthony on you got one more and Out of strokes sometimes it’s good to look back Okay But that’s not real But what is real? What is real my anger is real? Oh? This is real though What the fuck? Oh, it’s all a dream oh? Oh wow Wait where am I Oh? Oh it reels coming Jenko oh? Honey swimming pool fucking fuck there we go my insults our guts here Excuse me game this fucking map So is this real or naw am I even real as my channel even real. No you have to go back many oh Okay, we’re having a great day everyone mimosa stroll all right oh Shit here alright that works, okay? Come on I want I just got hit by the fucking fan blades There he goes. Oh my wait. He didn’t get it. Oh my god What oh? Thank god Record this fucking game for no god He actually broke his mouse oh that mouse Yeah Yeah, did we ever find out Brandon? Why is this ball spinning? Because the mouse is now flying – I don’t know before It’s still hurdling through the air And yeah, I think he’s going to be last. Yeah, I think so too Can we get like I mean we love you Anthony comments, yeah? Because you’re Anthony, that’s all The elevator sorry no no no you got a do Super Mario on this one what? Nope whoops, okay, but you gotta let it bounce you up or something. Yeah, you got a oh My days that go was cool a ready. No, okay. Yeah, oh Fuck you Jesus we’re in meet Mike Brian has to get more than three, and I’ve won three over me Come the fucking way. I don’t know what the fuck. I’m doing man I have three more strokes together. He knows he knows no now start Shit, I am nervous Minnie all about this. What does he know many of shit? Oh shit? Oh Ron. We’ve drawn Jiggly please write your up will take joint circle you’re black at me, please I would have got that if your ball your ball on mice. I can’t speak with bright You’re still first to stop talking you okay jiggly? And just another day in the life. Anyway I came first he left the call like n subscribe all that stuff. I’ll talk to you guys later. Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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