The 7Smoke Tennis Project is a series of community-made levels for the Serious Sam series of first person shooter video games created by members of the “7Smoke” gaming community. The idea behind the project stems from Youtube Tennis videos, in which two or more creators collaborate to create a video series with the author continously alternating between videos. In our version, several modders are arranged in a random order and create a campaign of custom levels with each level contuining the story of the previous one. We’ve already made 4 of these custom campaigns, each increasing in size, with our fourth one having a large amount of 14 modders working on it! This made it one of the largest custom campaign for the third Serious Sam game, and one of the very few largely created with original content. Last year we put out a call for modders to join for a fifth time – we got an amazing total of 20 sign-ups! Because a 20-level campaign would be so large, we decided to split the modders, and create two seperate campaigns at the same time dubbing them “Red Edition” and “Blue Edition”. And this casting call is for the Blue Edition, which is nearing completion! We have 12 characters awaiting a voice, with a majority playing crucial roles in the story. The backdrop of Tennis 2018 Blue is a fantasy dream world – where our main character, the Dream Wanderer, must traverse and battle through “dream realms” in lands once brimming with beauty. Along the way, he gets the assistance of a strange little green talking skull – Murray. You’ll find the details in the description. about the project as a whole, and the story – as well as some payment details. Our collections of characters each need a distinct vocal range, so I’m hoping there’s something in there that interests you. Thank you for your time! and we’re looking forward to your audition!

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “The 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018 Blue Edition: Voice Actors Wanted!”

  1. Is there still a place for a red edition ? I made levels like ,, Magic and Cube'' and have enough experience to make a good level

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