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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “The Coach: A Chicago High School Basketball Coach Trying To Keep Kids Safe From Violence | NBC News”

  1. SHARE THIS VIDEO!!!! CHICAGO NEEDS HELP. pretty much every inner city torn by violence and poverty in america especially black neighborhoods where nobody goes to.

  2. An American hero. I am not a nationalist, but not a dollar of foreign aid should be spent until we fix our inner city minority neighborhoods. We will spend billions for hurricane flood victims, but nothing to address a daily disaster in our cities.

  3. Believe in Jesus Christ receive his gift of salvation and eternal life accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior read the gospel follow Jesus with all your heart keep his commandment spread the word of God

  4. THANKS YOU COACH LOUIS🤗🤗🤗🤗 I just watched the documentary and I was BLOWN AWAY by the challenges you and the team have overcame! Coach Louis, HATS OFF TO YOU🎓⛑🎩👑 because you have instilled in these young men HEART‼️STRENGTH‼️, LOVE‼️ENDURANCE‼️PASSION‼️LIFE‼️COURAGE and I can go on and on. You Are Truly A HERO‼️AND SAVING LIVES‼️ DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT‼️PLEASE KEEP INSPIRING THESE YOUNG MEN, YOU ARE ONE OF OUR GREAT MEN 👑THAT THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE OF‼️ #YOU ARE TRULY A HERO⛹🏽🏆

  5. Saw this today on Dateline, which I never watch. I just want to say you coach are the best. These kids deserve so much better environment than this. Everyone does. This makes me so mad. Congratulations on winning the championship back 2 back. But of course you are much more than a basketball coach winner. I pray for your safety, your kids safety, and your City. I would say you need to run for Mayor, but these kids need you. These young men made me smile. I am from west TX and had to tell you Thank You for making a difference!

  6. He said Lou is what the Pope is to the Vatican and what Obama is to America! Sadly the assistant coach is misinformed and brainwashed about reality, thanks to Obama who sold out blacks in his own home city and didn’t do anything to stop the crime and murder that went on there from 08-2016. And the pope who covered up 100 of thousands of pedophilia and child rapes. Lou is nothing like them from what I’ve seen in the documentary.

  7. Good job boys you defeated my old high school Nashville community high school "Hornets" you guys really deserved it just like us. We havent won a championship title in years. You guys go through he'll everyday just to survive and I respect you guys for that. It's hard I lost my grandfather to suicide I can only imagine how it would feel to lose my friends to murder. With that being said it was a great game. It had me on my toes the whole time ! Those dunks will be a great memory. Never forget this day! 💓

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