Should we do all new characters? Yeah why not. Everybody pick random everybody do random. Oh no. Mario? Mini Ladd: Hey I’m Marcel. Bowser Jr. again. Mini Ladd: I’am one quiffy boy. BasicallyIDoWrk: I’am Peach. BasicallyIDoWrk: Hey whats up Peach how are you doing? BasicallyIDoWrk: How are you doing Boo? BasicallyIDoWrk: Hey Boo serve it hey! BasicallyIDoWrk: Get the shit out of here boy. He plays the fucking net. fourzer0seven: I’am one bar again. Why do you think I get hit in the face so much? fourzer0seven: This is some bullshit let’s go. Yeah. Whoa. Hey, did I tell you guys that I saw the guy that’s the voice of Mario in my hotel lobby at E3? Really? Yeah. That’s fucking dope. BasicallyIDoWrk: Somersault hey! Not gonna lie. I kind of gave up. Moo: Did you see someone in a cartwheel or like what’s going on? BasicallyIDoWrk: Craig! Moo: I saw you do that cartwheel, and I was like whoop whoop whoop! Ok I didn’t mean to do that. Mini Ladd: Nice shot! Oh boy! BasicallyIDoWrk: Hello minions. Hello friends. Hey. Oh God. Yeah, you do your job though. Here’s the plan are you ready for it? Ok. There it is there is right there. Ok. One more time. Yep. I was ready for it. BasicallyIDoWrk: Scott back the fuck up Scott! “laugh” BasicallyIDoWrk: Right in your eye. Got em. fourzer0seven: That’s bullshit! Mini Ladd: Exactly, Aim and fire Marcel aim and fire. fourzer0seven: I wasn’t even that close time either. fourzer0seven: Uh, oh. Mini Ladd: Nope I tried. fourzer0seven: Let’s go! Mini Ladd: I was a little off. Moo: Uh, oh. Moo: Ooh. Moo: You like that? Moo: Uh, oh. Moo: Got em. Moo: Let’s go. Moo: Shit. Moo: Come on come on come on come on! Mini Ladd: Hello anybody? “laugh” We got some slippery balls so you better watch out Alright I worry about nothing I worry about nothing. Is that behind. Get em. Let’s go! Boom, boom, nail, coughing nail coughing nail coughing. Moo: Whatever. BasicallyIDoWrk: Ooh. Mini Ladd: Donkey Kong. BasicallyIDoWrk: Ooh, you’re giving me that Wario dog. Ok. You love bananas girl you love bananas? “laugh” The potassium. Do you want potassium girl? “making ape sounds” Moo: Shit out of here. Moo: Got em. Mini Ladd: Good job BasicallyIDoWrk: Good job Brock, good job Brock. Bam! Mini Ladd: The net play. Moo: I’m gonna pull your hair. BasicallyIDoWrk: If you don’t move your fucking cankles I swear to God. BasicallyIDoWrk: Oh, that’s me? Moo: Yes. BasicallyIDoWrk: I’m oh. Moo: Did you think you were Peach this whole time? BasicallyIDoWrk: I did this whole time! fourzer0seven: Guys could I get a new teammate? No. Moo: Look what happens when you know who you are. BasicallyIDoWrk: I was Peach last game! That doesn’t count! Mini Ladd: Brock that was actually really inspiring shit. Moo: Get him. BasicallyIDoWrk: I’m standing in the star. Mini Ladd: Yeah. Moo: Fuck you. BasicallyIDoWrk: He blocked it when did Scott learn how to block? BasicallyIDoWrk: Oh, I gotta Brock I got this Brock I got this. Back at it again. Alright. Alright. Okay guys do this Scottie. Let’s do this. Let’s go rock. You remember the days of the past? What? Look I’m not wearing pants How do you not learn Bro I’m a ghost as you go right through me I don’t take a step back like an inch They still hit me even if I do yeah, buddy I care you made up for it Do you? He stuns you Surve it you big bitch? Oh this is this is yellow but not banana. Mean will you oh you again I want to do it to him. I was gonna say, whoa Let it go was that out let it go. Yeah, then I know let it go damn not even worth not even worth Scott yeah, sorry this is that a pity point. Shut the fuck up Brock. God for fucking 0-7 Bastards what? Bullshit I’ve literally matched the keys it doesn’t do anything Alright I’m fucking done I’m like too much pressure on me. What do you mean? Exactly This game is giving me like old-school like Nintendo 64 thumb blisters. Because I’m like mashing the controller so hard. Oh boy dream team Come on, Scott. Alright, Scott. I love you so much. Okay. We’re the best of friends Okay. Oh You’re welcome. I don’t know how to do all this crazy shit you do. BasicallyIDoWrk: Just hit the balls, just hit the balls, just hit the ball Scott Scott just hit the fucking ball Scott! Who’s home. Oh my god it’s over. We don’t need to. Yay! Moo: When you when you said do it to him did you mean this? BasicallyIDoWrk: Scott just run just just run just run just run. Right because our meter I saw more meter than them Charge it up. Let’s go. Let’s go Scotty your arms. Are that look I’m not no time this time. I can’t wait to watch this back Split boys I slid down the middle boys Got talked about it that way right? Oh wait no legs. I was watching Yoshi not gonna lie. I I don’t like the random characters anymore BasicallyIDoWrk: Scott charge your shot let’s go. Mini good try. I love this silence, nasty charge it charge it charge it. Let’s go BasicallyIDoWrk: Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott. fourzer0seven: I didn’t hit it. I just hit the button. Verocious serve. Well would you look at that we both have it. Yeah, it might hit my fat fan propeller propeller, yes, you’re Wario you are you your Wario you’re Wario You ain’t gotta remind me! Okay you a beat fine Oh No Fuck They’re gonna block like wings bitch like wings bitch, they’re gonna block it but they’ll rid of it Oh who’s over here who’s over here. See I told you it happens. Shut up. Okay oh my god You’re so good at that. Wow they have them more meter there with it now Yeah, okay it’s over g-g-gee fucker would you like to do the honors Yeah, right Scott Scott we gotta block you gotta Marquis we got a baby I’m gonna even write it your balls What do we got what do we got? Okay, okay This is the same fucking teams? Yes it is. Okay, you’re dead myself. I kidnapped my doubles partner. This is Awkward. She’s clearly here under her will My son. Bowser is so slow. Yep. BasicallyIDoWrk: Scotty. fourzer0seven: I don’t know how to do the cool shit that you do. See that would be me if I was trying to do it. Fuck this. Uh, oh. Shit right there. Hi. BasicallyIDoWrk: Scott I fucking hate you! fourzer0seven: I’m getting mix signals here. Moo: You know what should we let uh let Daddy have his fun. That we guess that’ll fit Good shit. Punch! My God he’s so dirty with it. Yeah, I doubt him. I’m the dirtiest Oh boy Are you fucking serious I’m pressing the button bro. I’m pressing the button but when I say that I’m an idiot. Yeah BasicallyIDoWrk: Yeah, you wanna talk about it you wanna talk about it now Scott. You get that. Charge it’s Scotty I have you keep using this Come on we have to block it we have to block it. It’s gone back the fuck out Scott. Oh BasicallyIDoWrk: Use the slow motion you numbdy. fourzer0seven: I don’t know how to do that. BasicallyIDoWrk: What do you mean you don’t know how to use slow motion! fourzer0seven: When have you ever seen me use it? BasicallyIDoWrk: I got the one guy on my team that didn’t do the fucking tutorial! Moo: So uh you want to go back to the castle? Moo: Tell Mario that you’re in a different castle? I’m backing out. I’m backing out. I’m back now. I’m back No, no Scott. I’m ready to put everything aside and get this dub right now. Okay re slow-mo l is special boy. Wait, I’m blue It burns your meter though Okay bullshit Holy shit At least take them to dinner first fuck yeah. Yep. Oh Boy nice blonde damn it. Oh Oh, let’s go Scott I mean is out here boys just right away Oh I was like, I wasn’t even paying attention clean got nice Hello here can you fuck out it Yeah, and it I’m surprised it doesn’t get absorbed in him, oh He’s doing the fucking face yeah, I know I know my shuttle oh whoops. Oh He messes up every single star except for the one that’s all the way away from me I Don’t know why I am doing that. I just wanted so deal with it special There you go baby. Usually in the court, please run away run away Okay, what’s thank you try to hit him with that American sniper So you can’t say American sniper and let it past your face, well, that’s the Irish sniper All right, I was watching Wario not gonna lie. I hate this random. Poor, poor guy. Shot whoa too early God damn it! Mini Ladd: You nasty! Think I deserve most improved. There you go point scored six. Let’s go! Earth defeated. So I thought I was Donkey Kong. What is going on?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The BEST Way to Win a Match! – Mario Tennis Aces Funny Moments and Fails”

  1. you know it's not nice calling someone slow. How about you care about the feelings of that man eating, princess stealing, unit of a father.

  2. Tip: If your meter is full and you can't hit the ball, use your special to instantly be able to hit the ball

  3. The best way to win a match is to get Mini as a teammate. He won every match cause he finally is the best at a game.

  4. Funny, another YouTuber I watch talked about meeting Mario's voice actor. Could you two have been in the same room together?

  5. So random characters is confusing as hell and scotty is the suck at this game. Please keep this as a series.

  6. Funny you mention the guy who's the voice of Mario. He's coming to a local convention in my city and I'm hoping to meet him as well!

  7. "See what you can do when you know who you are?"
    Brock 2018

    "Wow that's actually really inspiring"
    Mini, also 2018

  8. You saw the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi at E3 and awesome thank you for the video Moo.

  9. Wanna know what's ironic when Bowser and peach where a team the oponent was there kids xD if only Luigi was chearing his daughter Rosalina and his lover peach on

  10. That Bowser vs Bowser Jr tho

    Bowser:…….son Rosalina is not your mom


  11. 5:14 I think Scott just accidently press the button when the ball reach Daisy (Scott) perfectly…. he just luck

  12. 16:45 BasicallyIDoWrk: scott, we have to block this we have to block this!
    (Scott failed to block)
    Basically: Use the slowmotion you numbdy!
    FourzerO: i dont know how to slow mo
    Basically: what da ya mean dont know to slow mo!!!??

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