Animation is key in a sport game, especially a tennis game. There’s real choreography that has to be reproduced. Motion capture lets us do that as faithfully as possible. Instead of working with an actor, we wanted to work with a real professional tennis player who could make all the shots you can see in an actual tennis match. We placed about thirty cameras around the court, which let us capture the player’s movements, with all of the details and quick moves that makes it all realistic. For Tennis World Tour, we organised several sessions like that. The first was filmed in the studio, where we recorded the basic movements for the game. For the other, we wanted to do the filming on a real tennis court so Maxime, our player, could play for real, without pulling his shots, and have the right dynamics when running, serving and chasing down balls… so we could have the real dynamics of a tennis player reproduced in the game. We had about ten people around Maxime, directing him, helping him by throwing him the balls, for example, and also making sure that the data being captured can be used in the game. Each motion capture session could last up to 8 hours. We made sure we gave Maxime the most physically challenging shots at the start of the day, when he was well-rested. And we finished the day with acting takes: that’s what you will see in the cutscenes, between points, in the replays, etc. For us, this search for realism and authenticity is the best way to make sure players can picture themselves in the skin of a real tennis player.

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Dennis Veasley

66 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour – Developer Diary – Capturing Tennis”

  1. Hey Bigben Games,

    We really appreciate these updates to your game as it keeps us in the loop and more interested.

    Keep them coming!

  2. Good job! It does definitely look and feel like real tennis.
    My only worry is that having captured just one player all characters end up moving just the same.
    That wouldn’t be really cool, there has to be some variety.
    I thought you motion captured evey single pro that is in the game, or am I wrong?
    I know it’s hard to get Federer, Nadal and guys like these to do proper mocap session but you should really try or at least try to get someone to imitate them in order to get ad close as possible. It wouldn’t be the same of cuorse but better than nothing

  3. Please try and recreate the animations of the pros to make it more realistic and authentic. Atleast get someone to imitate their motions. Please, make it happen! We have waited long enough for a tennis game. Do not disappoint!

  4. Look how all the negative comments before have turned to good ones, I never lost faith in this game.Aways knew it was gonna be good

  5. I must say I was wrong. I thought this tennis game would be the worst of the two. I was mistaken I now admit. Looking forward to change my, waiting for a game journey to Tennis World Tour. Gameplay looks better now, when you was used to see AO Tennis. Also Caroline Wozniacki in it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Thanks BigBen Games for giving us updates on your game, giving us a look at your gameplay too, before release. That's how every video game company should act. They shouldn't hide gameplay, promise so much and not deliver, and charge a hefty amount for the game.

  7. Some news…
    Tennis professionals Stan Wawrinka, Lucas Pouille, Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis has been confirmed for Tennis World Tour, Bigben and Breakpoint today confirmed. So cool!!!! Very happy whith TWT!!!! Congratulationsss guyss!!!!!! XD

  8. Okay yes … this looks promising … thank god AO Tennis wasn’t released worldwide … would have fallen into the trap without the gameplay videos

  9. So far so good.I just hope that career will have all licenced stuff like racquets (wilson ,babolat, head…),cloathing(nike,adidas ….)

  10. Very smart to do this now AO Tennis is massively flopping HOWEVER Big Ben should take notes of the following things:

    – The ball is floating and it's trajectory and movement are not nearly realistic enough
    – The serve is weak and the motion (the one that'll probably be used as a generic serve motion for created players and half licensed players) is not a strong motion. It looks like a recreational serve
    – The forehand slice is the least used shot in the entire tennis world. Please get rid of it and please don't let the AI use it often.
    – Volleys should be easily put away often, but in this game it looks like wherever the ball is, putting away a volley is not simple and the AI or CPU can catch it without any problem.

    Positive notes:
    + Movement looks alright, much better than what we've seen from the interview
    + Preperation for a shot is also better, all that it needs now is one full motion without a buggy follow through once you hit a shot

  11. Thanks Bigben!! Amazing!! Looks awesome. Can't wait!! Please just speed up the play slightly (ball seems to be moving quite slow) and bring the release date forward!!! 😉 So excited!!

  12. Please give a good career mode with a large variety of courts even if it's not licensed, make the crowd react differently for different scenarios (AO tennis it's a small clap for winning the Australian open…) please include grand slam winning players, Murray, Serena, Venus, Novak, Sharapova
    Yous can do so much better than AO tennis everyone is disappointed

  13. Better than AO tennis. But i think that players are too fast. it looks like they can reach every ball. they do large and fast steps.

  14. Great job so far Bigben! Looking much better than AO Tennis.
    Hope the career mode is more in depth and has more features than Top Spin 4!

    In a related note, I wish tennis games can get ALL the players, like F1, instead of having to obtain individual players. Kinda sad that some big names won't be in this game.

  15. Consider releasing it on Early Access to get mass player feedback. Still a lot of improvement to be made on the gameplay physics.

  16. i hope players like novak djokovic nadal murray are in the game, everthing else would be a big disappointment. i was one of the best player in top spin 4 and without the players i will not b uy this game

  17. Great!! Looking forward to this game. Although the tempo of the game does not seem right, it seems that the player can respond decently from every body angle position and speed, thats not the case in real tennis as you for sure know, you should fix that as it is really boring to play against someone or an IA that can't be forced to make an error.

  18. Why can't they just get someone who can IMITATE the players' movements? I fNovak can impersonate other players surely there's someone who can imitate their running/serving/playing style so that it's as accurate as possible while still keeping costs down.

  19. You guys really need to speed the ball up. It's not realistic at all. And PLEASE try to get the professional players' motions correct and precise. Also, please make the generic swing and serve motions much stronger. That isn't professional looking at all. But this is definitely a step up from the interview footage.

  20. I'm gonna buy a PS4 just for this game! I can't wait. Adding the Hawkeye system to the game could be a very interesting feature 🙂

  21. If the game in the future have some oficial tourments and more player i think that i buy it i think that is good game


  23. Recreate Top Spin 4 gameplay as closely as possible (with new animations / audio etc) and you are set (!). If this is a one-off game (as opposed to the first of several editions being planned) I'd also strongly recommend you look into the possibility of a robust CAP & stadium creator which are missing (if reports are true).

    I believe that most sports gamers are ok with generics so long as they can re-create missing players (and tournaments in the case of Tennis) because it creates longer lasting value.

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  25. The graphics looks great . But only graphics is not important there are some little things which can increase game realism like live match commentary . On all the tennis games the developers always made this bug which is they doesn't add commentary to the game but on the other hand in real life tennis match there are exciting match commentary . So please add match commentary in the tennis world tour game please Its a request from all the tennis fans .

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