Hi Today we test the Hurricane 3 Provincial Neo To begin with, the Hurricane 3 is the most recognizable product of DHS. This stemmed from the fact that the entire staff of the Chinese game is this cladding on forehandzie. Today, Ma Long, Zhang Jike, XuXin, Fan Zhendong, once Wang Liqin, Chen Qi Unfortunately this is what staff has nothing to do with what we can get in the store. Versions of the National Hurricane primer in blue and white square box come to the astronomical price of $ 100 or more. Chinese themselves form these imitations lining hard as stone. In many articles we can find, including information that the Chinese people would tune extra cover. Xu Xin Tune so hard that must use a primer 2.0, because the MAX has not passed it on to the judges. From what I was able to find staff is no exception. All Chinese league uses very strong tuning. In Europe, they are offered to you. Subject Tuning is very extensive leave it to the other material. we have a lot Hurrcane version. Old versions of which have been renovated some support new top of Hurricane NEO. Versions of provincial, national versions and views produced by Nittaku National versions of the best let it go I even like it to get the original showed its true properties of the best I firmly tune. We’ll pay for it twice as much as the best provincial versions. and the end result will be a little better or very similar Version provincial lining is produced in smaller Chinese manufactories with better materials. Such manufactories in China is more than one. From various sources we can get different versions of Hurricane provincial. This is typically the production league players. So if we get the liner in the provincial version we can be sure that such uses some less well-known Chinese league player. Even if it is less well known, and so is the best league in the world table tennis and each player represents a very high level there. Versions provincial recognize the two truncated corners and stamp in the lower right corner. the back of the pack usually find information about the hardness of color. Versions with background orange and very tempting versions with blue primer. Like I said the blue versions are often much harder and much worse for them the game. Hurricane 3 provincial is a tough adhesive chinese woman and that when played półvoleyem flew as far as is reasonably need to hit harder. Sometimes it feels that slows down too hard and the player on the other side maybe a little smother the ball. Overall, a good control of the ball and where we want to execute a complete movement. When you release the hand and played a more passive can have problems. Not everyone will be fit to play this lining topspin. The ball goes flat and you have to put a lot of speed. For a person who plays typically covers the first European contact with a Chinese will argue that it is impossible to bring out the rotation. For this type of lining to be learned proper hand movement. This must be more extensive movement, the bat is more flat. In one workout on Aug. do not we switch. It is like the pivots. They have begun to do this job you have to play with half a year. Not all have the patience. Not everyone will be able to play but this will be where the lining type fits your style. These will be people who have strong legs. On the other hand, the Chinese kids to assume this type of cover and small are able to play this. The issue przyzywyczajenia. and the effect is as seen in the ITTF rankings It’s hard to find Chinese who does not play the leading Chinese woman on a forehandzie and Hurricane 3 is the most popular. Topspin at the table where we want to play. This is the advantage of the cladding, that we are able to play the point Select the place of attack that are most unpleasant to block. e.g., deep forehand and backhand deep In contrast, as we use a combination of football in one of these places we get a quick victory action. This principle has to all but lining adhesive pads typically performed them with greater precision. aiming even in the white line Block The adhesive surface helps a lot the right angle is not much of a problem after each ball rebound slows We shorten the distance and some are surprising is on his feet in a half distance Those who have more to do with playing this type of cladding They can take advantage of this by going to the table to finish the stronger or more angle. Even on a very strong topspiny keep a lot of control was possible to block the execution. The main problem is a matter of individual settings player and predisposition. Kontartopspin in the second zone of the game is really nice there is a lot of time to play a full comprehensive movement through which we extract so much turnover, it’s hard opponent to play the next point. after a while the game Hurricane the player gets used and plays a lot more lateral rotation At the same time it is related to the angular game more profound in relation to the European linings. Parabola ball flight unpleasant opponent and often surprising. In the play you have to put a lot of strength and the large movements you need to move a lot on his feet. Set up in the right way will certainly take more time than the European cover. Service and start action This is the greatest asset of all adhesive lining The website can generate much more briefly and with greater turnover than most European women. We get good at the beginning handicup attack to start or end a rate of one share With the right setting you can generate topspin so that the opponent only pays ball eyes. It is a matter of hand position and adapt to the Chinese cover and therefore not everyone is able to play this way. With the dobrnąłeś to the end. If the material you like it, click paw. It gives me the motivation to create similar materials. Hi

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Dennis Veasley

21 thoughts on “Test DHS Hurricane 3 Neo provincial [blog.ttexperts.com]”

  1. Very long forehand stroke. Very weak ball speed for such a powerful movement. I understand that this is not a powerful forehand loop. But still it looks strange.
    See my video. I myself learned forehand loop. Short motion than you. On forehand Hurricane 3 nat 39 degrees orange sponge. Now I testing a provincial # 22 blue sponge 39 degrees.
    Do not think that I am trying to teach you. I have no purpose to offend you.

  2. To put it mildly, not the best performance of topspin, how do you think of this movement you are going to get a big rotation?

  3. Focus not on the upper part but the lower part of your body when doing forehand topspins. You really need the rotation but the really problem is timing. If you wait for a forehand and played sometimes it would work but we can't exactly say the things we anticipate could happen in a match. You should more focus on your legs when you think you're rotating!!!

  4. Chciałem tylko powiedzieć że wersję z niebieskim podkładem są twardsze i o to chodzi. Do uderzania nimi trzeba długiego ruchu coś o tym jest na filmie EmRatThic – the truth about chinese rubber

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