Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Steam PC Xbox 1 Volleyball game beach volleyball yes guy volleyball unbound gaming okay set this guy tip it buddy tip it I
was a weak-ass tip buddy pelipper – welcome back – yes guy gave him we’re
back playing spike volleyball I apologize guys for how long it’s been
we’re gonna jump back into the career moment playing Tunisia so we’ll see how
this goes gonna have some fun let’s get right into
it good evening and welcome to this match between two look at this record
bondage and this b2g we’re moving onward to the tournament with a match between
Canada between it is Canada yeah that guy was yelling a little bit too eagerly
hey if you need some voice actors give yes guy gaming a call you’ve heard me
say that all right here we go we’re back into this game it’s been a while since I
played this game I apologize let’s see what we got let’s try a float why I
don’t know it’s a risk if sometimes goes out of bounds
okay stack up the block let’s go for the successful block get this guy oh yes I
was on that I went up late too and everything like why did it go out that
way it doesn’t make any sense doesn’t it it’s ridiculous
let’s get that back middle play it going you know I like that one yeah dump it what the hell is that
don’t give me the dump option if you don’t let me at least jump yeah okay now
we’re on the back plate bounce it buddy yes I love that play that guy gets so
high like God nice bounce dude all right let’s try the
seeker let’s seek it deep corner yo that guy’s got a good sir everybody’s so devastated by that mr. it
was this far out of bounds and the guy falls to us like he’s so disappointed my
bad all right what do we got yep
is he gonna dump it now oh we dug it I almost had the successful dump get over
there what what happened what happened I got it
it’s Tunisia about three – how was it three – already I gotta pay better
attention did they score the first one tool miss sir
leave that guy you can’t put it away good jig set this guy outside well how
about a tip what gosh I gotta figure my shit out Oh
set the right side guy that’s what the problem is I’ve been bringing this noise
let’s go come on feels so good that guy’s way up there
and hitting it straight down you cannot stop him all right I need to just you
know what just get it in just get it in we’ll play some deep where’s it going
definitely I did not expect sea ball yep good team
maybe we’ll set a seat ball at our own deep corner yes nice way up there again
it’s time gonna get deep corner yeah that’s a rare plane all right just get
it in love success if he just gets it in all right fake this way then go see ball
I knew it Oh guys I’m looking for the successful
blocks and it’s just not in the cards right now that guy is such an idiot
why is the Libero diving for that by the way what are you thinking dude right
through the guy’s legs is there no collision in this game just
get it in just get it in now stack out the block get outside and
come back because you know that yeah good dig what it was such a good dig I’m
in at the great block right through the pits
sizzling those pits really dumb I gotta figure it out yeah set the middle guy
back and go for the short tip oh the longer I press it yeah she screwed it up
completely you’re an idiot bad what do you what do
you think all right down the line let’s rip an ace take some risk that ace yes began but same serve rip
that shit he’s on it this time going middle oh okay set this guy tip it buddy
tip it I was a weak-ass tip buddy but right in the net oh I shouldn’t have
played that sea ball deep corner oh we dug it
what get up and block this boys come on Oh hit it in the net he is so devastated
after hit that internet2 why are they showing this come on
spike volleyball figure your shit out short serve why Yolo
people say that any more than you know block this guy yes successful blog come
on this is a good one get out love that I needed that serve
it’s short again cuz they’re gonna have to set it outside to that guy I’m gonna
stack up the triple successful block get this guy oh you got two old boys what
are you thinking about the pits the armpits jeez nice pass set the middle
guy tip it over here all we blocked me what that would have been a great tip
but they were so late to that they swatted it back damn it I let them tie
it up all right now is where I got to pick it up set the guy back he’s in the
front row what it blocked me again alright I gotta
pick my shit up I can’t believe I let them block me again yep
set the guy back and just bounce it like just bounce it what buddy
what okay I got it what am i oh I’m speechless big guy the
big oh my god did you see that the big unit
bounce it the guy in the shoulder it accelerated after after it hit the
ground alright guys aggressive rip at that
guy’s oh that’s needed that dick recive net flipper ties it up at 11 this guy’s
got some pace on his serve the net flipper head yes let’s go come on this
guy’s got some heat another net flipper yes on a rule like if guys could do this
in real life a net flipper on purpose be insane that flipper again yeah that
really hurts for the wind buddy for the wind on a net
flipper full pace net flipper office space the pack on the net
and Canada it was eleven nine percent and then I went very nice moves what I
have neckla present a row for the wind coach likes that all right same sir
let’s see if that net flipper works with a guy with not as much pace oh it didn’t
then flipper but a guy got soul added nutmeg baby look at this slow-mo right
through the guy’s legs he makes an adjustment step only never go right
through his legs what a knob hit that again buddy he’s on at that time where’s
it going fake them out yeah they go back so
frequently oh I’m on that who’s open set that fake unit back bounce it right
there buddy yes oh my god what are you like they even stacked out there he just
bounced oh my goodness it’s a beast keep serving buddy looking for that necklace
for salade or well what this guy’s not ripping at that hard and I’m getting
Asus is it because I’m aiming in the seam is that a thing like they got mixed
up if I hit that seam is that an ace is that ace territory down that seam
well it wasn’t that time fake this way oh he’s going this way good dig who’s
available he didn’t even is that my fault like I
waited to see who was gonna back off the net but nobody did whatever pass up
three one to stay tough good pass set this guy back short tip over there
nobody’s there they ballin back and I just tipped it
over it was sick look at they come over for the triple goes to oh he went up
like this and then tipped it with his left hand nice play buddy you’re a smart
guy this guy’s got a cannon fake this way cuz then he’s gonna set back I could
I’d known him every time whoa good dig bring it back to this guy
and he’ll bounce it sharp yes then wait what wait what Oh we do that
you bastard good take it’s not the big unit back
balance it big guy never do we get it yes come on and we have a technical
every time I start this game that feels completely different than the last time
like I’ve gotten aces in the seam I got blocked me a few times what that
seemed like an easy ass serve and the guy just missed it I will take it like
is this team just not that good I don’t even know fake left side then they oh oh
they’re gonna go I had my guys going all over the place except the big guy back
hit oh oh I don’t know guys look at that I will take that he it’s just straight
from way back what is going on nice hit that scene like is this a nice spot a
mediocre serve in the scene gotta go back now get on this guy Oh buddy Oh God
I tried to go late but late doesn’t seem to work either what happened to do is
there an update I don’t even know I should have done some research yep
is the dump open yes it is oh you got dog you idiot get this guy get this guy
yes another successful block come on let me
this replay an eagle nice let’s just block nobody does anything with a barrel
just goes like this like he gave up on that he’s a spy
sit down this scene buddy Taylor you’re a big Union buddy having trouble over
here on this guy get him real really I press the button there I’ve promised you
guys it’s alright I’m doubling their score I can’t get cocky death could pass
the dump is not there but he’s got tip it just there dude you tipped it in the
net what oh go yes set the middle again tip it right there all off the block
up in there show me Joey so goes up tips it with his
left hand it’s just hang in there blah oh no the
defender tried to play and it goes way over there nice I will take it alright
the corner is screaming at me Moreau my guy hmm
see fall action will try to block this oh that tool terribly come on buddy we
out well okay fair fair wow I was doubling them down six nine that’s right
set the tip so I panicked I didn’t know what the
heck was happening there I tipped I was nervous I thought he blocked it down
speaking a little bit too fast relax oh we’re size matters when you need it I
forgot size matters just because I forgot size matters doesn’t mean the
size still doesn’t matter you guys trust it’ll be back
nice serve buddy size matters eleven six okay our leads back up let’s try
something different a float maybe I just pressed it once oh that was trouble
somehow good dig who’s open sea ball and we’ll
go for the tip are you kidding me sorry that was hilarious I tipped that
it was gonna be perfect please swatted it back set the middle
guy tip it over there it’s a high – that guy was all over it
terrible hit up on this guy when he miss it completely
janeshia fault what happened they got the point
then he missed his serve what is happening in this game this game has
gotten worse all of a sudden what that the clique is back not good fake it fake
it out just everybody go everywhere and get up for the block all that
accelerated off the block way out of bounds
hey because I was having them go all over the place yikes twelve nine okay
I’m still in control I gotta stay focused we want that win
yeah good pass set the guy back are they both up on it tip it over there oh oh oh
who’s playing where there went off his face or something I don’t know I’ll take
it what is happening guys I am loving the tip though I’m seeing some poor way
over there this guy’s got some heat whoa it’s definitely going back sit get over
there so close to that Oh relax I got to stay
focused everybody does everybody rip uh spin
serve it set the Big Unit back look for the sharp bounce buddy oh great angle on
that replay for these shot the ball is not even in framed
let’s go camera crew figure it out the guy I just get it I’ll just give me the
easiest serve of all time guys let’s get a successful block get back oh yes
successful block for the way boys are selling about that justice to zero
booing the same times against such motivated opponents can’t have been easy
but they did it it bodes well for the next match they can relax just yet
though the competition is far from over thank you for being here with us
shut up okay we sent out some agents to get a middle blocker three-star chance
it was 80% luck it’s the moment of truth you’ve got to be kidding me are you
kidding hi coach scouting the Oceanian summer final u19
competition didn’t go too well unfortunately I’ve come back without any
players to make your team stronger we’ll do better next time you’re all getting
fired glad to see I’ve got plenty of current
events you know to keep to keep improving my team to keep the gameplay
fresh after each game to get you know different events and to manage my agents
glad there’s plenty of opportunities for me to do that not anyway guys that’ll do
for this episode thank you so much for supporting this channel this series I’m
sorry I’ve been away for a while hopefully I’ll be back with some more
consistent content coming for you guys I love making these videos just been super
busy but hopefully we’re getting back in hopefully to grow this channel the next
goal we’re getting close to three thousand subscribers which I got a
special video planned for three thousand subscribers but of a celebratory video
maybe it’s premature maybe this channel never makes it but hopefully we’ll get
there only with the help of you guys so if you haven’t subscribed hit that
subscribe button man I would love to get to 10,000 subscribers that would be a
goal because I think at 10,000 YouTube sends you one of those copper play
button plaque things which which would be so nice we’d love to get one of those
hang it I don’t know we’re using every video you freakin hike anyways thank you
guys for watching we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Steam PC Xbox 1 Volleyball game beach volleyball yes guy volleyball unbound gaming

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  1. Check me out on Xbox if you can. I started a club for people to play…. gamertag: El Choco Man

    Thanks for the fun videos bro

  2. Wish you would upload spike volleyball more and more videos in general. I don’t wanna sound negative because I love your volleyball channel <3
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