Meet THE 01 from VIRTUE.
Well, don’t actually meet it. It’s an inanimate object. But whatever. You get the idea. Anyway, this is the THE 01 from VIRTUE designed with the sole intent of
reflecting the simplicity and efficiency of high intensity functional training. At
VIRTUE our goal is to do more with less. Fitness isn’t complicated. Fun fast. Lift
heavy. Breathe hard. Honest intense work. That’s what defines
functional training. That’s what defines THE01. It ditches anything unnecessary
leaving a shoe that’s minimal, functional, and affordable. It does more with less. To
help prove it I’m here at CrossFit 760 in Carlsbad, California –
big thanks to owners and all-around great guys Casey and Scott Partlett – to
put THE 01 through its paces to show you why THE 01 is worth your support.
First it’s stable and powerful. THE 01 plants your feet firmly on the floor to
power you through cleans, jerks, snatches and squats. It’s anchored by a specially
tuned squat watch that provides 6mm of rock solid heel lift and
forms the bottom half of a dual-density midsole designed for stability and power
transfer under weight as well as all-around comfort for gymnastics and bodyweight movements. Add in a formed heel cup, and you have a solid shoe that can
handle just about anything the barbell throws at you. Though please do not throw
barbells. THE01 is comfortable. We’ve taken everything the fitness community
has learned when it comes to foot shape and put it into one package. It’s
definitely not a pointy running shoe, but it’s not a gigantically wide clown shoe,
either. It’s that perfect middle ground for everything from olympic lifts to
sprints. Though we all know running is just the worst. And because it’s so
minimal THE01 is almost 40% lighter than some of the leading training shoes
on the market. Plus it’s durable. A ballistic nylon upper can take a beating, and after a couple of early prototypes were hilariously shredded by some rope
climbs we can confidently say the diamond plate rubber outsole will last
for months. All this comes together to create a
training shoe that’s incredibly versatile, to help put your best foot
forward for all the constantly varied, high intensity workouts you can come up
with. Beware that first tire flip, though. It’s probably full of old rainwater. And
that’s really it. THE 01 is about as functional and minimal as they come, and
minimal equals affordable. A pair of 01s at our special Kickstarter prices
start at less than half the cost of some of the most popular training shoes on
the market without sacrificing any of their core functionality. Quite simply
THE 01 does more with less. We have big plans for the future of VIRTUE and
THE 01, but we need your help to get our feet off the ground. Read on through
the campaign for more info on things like colors, sizing, and features, and if
you believe in our mission to prove what’s necessary, and especially what
isn’t, in footwear made for functional fitness help bring virtue and THE 01
to life. Pledge now to be the first to get your hands on a pair, and share with
all your friends, family, and box-mates to help us prove that together we can do
more with less.

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Dennis Veasley

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