And so I’m like No, like I really I don’t have a hand to be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and you’re calling and find the good in it Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if it’s your first time here. My name is Kristie Sita. This is Toto And I post videos every Wednesday and Friday. So make sure you guys subscribe and turn on those post notifications So you never miss a video on my channel.. Toto – stop it! That’s enough I have to work now So for today’s video I thought I would share a little bit of a story time that have actually been teasing you guys about for like a couple months now because Back, I think it was maybe two months ago I did a video on how kids have reacted to my amputation and I teased you about a story that happened on Disney Descendants 2 set when I was filming a dance scene and this is like my top reaction for sure of people finding out about my amputation or seeing my amputation with the first time and yeah, so today I’m gonna give you a little bit of a story time on what went down and what this man thought of my Arm, let’s just get into it Okay, so we were filming that it’s going down scene which is pretty much the Pirates going against the VK’s and So I was in my pirate costume and I always in descendants 2 – I didn’t have it number three But number two I had this a glove that went over top of my arm, and there’s like this really cool leather Spunky glove that Kenny wanted me to have to protect the end of my arm Because there’s lots of floor work and stuff on the pirate ship and so Toto, hey, nooo and so I had this leather glove on and so went all the way up and it probably went to about here I would say so I’m walking up to the pirate ship because this is where we’re filming We pretty much Built this massive pirate ship and I’m about to walk up and I forget I think it was one of the sound guys I’m not exactly sure what department he was but he’s like he comes up to mean he’s like ‘Hey, how did you get your hand in there ?’ and I’m like ‘what?’ and he’s like ‘ like how did you get your hand so tightly squeezed inside your glove?’ and I’m like ‘there’s no hand in there?’ and he’s like ‘no like how did you? how did you get it on?’ and I was like ‘no like I don’t, I don’t have a hand..’ And he’s like ‘how?’ and he just was not understanding what was going on and so I’m like ‘no, like I really, I don’t have a hand’ and I pulled up my thing and there was obviously just my Stump there no hand and this guy was just like flabbergasted Is that even a word? flybergasted? flabbergasted? surprised? he was just like oh my gosh, what have I just done and what have I just said and so Pretty much. He was just like fish out of the water didn’t say anything. He’s like, I’m so sorry. I had no idea I thought you crammed your hand inside there and blah blah blah blah blah and I’m like no, this is uh, this is all I got – no squeezing. No squeezing allowed. It’s just me and my little stumpy do and and uhhh *laughs* totoooo and yeah, so that was probably one of my Favorite reactions so far. I guess I would probably be just because it was literally like he was so convinced that I had Stuffed my arm into a fist and put it into this sleeve and I wish I still had the sleeve But I know I have it somewhere in my house but I couldn’t find it for filming but and it’s so skinny like my arm is so skinny and it didn’t add much like width I can’t speak English today!!!!! Right Toto?? Yeah, it was so skinny. I’m like there’s literally no way that you could fit like But I mean, it’s okay to him I guess he was just curious and he was so cute He kept apologizing like all week on set after saying I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I was like, it’s really okay Like I make jokes about myself all the time, but you said it’s not even like a bad thing at all I’m like, it’s fine fine. So he’s like I’m so sorry. I feel so bad Never saw the guy again. I’ve never seen them on another film set one of my best reactions for sure I’m like, I will never forget this moment when you thought I Crunched my hand into a fist and stuffed it into a glove. Hey Totoooooo You can’t do this if I’ve gotta work you’ve gotta just chill or you can’t be on my lap and If you’re wondering why I’m filming with him like this It’s because he is in a puppy stage where he likes to bark when he’s not in my arms Yes, because he loves me so much. And so yeah, that’s my story time for today I hope you guys enjoy I know I’ve got a couple more Disney descendants stories If you guys want to keep hearing them if you do Comment down below or do we have any questions about me working on there? And if you haven’t seen my last video Which I did kind of a video on how it got into Disney and the audition process and the filming process and everything Oh my gosh, you’re so cute. And you also need a haircut so bad I did that and I posted it last week? so I’ll link it up here and you guys can go check that one out as well and Yeah, I hope you guys loved to the film Descendants 3 just got released I think like two weeks ago now and if you haven’t seen it go check it out You can catch me in number two and number three. So this story is from number two, but Yeah, go check it out guys, and I love you so much And I’m sorry that this is a little bit of a shorter video, but it’s just a quick little story time for you So I hope you enjoy it. I hope you laughed and Next time you see someone in the glove don’t think that maybe their limb is stuffed in there? If it looks pretty unrealistic just kind of go with the flow and be like, oh There’s probably not a limb in there just for future reference you guys ever have these weird situations that I tend to always have And I’ll keep you posted on more amputee reaction videos because they’re always happening because I’m always seeing people for the first time and some people If you haven’t seen my kids video again, you can watch it. I’ve linked it down below They just scream and freak out and go ‘ahhh mummmay’ Without the accent cuz we live in Canada But they just freak out where some people will just stare some people or ask Relevant questions or some people will ask irrelevant questions and so it’s a little bit of everything dealing with this little stumpy-doo so I Keep posted and I’ll keep you guys updated on reaction videos. I love you so much Don’t forget to comment down below what you want to see next or other story times that you want to hear I love you guys so much Toto’s just busy touching my boobies What are you doing, buddy? I love you guys so much. Don’t forget to subscribe So you never miss one of mine in Toto’s videos because he seems to appear in every single one of them so I love you guys so much and yeah, turn on the specifications comment down below give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Love you so much. Have a good rest of your day. I love you. You’re beautiful and

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