The US Open. Hundreds of the world’s greatest players. Sacrificing years of blood, sweat and tears. For just one shot at championship point. The 2017 Women Singles Champion…Sloane Stephens. But there is more to this moment than meets the eye. Behind the scenes of every game, set,
and match at the US Open is a complex, digital symphony. Orchestrated to capture the passion and intensity. And deliver it to millions of fans around the world. To do this, we have been on a journey of digital reinvention
with our technology partner, IBM. It starts right here, with match data… the raw material
of the US Open digital experience. The scores and stats.
The roar of the crowd. Even the emotion on the players’ faces. IBM captures information from across the US Open. And transforms it into unforgettable
fan experiences on the IBM Cloud. Not just any cloud. A hybrid cloud. Seamlessly connecting data and workloads across our
on-premise, private, and public clouds. Modernizing our core infrastructure… with open, flexible technology from IBM and Red Hat. Scaling 5,000 percent to meet surging demand. And applying advanced analytics and AI
to serve up game-changing insight to fans. IBM Watson is the AI engine of the US Open. It helps our guests navigate the tournament and the venue. It sees the action on the court, and knows
what makes a great tennis highlight. It helps coaches and players analyze
matches quickly to improve their game. From match points to manufacturing. From tiebreakers to telecommunications. From open tennis to open source. IBM is changing the game, and changing the world. Let’s put smart to work.

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Dennis Veasley

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