This year, for the Bata Young Designers’ Challenge, we had the honor of producing the winning Italian and Czech shoes. The third winner is from Kenya, which was produced in a Kenyan factory. The Italian winner is a pair of men’s shoes called “Minimal Evolution”, which are a combination of leather and Lycra. The ladie’s “Nu:On” shoes, from the Czech winner, were also produced using a combination of leather and Lycra, this time from a neon material. The shoes are supplemented by a larger number of laces, which gives them a timeless design. The production of both shoes started in the model shop, where we created a detailed breakdown of each shoe. Each material subsequently had to be cut out and sewn. The last stage of production was assembly, where we gave the shoe its final appearance. The whole shoe is formed and the sole is glued on. The shoes are then packed in a box, marked with a wonderful tab with a portrait of each winner, and go around the whole world to customers. This year, we worked with two teams of students. We wish them interesting work in the future, that their shoes sell well, and that they encounter companies that are interested in innovative shoe design.

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Dennis Veasley

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