A good drill to practice existing technics, focus and play on target is the 3-ball-drill. In the following video I show you how it works. The principle of this drill is simple. Every round contains 3 balls and every ball has its own focus. Ball 1 could be focus on forehand, ball 2 is focus on backhand… …and Ball 3 – I play this one out of the basket could be a winner on a cone. Ball 1 should be played as much as possible back to me, and I also just play on his forehand because thats the focus on ball 1. If the ball gets lost, I do the same on backhand with ball 2. After that comes ball 3 which should be played as winner on target. Goal of this drill is tightening the technic, playing on a goal and this is working fine… …because the hitting frequency is very high. And here are 3 examples how it goes. You like this drill? Then post your opinion at the comments. Don`t forget to like and follow. Yours, Martin

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Dennis Veasley

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