What’s up guys? I’m- IM KONG PH Lorenzo, bro, come on We’re starting. Yes, yes. What’s up- What’s up guys? I’m Lucas. I’m Lorenzo, his brother, and we are DJ’s (JD’s) DJ’s JD’s?, you know what DJ stands for? Don Julio? Don Julio, that’s right. Good for you. -We’ve done everything. We’ve tried everything. We’ve been, uh, lifeguards.
-Lifesavers. Lifeguards. Lifesavers? Really? We’ve been tennis players. Yes, that was fun. Police officers. Yeah, ka poof-poof. That was cool. But then, you know, we sat down, and we realised -We wanna make a music.
-fame. Music. Its not about the fame you wanna make music. -We want to like, you know, inspire the—
-Yeah you know, the money. -Inspire—inspire people. -Oh, and get a lot of girls. That I agree with. That one I kind of agree with, yeah. Put that down. In order to be a famous DJ, you need five things. You need a computer. No one knows what happens behind it. You just need to have it there and you know, then you can just do whatever you want. Number two, you gotta wear a mask. The most famous DJs wear masks. -Like Marshmello, deadmau5, you know, Daft punk—
-Spider-Man. Spiderman…? Spider-Man. Number three, you gotta make great music. Hey! My tequila I don’t like vodka, I just like tequila. I don’t like beer. I just like tequila. I don’t like mojitos, I just like tequila. My tequila. I don’t like chocolate, I don’t like vanilla. I don’t (just) just like whiskey— Or Margarita. Unless inside there’s some Tequila. My tequila. -I never heard anything like that.
-Nothing. Nothing. There’s nothing similar. -Completely original.
-One hundred percent. -Ow.
-You okay? -We can make a beat anywhere.
-We’re that talented, you know. -Three ,two, one, and—
-Ready. Aw, stop it, yeah come on, stop. That was dope though, that was fire. Number four, you gotta have connections. You gotta have sweet connection. One time I was at a restaurant, and I saw Jay Z, And, uh that’s the end of the story. Fact at the end at the end of that story so Marlon Marshmallow Marshmallow Marshmallow is first of all We wanna say . We’re really big fans [big fans]. Yeah, we love you. We love this song the song uh What is the song? Um? What is the song, we don’t know any songs, but we’re a fan of what you like the candy. Yes We love Marshmallows the candy. So we think you should change some things when it comes to music. We have some ideas we think like this What do you think? I could tell you like it. I could tell by your reaction, and you like anyway You know give us a call if you like, you know nice to meet you Cool. Thanks, a lot bro. Is it Spider-Man It’s a spider It’s a spider It’s a spider It’s a spider Number five you gotta have amazing concerts. [yes], you’ll get the crowd going You know what I mean? They gotta love you. Hyped. They got it you got you gotta get [beat] Everybody’s going crazy That’s just like a little preview of what we can do.

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  1. Rudy I subscribed and liked to your channel I hope I can watch your 105 videos and I'm in Somalia and took 3 planes from England to turkey to djbouti to Somalia living with my relative

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