[ Music ]>>The people who primarily come here are only here to hit just so they can get away from studying, from school, it’s kind of their getaway. People who do come by like that are usually ones who just walk by the forest and discover that we have tennis courts and the moment they see this facility they come by, they go for a hit and that’s pretty much it. Chances are we might not see them again, but we try our best to make their visit remarkable that way they do come back every time. So we have one of the best in my opinion in Scarborough. We have a wide range of tennis programs actually, it ranges from juniors all the way to adults, as well as students. Junior lessons are for kids anywhere from the ages of five all the way to 13. And we basically divide them up depending on their skill level. We also have student programs which is primarily focused more students and also for members which we recently added. It goes for a very amazing cost it’s only $25 and it runs for six weeks and there’s two different groups for that, there’s a beginner and there’s an intermediate group. In the beginner we basically are looking at people who never played tennis before like no exposure to the sport whatsoever. Chances are they might have seen it on TV but never played it, would like to play it. Intermediate focuses more on people who would like to take their game to the next level so they know how to hit a basic shot, who know how to serve but they just want to take it to the next level, they want to compete. Tennis is one of those sports that can be played at all levels no matter what. I’ve seen adults with really bad had eye coordination that are wanting to improve their game that come down here just to hit. At the same time I’ve seen kids who have amazing hand eye coordination and want to hit. It is a sport for everyone, all you need is a racket and tennis balls. Our primary aspect here is to entertain students good or bad it doesn’t matter the sport is made for you. [ Music ]

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Dennis Veasley

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