Hello and welcome everybody to my new tennis video. This time I will show you how to hit a ball between your legs. The stroke is also know as a tweener. Especially Roger Federer made the tweener quite popular in the last few years,
and was able to hit a lot of winners with it. Today I gonna show you how to learn the stroke, what
you should take care of and what you shouldn’t do. First I will show you the stroke from a standing position. You use a continental grip, and hit the ball in
front of your body and close to the ground. You hit the ball with a short swing and you don’t
have to swing the raquet to far between your legs. If you twist your wrist a little bit
you can give the ball different directions. Now, I show you how to hit the ball in the run. It is important that the ball is alway in front
of you and to keep the ball in view. You hit the ball just before it touches the ground a second time. You have to adjust your speed for a perfect contact point. When you practice hard enough, you can try the stroke during a match. It’s mostly a stroke to show off, but it makes a lot of
fun if you are able to win a point with it.

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Dennis Veasley

26 thoughts on “Tennis Trickshot: How to hit a tweener (multi camera angles)”

  1. Maybe you should wait until plains leave the area before your record your videos! 😐
    This shot has some degree of danger, so maybe taking an insurance will be a good idea! LOL. Now, seriously, well done, keep your practice and keep enjoying tennis!

  2. @morpher1978 … you did not notice "plains" LOL instead of planes… my spell checker gone wrong… :))
    Keep going with that practice!!

  3. All clips about this shot that I have seen were how to hit. Yours is how to hit and HOW TO PRACTICE, that is very useful. THANK YOU.

  4. lol umm Mayhaps i should show ya how it's done, I did it to my brother in a match and hit the line it was more precise and not so balloon like 😛

  5. @FExpiate Film it next time and post a link to the video 🙂
    I am always interested in good tweener videos

  6. hehe..how cool!!!…it's a difficult shot…but in a match, i cant do that…it's more of a guy's shot..i didn't see any WTA player hitting like that..did you???

  7. Check out my channel and tell me how you would hit that shot with more pace (I have a video "Roger Federer Tennis Tricks" that I want some advice one)

    Thanks 🙂

  8. The problem is that the courts are very close to the airport and every minute a plane is passing by…

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