they’re so good had to get a second one today we’re talking about golf swing
rotation how do we get the rotation we need to produce the results we want
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to get more rotation my man Joe from sharper golf I’ll leave a link to his
channel as well set me his swing I’m gonna break it down for you show you
what we’re trying to get him to do which is rotate and the best drill to get more
rotation in your swing okay sounds good let’s rock okay so Joe’s a really good
player and has a very very solid swing there’s just a few things we need to
work on to really get him where he can even be more consistent more power more
control and we’re gonna start off with his backswing okay if you just look at
his backswing he does the classic kind of rotate everything move which you know
kind of makes sense but it gets you in a little bit of trouble notice he’s he’s
here and he’s bringing that Club way inside that’s a combination of trying to
keep it low and rotate that face open at the same time and when you do that
that’s what it looks like right here and then he’s very what we call laid off
at this position and we need to fix that a little bit okay just a little tweak is
gonna make a huge difference right here then if we look at his face on view okay
this is a critical and compared him to let’s say the Tiger Woods obviously the
greatest player Ivor right so we can learn a lot and a couple things you’re
gonna learn is this one Joe he likes to transfer his weight to his back foot
when you do that you slide off the ball too much so he’s sliding off the ball
and he’s transferring that weight over here and then he stays back on his
downswing thus his hands are way behind the ball we always talk about forward
shaft lean here’s the thing is you’re not really trying to get your hands
forward all you really want to do is look at Tiger okay
he doesn’t shift to his right side he rotates and creates a little bit of
space in between where his hips started and where they are at the top of his
backswing and then he moves his lower body as it’s rotating it’s moving
forward into that front where the front hip was and now he’s like half his body
is ahead of where it started out that’s why his hands are so far forward at
impact because his body has his lower body has rotated and moved forward
therefore his hands are connected to that point he’s not trying to get
forward shaft lean it happens because he’s rotating through the shot and
transferring that weight around his body to that forward foot Joe he hold he
stays back thus his hands are back she can get a very high weak iron shot with
not much nobody called compression you’re not compressing that ball because
your hands are behind the ball and impact so we’re gonna change that
through a drill we’re gonna work on it’s gonna fix everything at the same time
you’re gonna love it here we go get your alignment stick okay that’s all
you really need and I’ll show you how this is gonna help you on your backswing
from this view and then our face on view at the same time so you’re just gonna
hold your alignment stick down shaft right here what we’re trying to do
is take that back watch okay so I got one shaft down on
the ground one shaft right here up against my left side and I’m gonna take
that back and as I’m taking it back I’m not gonna rotate my hands open I’m gonna
keep that shaft kind of against my body the whole time and work it up and have a
shut face it’s gonna feel shut it’s not really that’s where where you want it to
be okay so instead of this that shaft would come this stick would come off my
body I wanted to stay on my body right to this point right in here and then
we’re gonna work up here and then I want that shaft to go this way and flatten
out here that’s going to be the move okay we’re going to practice this over
and over and over up here up here there you go we’re just doing like 3/4
power less than 3/4 power coming up here just attached to my body to my hands get
about 3 o’clock and then up and you have to rotate or the stick whacks you in the
side and you have a mark right here it’s not gonna be pretty
okay so if you flip I’m hitting my ribcage but if you rotate you get your
body out of the way and you’re not hitting yourself so we want to go half
power maybe less than half power and just get that move going get the move just keep working that now the other
piece of it you can do at the same time I’ll show you that from over here okay
the next thing is as you’re doing this stick drill you’re rotating right here
you want to keep an eye right here okay you don’t want this to ever go out here
you don’t want that to happen you want this to go around like this okay that’s
your back swing right in here and then as you come forward you’re rotating
through so this let’s say it’s right there where you started right right on
your hip you rotate and then when you come forward you want it to be about in
the middle of your body and thus your hands would be forward of where you
started but the club head has to be back because that’s where the ball is so your
hands will automatically be ahead of the ball because your weight is rotated and
moving this direction that’s how you get that forward shaft lean it’s through
rotation though cuz you gotta you can’t just slide your body forward and no
rotation that’d be bad you’ve got to rotate and the body’s
moving forward so now your hips are here now you’re here when
you make impact so just make a conscious effort like I’m not going here I’m just
doing this right in here while using this so that’s the drill like for guys
like Joe and if it’s like you you’re gonna need the exact same drill to get
the rotation you need to get those hips turning otherwise you’re gonna hit your
side all the time and if you’re looking for more forward shaft lean it’s the
same exact drill because that’s getting your hands ahead of the ball that’s why
your weight has to come forward on your downswing but it can’t go back you’re
not you’re losing power as your hips shift to the right so don’t do that let
you do it a lot okay warm up like that that’s your drill you constantly go back
to this you can never do enough of these alright this drill has been around a
long time and it’s tried-and-true it’s going to get you the pieces that you
need to make better ball contact and get better rotation more power through that
ball so after about a ten thousand times then you should be good okay for a long
time and hopefully you saw it and it’ll start making a different sound
and that’s called compression ball contact crisp ball first divot later
it’s gonna be good so there that’s the simple drill for more rotation Joe I
hope it helps you out alright and that you really start making better ball
contact those hands will start going forward and you’ll stop losing distance
and hitting these weak iron shots I’ll leave a link for Joe’s channel sharper
golf check them out good luck to you man hope you’re getting better and doing
some more cool golf content thanks for watching the video hope this helps hope
this helps everybody you know just improve our games grow get better learn
more shots more techniques more drills it’s constantly trying to improve
alright I love you guys see you in the next video

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Dennis Veasley

68 thoughts on “The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill!”

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