okay I’ve got this net right there
there’s a few holes in it because my son crushes the ball and he knocked a few
holes in it so I think today we have a little solution for that let’s do it these guys are net plays right there
they sent me the new and improved version of this guy so we’re gonna see
how she works I love I love this one that one’s been there’s a few things I
love I love my motivo golf mats which I hit off of and I love the net play net
the ball kind of comes back in there fantastic I’ll leave a link below for
this guy we’ll see and you let me know if you like I like it already this guy’s red red
versus yellow it comes with a nice carrying case I’ve never used a carrying
case for this one because I’ve never taken it down leave it up don’t but it
comes with one probably won’t need it the net I know what you’re thinking it
looks exactly the same except for the color you’re wrong this is the key it’s
got a target got a target on it and this this guy will protect the center area of
the net so I won’t get any holes anymore comes with the warranty card we got
these dudes and constructions that’s what it’ll look like when we’re done I’m
gonna read the directions this time they’re just pictures kind of tell you
what to do done pretty good so far pretty easy to set up
and you can see how’s easy all right you got these guys
so this goes on the back bar that holds it and then I don’t really use this
thing but it kind of holds the back piece from going side to side and then
these these doohickeys what you do is you use them on the bottom corners of
the net just pull it back gives it a little tension so it’s supposed to shoot
the ball back at you sort of returns it somewhat I don’t know how it’s gonna
work with the target on there if it’ll still return we’ll check that out let’s
put it in position and we’ll hit some shots looks good in there I know you’re
asking like why don’t I just leave it there well I have a sprinkler right
behind it so I like it to be pushed back another like three or four feet three
feet so that it’s in it’s behind the sprinkler I know that’s why I got to
push it through the thing I’ll get that done though let’s hit some all right I’m gonna rock some five irons
in there first first first time I hit the target put a
hole in it that’s not good okay it sounds like I’m shooting guns okay if
you hit the white part of the target it hasn’t broke yet but if you hit the
black part there’s let’s see what else okay I can’t stand it I can’t I can’t
take it I can’t I um okay the target piece no good it’s so
good I’m taking it off hold on whoever thought of this I mean it’s a
good idea it’s just horrible execution I was worried about it when I felt the
material of this you should make okay I like the target idea okay you should
make it out of something else like a canvas or something a mat like that’s
this is ridiculous it was only a 5-iron I didn’t even hit it that hard all right
so this piece is doing good all right you don’t need the one with the target
let’s check out the net by itself I love the other net net plays you do fantastic
Nets that thing though is you need some work okay needs a little bit of work a
lot away you two need to overhaul that piece of it I love that it comes back you can’t you
can’t beat the return feature that’s fantastic then that’s great the Nets
made great uh it’s easy to put up I would had it up in minutes looks good
portable the whole deal okay net plays fantastic quality nets I recommend a
Mahdi’s I have two them now they’re basically the same net both ten by ten
one’s got the yellow X and one has the red X the red X comes with the target
the targets junk it doesn’t work it’s gonna break in like one ball which it
did so forget don’t pay extra for the one with the target just get the one
without a get the you know whatever you don’t need the target it’s not worth it
um the nets though fantastic fantastic and this is a ten by ten in size so they
make different sizes I will leave a link below for net plays you can check out
the different ones that they offer I love the net the net will remain up
I’ll probably just use the old one cuz that’s fine the holes don’t bother me
right now and I’ll put that one maybe just off to the side have a second
hitter no problem warming up great little golf
school here will do that anyways just a little review of the net they make a
good product I will I’m gonna bash on that but they make a good product
alright so it’s just one little hiccup the rest of it’s fantastic the main
piece is good it’s great accessory no bueno okay alright so here to review
stuff give you an honest opinion what I think is good what I think is bad like I
said most of this one is good alright it’s worth it
I’ll leave links below hope you like this little video subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t done so already I love you guys we’ll see you in the next
video watch I’ll put two sets
hang tight I can have one one person hitting here
one person hitting here like a little mini a little mini range I like it net plays thanks again well

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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “The Best Golf Practice Net!”

  1. Matt, those instructions you threw to the side might have said to put the target behind the net. Everyone else seems to have the same idea. With that much tension, no matter what you make that target of it will fail.

  2. I see the other comments and that was my first thought too. Read the directions and I believe they probably say the target mounts behind the net.

  3. I guess the target could go behind the net but the directions clearly have it in front. I don't think they thought the target would be used for golfing.

  4. my cheap net has the same target, same effect of punching holes thru it, that material is totally unsuitable for golf balls.

  5. Love your review videos on items that I think about buying, here is this 10x10x10 cage that amazon has for sell thas around $380. Thats what I have been thinking of getting. But again great video!

  6. Can't wait to hear what their explanation is on why the target was so crappy. Please let us know. I'd like that resolved before I consider buying one. How easy is it to take down?

  7. Hi, Mat. Thanks for your feedback on target panel, we will keep going to improve our products to more durable and flexible. If there is any quality issue on this product, please contact us, we will send you a new one to replace it. Thanks again. [email protected]

  8. So I have been debating getting a net like this but I wonder…do your neighbors ever complain about the noise?

  9. The candid nature of this review is fantastic…and hilarious all at the same time! When you popped a hole in that black piece the first time….too funny! Keep up the great work. Your video on long irons changed my life for the better, of course…this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXTpD6EiYdE

  10. Matt are you sure that the target part does not need to be placed behind the net??? That plastic material looks too stiff to absorb a golf ball hit…

  11. When I was a kid, my grandfather use to practice , all winter, hitting into a huge canvas tarp. "WHACK!" I can still hear it 50 years later..

  12. Sometimes a little commonsense goes a long way lol . Still love your videos buddy .God BLESS AMERICA and DONALD Trump SEMPER FI AMERICA

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