Today we’re going to be showing you Career mode in Tennis World Tour. This mode is unique – it’s comprehensive and just like what a real tennis pro experiences. Career mode is essential for learning all the game’s ins and outs and for developing your character. It works like this: once you’ve created your player, you start in 100th place in the men’s or women’s rankings. Your ultimate objective is to reach first place by winning more and more important tournaments. Just like a real professional, you have to manage your career and overall fitness by setting yourself a schedule. Months are divided into two periods of two weeks each. For each of these fortnights you have to choose several activities that you’re going to do. You can decide to play in a tournament or in exhibition matches, work on your weak points in training, or just rest to improve your fitness You have to be careful not to play too many matches: your fatigue builds up with each match, as well as from jet lag and because your player has to travel around the world. Accumulated fatigue decreases your performance and can even lead to injury. Remember to take it easy from time to time! Each time you win a match you go up the rankings and are rewarded with credits. You then get to decide where you want to invest the money: by buying new equipment, recruiting staff or paying tournament fees so you can play in the best tournaments. Equipment is a major contributor to the success of a professional tennis player. Over the course of your career, you will get new equipment through brand sponsorship contracts, by buying it with the money you earn or by winning prestigious tournaments. Even after you become World No. 1, the competition will be fierce. You will have to work to stay on top and accomplish specific objectives, like winning each Grand Slam or the Final Tournament. So your career’s going smoothly and your character is highly skilled? Then you’re ready to take on other players online using your avatar, with all his or her equipment and characteristics. Now you know everything you need to become World No.1 in Tennis World Tour.

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100 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour – Career Mode Trailer”

  1. I'm very excited for this. I have been waiting for a long time. It's amazing, but fix the serve please. You are in a good path, but need more licensed players and tournaments.

  2. Will this be available on disc for ps4 or digital download only? How many players can we create if you aren't going to have NADAL to rival Federer or SAMPRAS to rival Agassi? Rivals are what keeps fans interested in real tennis. You should know it's what fans want in your game. Without it, tennis is dead.

  3. Doesn't look too bad, but :
    – Let us choose or create our player face, I feel like we will only be able to choose one of those 10 generic faces…
    – Let us choose between "fake" equipments (created by devs) and the real one (Nike, adidas, Wilson) for outfits, etc…
    – Improve the graphics, the clay doesn't look realistic, there are no footprints for example, and the players doesn't slide along to shoot.
    – Use branding (real brands) a lot more to decorate stadiums, they look too generic right now, for example I saw that you used Eurosport. Use more real sponsors and brands to decorate stadiums.
    – Make more outifts for real players, in Top Spin 4 Federer had 3 outifts for example. For the moment I have only seen Federer with his green 2017 outfit… make some more for him otherwise the game will be repetitive, trust me.

    Thank you !

  4. Solo esos torneos que aparecen en este video estan? Ya se que no hay licencias, pero el Australian Open ficticio no estara? El US Open? Muy pocos torneos.

  5. So you guys went the lazy way and gave us templates instead of a true character creator? Very disappointing. Now every black guy will be that one bald guy. What about creating unlicensed players? How can you guys let AO Tennis get the better of you in terms of customization.

  6. It looks promising. But whats with the tournament calender? The Melbourne Millennium aka the Australian Open being held in August?!? I dunno man…

  7. The players like zombie 😑 bad reflexes bad footsteps 😭 please do your best to change the game 🙏 we want Top Spin 5 😢 ☽🌀

  8. This game looks good, there is still a long time for improvement. Hopefully with updates it can be a worthy topspin successor

  9. Her voice reminds me of Brooke Burk… hot (don't judge me) Anyways I hope it turns out great so I can challenge my buddies online and oflline (couch multiplayer). I also hope it has realistic phisics and a lot of variety in types of shots so you can trick your oponent in a believable manner. Check all those boxes and you will have me and my buddies money.

  10. I just hope to find all ATP Tour tournaments, single and double, and Davis Cup matches. Last but not least, one of the things I dislike the most in other tennis games, is when the player hits the ball even if the ball is 5/10 pixels off the racket. It brakes all the fun for me. Player movements…please, give justice to them. I hope in smooth animations. Oh, and BALL PHYSICS, please, don't screw it 🙂

  11. One of the biggest problems in career mode is that it gets cloying fast, you reach the top and then you lose grace. What do you intend to do to make it more attractive and challenging over time? I saw that there are only 100 players, this makes the climb much easier. Why not start a career in youth, playing on weaker courts?

  12. looks better every time I see it. I just hope that the serve can be a weapon. I haven't seen a single power serve in all the videos they released. A strong serve is the reason it's server advantage and why they call it a break. without it the tension of breakpoints loses something.

  13. sorry but it Looks like crap and the same like Grand Slam Tennis 2 from EA Games…

    This Career mode, starting in Position 100. lol. no real Points by winning, just Prestige. Dont know if i will like.

  14. I have hoped that there are some fake grand slams..yeah there is the Paris major for example but it is in october..the french open are in may so little disappointed

  15. At the current point in time, I still have higher hopes for this than what AO Tennis has shown so far, AO Tennis hasn't even shown any signs of anything new or fixing the current issues that we've been dealing with since the last update over a month ago, they seem to be just re-hashing old content eg. licensed players (which everyone knew about already), stadium, player, logo creation (previously known as well) and surprise surprise, they haven't shown any new gameplay. At least Tennis World Tour has kept showing something new at regularly intervals!

    Also if anyone wonders why I still upload for AO Tennis, it's mostly to show anyone who happens to watch what they will likely be getting if they happen to buy the game come May 8th… I can't even stand playing the game after the last update, all CPU play because stamina just doesn't exist for the CPU and countless other issues…

  16. Una mierda de juego. De simulador no tiene NADA.

    Tennis Elbow siendo un juego no oficial, es un Millón de veces más real que este juego, que en resumen es una ofensa para el deporte

  17. Don't care how average the game looks. As long as it's not that scummy company EA making it. Coz it would be riddled with tennis packs ultimate team or whatever they would term it, rinsing gamers of more money.

  18. Please Add Mod-Support for the PC-Version of the game, so the community can make real Stations and Players by them self.

  19. Ni una licencia oficial??? me ha parecido que se parece más al virtual tenis que al top spin 4, tenía muchas ganas de este juego pero por ahora todo lo que veo no para de decepcionarme…

  20. Mario tennis Aces looks more promising and more fun lol. Trying to get realistic sports games just makes them awkward looking and forced

  21. Absolutely shit mechanics, no tennis player in the world hits a ball like that, watch some fucking tennis im sick of these shitty tennis games just make a good one like top spin 4 with better graphics thats all this world needs

  22. the clothes always look so awful and not a fan of raquets costing $2000. just make it like top spin 2 youre sponsored by real brands and its good equipment

  23. FIFA 2007, u can customize the face of your player, tennis world tour 2018 u can choose between 10 default faces, nice 🙂

  24. This looks like one of those games that will be a huge discount during the Black Friday sale. I think I will wait until then to get it.

  25. Escribo esto porque considero que el juego en su base no es malo, es pobre, y SI tiene muchisimas cosas que mejorar.
    Los que pagamos 60 dolares merecemos algo mejor, y los que disfrutan viendo o jugando tenis tambien.
    Muchos de los que critican todavia no lo jugaron y no se puede criticar un juego sin haberlo jugado.
    Yo si lo hice durante varias horas y explore casi todos los menus y modos de juego.
    Insisto que el juego con algunas correcciones puede llegar a ser bueno. En principio si yo hiciera un juego de tenis trataria
    de que fuese igual o mejor que top spin 4 (el mejor juego de tenis de la historia) pero como este juego esta muy lejos de eso detallo
    algunas cosas que note y que mejoraria considerablemente lo que que tenemos ahora.

    1- En muchas pasajes del juego se da que la bola pasa pegado al jugador y ni la toca (eso es imposible que pase en el tenis real)
    si la bola esta al alcance el jugador debe pegarle como sea!!! si llega mal parado que le pegue mal, pero que le pegue igual!!! si se
    le viene encima que le rebote, pero nunca que no le pegue!!!
    2- Por momentos el jugador hace un movimiento de tropiezo muchas veces innecesario.
    3- Al recibir el servicio deberia tener pasos de ajuste menos espaciados.
    4- El jugador del cpu muchas veces le pega a bolas que se van fuera por lejos.
    5- El sonido ambiente es pobre, falta mas clima de juego, y los relatos son tristes, poca emocion, repite muchas veces lo mismo.
    6- Muy pobre el modo personalizacion del jugador, pocas opciones de edicion, pocas caras, deberian tener bases de edicion con los jugadores que faltan
    (djokovic, nadal, del potro etc etc….)
    7- Hay veces que un jugador con reves a 2 manos en un golpe con slice sigue pegando a 2 manos, eso nunca pasa, un jugador
    que pega a 2 manos el reves plano o con top, pega a una mano el reves con slice.
    8- Faltan escenas de entrada de los jugadores, de transicion del juego y escenas de fin de partido.
    9- Ganas un partido de primera ronda de un torneo y el jugador festeja como si hubiese salido campeon en Wimbledon,
    cuando ganas un torneo deberia haber alguna escena mas festiva y de premiacion.
    10- El grito del jugador cuando pega deberia limitarse a cuando realmente hace un esfuerzo o pega con mucha potencia.

    Pondria el mayor enfasis en que el modo online sea lo mejor del juego, con fluidez, con division de niveles, rankings, torneos y reputacion… etc.
    Hoy en dia el online es todo para un juego de deportes, y la jugabilidad contra el cpu pasa a segundo plano, es decir que cumpliendo
    con esa premisa el juego tiene salvacion.
    Tienen la ventaja hoy en dia de seguir parcheando un juego que ya salio al mercado, no lo desaprovechen!!!
    Y si tiene dudas de como hacer un buen juego de tenis, enciendan la vieja playStation 3 y jueguen Top Spin 4.
    Esto no es mas que una critica constructiva para ayudar a mejorar el juego, ojala llegase a oidos de Bigben.

  26. The best thing about this game is that its a tennis game and the market is wide open so expect a lot of tennis players to get this game. Like the look of CM but of course needs a lot of work graphic wise especially bcz we're in 2018 not 2011 and a lot of licensing for the future in all men, women, doubles, legends, etc.(even though it costs big money it also brings much higher revenue especially with a wide open market like tennis vieo games). Please put these suggestions in asap. From a semi-pro tennis player

  27. I'm still having a blast playing Top Spin 4 on PS3, but hopefully this won't be too bad. I'll probably end up buying it if I hear good things about it.

  28. Just a little question: how to change difficulty in the career mode. I found that impossible. Is that option going to be added in the following patches on PS4?

  29. Actually I do not like a single component really well, everything is just enough to poor, quite embarrassing for the claim that you as a developer himself or had this game! Whether it can still be rescued by patch is very questionable, it can not stay that way! Let's hope the best!
    Important points:
    More options for camera selection!
    Serve not only from bottom to top but also from top to bottom (very important!)
    It must be easier to see where the serve goes!
    The impact movement / process must be much faster!
    Commentator has to be much more variable and get more language variants!
    Online matches!
    Real editor for players!
    Better playability!!!

  30. aver…como es posible que cree un jugador…y tenga que esperar a la hora de sacar a que el tipo bote nada mas y nada menos que 11 veces la puta pelota…tengo 33 años y siento que teneis mensajes subliminales para hacerme perder el tiempo..este juego tiene mil errores el primero de ello el peso del mismo no supero los 3 gigas..que triste dar mi puto dinero para esta mierda

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