We call it the all-terrain sneaker It’s a mesh of a comfy urban shoe with a rugged technical outdoor boot on the one hand It’s stylish comfortable and light on the other its meticulously crafted as an incredible shoe for the outdoors It’s super light It grabs your foot firmly with an elastic counter heel It has a slip resistance soul with a strong rubber grip so you can trust it anyway When you’re in the city you’ll appreciate the comfort it brings you the freedom It’s made with cosmo materials 3d mesh, so it’s super breathable Comes with both elastic and regular shoelaces so you can wear it the way you want to Tropic is 100% water friendly And it dries in minutes using the patented treatments again and combat it’s built to slip on and It’s made to be worn with or without socks It’s a shoe for city life adventurers and explorers And take it wherever life takes you

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Dennis Veasley

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