The Effortless Forehand – How to Play Tennis Benefits, what do you feel? The power That’s a good answer Our is there without effort so I feel more power maybe you know? And where do you feel that power comes from? Yeah, where does it come from? Okay And where else Okay, yeah, let’s just use that big masters and just get a nice hit get a nice hip rotation and if you hold that racket loosely and let it Set for lives What’s the benefit of that – the ball – Yes, that’s the trick, all right, thank you Didn’t ever had that much power with that little effort It’s almost like this is hitting the ball exactly and this is chasing the ball. Yes Extending. Yes From here. Yes, exactly. Even the idea of that little bit of You can never did that before you always held it back And I didn’t realize it’s kind of locking locking me up

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Dennis Veasley

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