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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour – PGW 2017 Announce Trailer | PS4”

  1. Hey guys if someone feels like his player won't be in the game then let's convince them to create a creator shop.

  2. If the gameplay is great then I don’t care about graphics. Please make it right!! Tennis games don’t get enough justice.

  3. A game of tennis without Nadal !! I said no no and no. I wanted to pre order this game but a tennis game without the n°1 thats impossible !! It s like fifa without Ronaldo or messi 😠😠😠

  4. Well. Top Spin 4 seem to have better graphics than this, but I hope it will improve. Spring 2018, plz release date, have been playing Top Spin 4 the last year, so don't make this game more unrealistic plz.

  5. Finalmente um jogo de tênis!! Estou esperando algo desde o Top Spin 4 kkkkkk mas olha, os gráficos me pareceram bem zoados…… só de ver o corpo do Federer eu pude perceber isso, e o Monfils do outro lado.. meu amigo…

  6. que mierda es esto?, graficos horribles!, movilidad horrible!, que carajos?, tanto hype para esto? que decepcionante, esperaba al fin el juego de tenis definitivo, pero esto es una porqueria!

  7. I can't understand people judging a game based on a 40 seconds trailer where not even the gameplay has been shown. Graphics is way to overrated in these days. I bet half of all the people who are crying that it looks like a PS2 game didn't even played a game on PS2. I agree the game doesn't look that good in terms of graphics so far but let's just wait and see. Just happy with a tennisgame on PS4

  8. This would be great if the same team which developed TS4 is developing this. Look at the hand of fed when he is tossing the ball exactly same. Graphics would be improved for sure

  9. Slap in the face for tennis fans, stuck with top spin 4 a great but flawed game. It’s savage but it will be a long time before 2k or EAids bothers with a real tennis game, frankly segas virtual tennis was mediocre even as an arcade game. The injury part is there is nothing for years and years and then they all come out oversaturate and steal share from each other and they claim low demand, when In reality only ts4 was a good game.

    Can’t loot box an individual sport like you can with team sports so Rip tennis a niche game as it was, meanwhile millions play and watch tennis. Nintendo will release some rubbish Mario or resort tennis soon though so hurray, I’d even take a remaster of rockstars table Tennis on PS4 or switch at this point. Can completely forget the non tennis racket sports as they have 0 chance.

    This game is psn gutter trash I’m not supporting inferior cash ins.

  10. En mi opinión creo que los gráficos son pobres. Y agregar también que la kinésica de Roger Federer no es la que esperaba sabiendo que para un juego de fúltbol son muy parecidas o más parecida al menos, que lo que se ve acá. Esperemos que nos puedan satisfacer en otro ámbito.

  11. We have been waiting for a tennis game so long and I'm not quite sure if this "teaser trailer" proved that the waiting was worth. I hope I'm wrong.

  12. Looks really odd…. Why is Monfils standing on the centre line to receive serve? Hopefully it's just an early build because there's something that looks off about the player movements and animations.

  13. I have played nothing but Top Spin 4 for the last 3 years. I'm crossing my fingers this is good even though the trailer looks pretty awful.

  14. Everybody who says graphics isn't important and its all about gameplay needs to shutter. Deep-down, you know you are hella disappointed that the graphics look like an iOS game

  15. Why are so many of you idiots worried about the graphics of a tennis game???

    Gameplay is the ONLY thing important in making a great tennis game. This is why the best tennis game ever is 26 years old

  16. Don't think graphics are overly important, if the gameplay is better than a game has better graphics but plays poorly, I'll take the better playing experience any day!

  17. 2018. The return of the Tennis era. Top Spin 5 I WILL be expecting great things you better pop up!! AO Tennis looks better though.. we'll see.

  18. I'm so happy to have a tennis game on ps4 😊
    But i hope to see something deserve to spend my money on !
    After 7 years of releasing top spin 4 and the same graphic or may be worth !!
    Any way i'm gonna buy it bec I waited so long 😂

  19. Why is it so hard to get all the required licenses for sponsors, players, and venues this is 2018 we should be seeing the best tennis game ever with all the technology out there 🤦‍♂️

  20. Rafael Natal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Simona Halep and Marin Cilic are not in the game ,and they are the most important players in tennis, so of course i ain't buying it.

  21. top spin 4 still the best game ever made,this game seems very bad. 2K should invest on top spin 5…

  22. Hiya, I just found a thing that is like treasure for sports. It includes everything from A to Z about sports. All you need to do is to quick head on to Google and type: "PlayGuide4U".

  23. I have a seriously bad feeling that this game would be worse than TopSpin 4…. Just make a remake of TopSpin for the PS4 and you're golden, no need for a completely new game style.

  24. 50 euros para nada….la jugabilidad es una estafa..como puedo hacer para que me devuelvan el dinero?????

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