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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “The Athletic Boy – FULL Movie (Drama, Romance) 💥”

  1. Guys I've got a line up of inspiring stafss coming up,Hit that Subscribe button on my channel for updates,, God bless

  2. I absolutely loved this movie, the story characters and acting… This is so inspirational and looks like a live story… thank you for giving such a beautiful gift to the world.

  3. This is what people need to watch and learned in life and stop bothering themselves with hopes of helps coming from other people. You need to figure it out yourself. No one will do it better than you. Find that thing you good at and keep working on it.

  4. Wooooow whats a bad movie I ever seen in my live fuck please can you delete this shyett on my way😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. ..Dont waste what you have got..
    Its hard you will feel like you die but in the end there sth waiting for you out there that will make you the happiest so dont give up its worth the pain

  6. One of the best realastic movies
    That inspire you that till you that you can acheive your dream in the real life and EVERYTHING HAVE A PRICE NOTHING IS FREE

  7. What a inspiring movie! Work as hard as you can to be where you dream to be…you have the inner strength.

  8. NOOOOOOOOO! what happened to the ending? I know he won, because of the trial on the dock, but it would have been great to see the look on St. James face when he beat him. I enjoyed this movie to the max. I would definitely share it. Two thumbs up.

  9. Wow it was amazing
    But the subtitles wtf
    He said to her "i have something to do" and the subtitles "i have some dick" 😬

  10. I love this movie I love this movie Whatever challenges that you face in life you must not give up believe in yourself and you can achieve anything 💜👏

  11. It was an uplifting view, interesting no-one that i have read has commented on how the girl never gave up on him and it was " no strings" = she was in a different way amazing as well.

  12. Just a lil out of the way question: the boat made me realise it was Seattle “fifty shades” and then I realised that maybe Drew’s mom was mrs. Robinson from fifty shades sequel!

  13. am a female soccer player, after watching this movie, I feel I don't do much to get to where I want to be. has inspired me to work more

  14. I'm a runner myself but I'm only young I'm eleven and can run 5K in just over twenty mins this movie is very good the start is a bit like me people would bet that i would win against other people I definitely recommend this move

  15. So, that curly haired guy 2:35 was playing the role Noah in the After movie. And he's also running in the field when Tessa came home. Seems like he's really an athlete irl.

  16. His father murdered, Coleman death, his brother being imprisoned all of this to get him well motivated to win the Race or say to Run..

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